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Why of course, my dear master dwarf, of course. You shall have what you need though you do realize I’m risking my neck for you, something that’s all but unheard of. So how about this, I will invest in your little venture and you do the favor I asked you the other day. After that, I, Círaro, swear our armies will unite and we will defeat our enemies together.

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While most elves wouldn’t be considered Quenyan, even by themselves. The truth is that many elves alive today share this ancient bloodline, from a time when the same-named language was also spoken, a time when the future seemed different.

Graceful and honorable but merciless when needed, they do their best to keep a relatively unified society, where hierarchy and elders are respected, a word is kept, and business dealings are done as honorable as the situation they are in allows.

Their love for the unknown and the knowledge that can be gained is plain to see, and many often turn to adventure, traveling to other places where their names might become known, names such as Raimion, Lávartiel, Canwien, and Tellumaner.

Good Quenya Names

Quenya is an ancient elven language, one from which the Sindarin was later formed, yet the names remain as a reminder it was once widely used all across the world.

  • Atsanil
  • Fánanil
  • Tur
  • Lelya
  • Holwea
  • Nendëedil
  • Alatanil
  • Netyar


As one of the first queen’s diplomats, he’s now serving her as her right hand, offering guidance and instructions on how best to face the situation at hand, and he’s been doing so successfully since first starting to work for her grandfather.

  • Altanil
  • Niquinil
  • Nav
  • Roitar
  • Raiwëedil


As a master ranger who knows the great local forest like the back of his hand, he can communicate with certain animals, has two faithful lynxes following him, and is constantly on the move where he never fails to attack all present enemies, regardless of where he is.

  • Telemna
  • Winta
  • Varya
  • Nén


Or Oroti, as his friends call him, is a warrior through and through. He mastered all types of weapons, though he still prefers his spear and two shortswords, and he continues to perfect his craft in any way possible, a mindset that made him go visit the capital for some further learning from the weapon masters living there.

  • Elvëa
  • Rista
  • Wistar
  • Olótëedur
  • Thanyëedil

Female Quenya Names

As graceful as panthers, with minds as sharp as their finest blades, they easily master most things they take on, and their martial prowess often surpasses that of their male counterparts. They are also seen as equals, if not more, and they continue to prove that on a daily basis.

  • Calinamë
  • Yárë
  • Patamë
  • Lirtë
  • Nahtawen
  • Haldamírissë
  • Vaháyë
  • Turtë


Preferring order and peace and quiet over fighting and chaos, she spends her time studying various healing techniques, while furiously trying her best at performing simple magic. She is young, however, and she has no concerns over her progress so far.

  • Hauramë
  • Lícumë
  • Ehtelenis
  • Alë
  • Nambë


This beautiful elf, even by their standards, has turned countless heads and caught numerous gazes as she grew up into a lady. Luckily for her, she was of noble birth, and this meant she had protection from anyone she didn’t like, and she has already set her own eyes upon a certain prince, a fact that will soon change the destiny of both involved families.

  • Ercassemë
  • Maltawen
  • Mancamë
  • Ungongarmë


As the royal family made its way across the country, visiting major lords and nobles of the land, she managed to catch the prince’s eye, a feeling that seemed to be more and more mutual with each shared smile. Spending a night with the man left her with two things, a future baby and a promise she would one day be a queen.

  • Ingortiel
  • Itë
  • Alallë
  • Mistenis
  • Amartien

Male Quenya Names

Their long lives allow them to acquire much knowledge, and the patience they all possess tends to work nicely when long studies are concerned. As warriors, they are merciless towards their true enemies while capable of showing great mercy to more worthy foes.

  • Andúnon
  • Tincomo
  • Hairano
  • Hirmo
  • Loito
  • Huino
  • Liion
  • Vaneion


True worth is only found in battle, although the fight itself doesn’t have to be to the death. On the contrary, he loved nothing more than duels till first blood, something he continues to excel at while rarely losing, and where betting money is often involved.

  • Arcano
  • Náretarder
  • Cornaner
  • Mityano
  • Canmo


Carrying his flute and a tambourine, he travels the roads ready to meet new people, visit new places, and experience new things. He uses his singing and musical abilities to earn coins that will allow him to continue his travels toward the next unknown location.

  • Áron
  • Cuileno
  • Culumo
  • Sanamo


Living in the seclusion has made him a true survivor, a hunter, and someone who can tackle even the worst that nature can throw at him, and he has done so for many decades. Over the years he also became an expert tracker, and this has allowed him to stay on the trail of a vicious beast that has been terrorizing the region.

  • Rossion
  • Hendunarnon
  • Muinungono
  • Ñando
  • Antano

Without the proper knowledge, one rarely recognizes the origin of these elves, though most other attributes are well known, such as their agility, balance, martial and magical prowess, and their connection to nature as well. Sometimes they do seem a bit brash, blunt, and condescending towards other races but this only serves to show how confident in their abilities they truly are. Think about who was the character born to, where did they spend their childhood, what kind of a person have they become, what might they be best known for, are there any plans for the future, and create a name worthy of the potent intellect they will need to survive the adventures that lie before them.

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