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Lord of the Rings Elf Name Generator & Backstories

“Thank you for your kindness, I will not forget it. I won’t exaggerate and say I couldn’t have lived without your help but I also have to say this all would have been exponentially harder without it. So Gadorneth, once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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The first elves awakened under the cloudless starlit sky, even before the Sun and the Moon have been created. There were only 144 of them, and even fewer went on a journey that would take them hundreds of miles away from their first home.

They are immortal, yet they are able to speak, walk, and even dance as early as the age of one, their tenacity and unity in times of need can be extraordinary, and when they marry they do so for life and lead a strictly monogamous lifestyle.

Existing from an early age, they have seen and lived through much, and their eternity allows them to slowly but surely make progress, become more of what they want to be, and get their names known, names like Mîron, Eristor, Gwaunien, and Tirneleth.

Good LOTR Elf Names

While not a rule per se, many names will contain a suffix like “ion” or “iel” and “ien”, meaning “son of” or “daughter of”, respectively.

  • Lachon
  • Carasdir
  • Rhossolasdaer
  • Maeasdis
  • Cabrien
  • Mithon
  • Mírdanion
  • Rûthil


This brave elf saved the lives of seventeen children, all from his own village, for which she was commended and rewarded by the local authority. This, however, brought her only fame and misery as she never liked to be in the center of attention, so she soon left home for the first time ever, determined to start a new life where no one knows her name.

  • Galon
  • Lomien
  • Gaearhel
  • Gwastaron
  • Mistrien


Currently serving in an army, he and his fellow soldiers are on their way toward a new battle, and while most men are debating on how they’ll kill hundreds of orcs on their own, he’s being more cautious after overhearing a certain conversation between several officers.

  • Narthrien
  • Gwilithil
  • Pen-estelion
  • Pedrion


Once a great hero of his people, a knight, and a caring person, he tragically died during the last war where humans, elves, and dwarves united against a common enemy. While he managed to kill dozens of enemies, as well as single-handedly slay a demon, he lost his life in the process and became a hero and a legend.

  • Brassendir
  • Echador
  • Bronon
  • Taendir
  • Livon

Female LOTR Elf Names

Often graceful and beautiful, they are known to possess outstanding magical abilities that can be rarely matched, and while some might not take part in an army their fighting abilities can certainly match their looks, to say the least.

  • Achariel
  • Faendis
  • Mâldis
  • Bronadel
  • Rithrien
  • Feirriel
  • Hithil
  • Mâlneth


As one of the more powerful mages in the city, she is also a member of the Queen’s council where she serves as one of the advisors. She enjoys great respect from her fellow peers and while she’s somewhat new to it all, her experience continues to prove invaluable to the royal family.

  • Heniriel
  • Dagril
  • Ryndis
  • Cadworien
  • Tuineth


She has been given the role of a scout where she serves the general exclusively, and is often used to scout ahead, sometimes deep into the enemy territory. So far, she has never failed and her combat and survival skills allowed her to come out unscathed from every encounter so far.

  • Breniadis
  • Delnith
  • Hûrthel
  • Hinnorwen


Preferring the company of animals to other elves, or any other race, she lives in the woods where the forest has everything she needs to survive. She’s also become the unofficial veterinarian as more and more animals come to her in times of need

  • Talathel
  • Pengnith
  • Tobril
  • Dagnissiel
  • Mallossien

Male LOTR Elf Names

Their immortality allows them to gather all but infinite wisdom, although it doesn’t get in the way of the stubbornness they something might display, where their belief in their knowledge is so certain that they are blind to see what might be important to others.

  • Nagnir
  • Eithon
  • Ruindir
  • Northon
  • Tatharon
  • Gwedhrion
  • Iston
  • Carandir


As the Queen’s advisor, he’s responsible for a great many things and such a position enjoys much respect from not only the nobility but from the common people as well. In secret, he’s an agent of a certain cult that is determined to undermine the elven power, thus preparing the grounds for an upcoming invasion, all part of of a major devious plan.

  • Maldir
  • Iallion
  • Caston
  • Erthordaer
  • Mistor


Every new recruit has heard stories about the archery instructor being so strict and demanding that nine out of ten new people fail to pass the final exam. He refuses to allow nothing but the very best, for he is training the future personal army of the Emperor himself.

  • Raindir
  • Harnon
  • Camaendir
  • Laegon


It was said this elf was a mage of great power that hasn’t been seen since the last great war ended. His closest friends believe his missing has to do with being a member of a certain order that is feared and hated by many enemies who now wish them ill, yet no one has found any proof so far.

  • Pigethor
  • Togrion
  • Maechanar
  • Erchon
  • Golben

Immortal and yet very capable from a very early age, elves show a natural affinity for magic where their slender build allows them to move with almost unthinkable grace and agility, and while it might take them some time to grow accustomed to another person, they have proved that they can be friends for life. Think about where and to who was the character born, what lessons were instilled into them, how old are they now, what kind of a life they had so far, what might be their goals for the future, and think of a name worthy of the eternal hunger for the knowledge they will surely possess.

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