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“Worry not, my dear son, this is not the end by any means. I’ve seen our people conquer far worse odds than this, and this time it shall be no different, as long as we all do our duty and give everything we got. Oh, and Éadere, when we charge, make sure you lead by example and show no fear.”

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Rohirrim, the Horse Lords, call themselves Eorlingas which means sons of Earl the Young, the very first King of Rohan. Known best for their horse mastery, their cavalry played many crucial roles in the battles of the past, for which they were rewarded.

Three months after helping Gondor in a decisive battle, turning the tide by charging the enemy ranks from the back, they received the land they now call their home, a reward for a service so grand and prestigious that no one will ever manage to forget.

As most Rohirrim are tall, strong, noble, and brave, it’s not a surprise to see many choose to take the road, an unknown future compared to their current lives, where they can make their names known, names like Erkendig, Maetwine, and Somerhild.

Good Rohirrim Names

We can see the Anglo-Saxon influence within the names, with many reminding us of that culture, so feel free to draw inspiration from anything that feels appropriate.

  • Théofred
  • Háburh
  • Gléomund
  • Holdfa
  • Fréablod
  • Éomód
  • Eówine
  • Eadwyn


As the years went by, he never had much success with the ladies, and now with his parents taken by the last winter’s chill there is nothing left for him, and the unknown world is calling to both him and his trusty mare. He knows it’s time to leave his home and venture forth in search of fortune and glory.

  • Éorlid
  • Léohild
  • Somerith
  • Derndan
  • Dúnwyn


This veteran of war, a true soldier and one of the best riders in the region hanged his shield on his 50th birthday whereupon he vowed to focus on his family instead. Yet, as the years went by, he started to feel a certain ache in his heart, and he now realizes that all he wants is to have one last good charge where his horse’s hooves would crush the enemy as he spirited forward, hacking left and right.

  • Heremer
  • Léod
  • Fasttor
  • Folclida


She’s been a part of every major battle her people have fought, and all without anyone realizing she was there. She would travel with the army and choose a secluded place for her tent, and while sleeping in her armor wasn’t pleasant, it made sure she would never get discovered by other soldiers.

  • Eóryth
  • Théoling
  • Elfhelm
  • Maetrith

Female Rohirrim Names

Many female names end up in -wyn or -hild, though this is still not a rule but more of an observation made on somewhat limited sample size.

  • Éadwyn
  • Théodith
  • Holdrun
  • Godburh
  • Gamhild
  • Elfdoina
  • Waergyth
  • Háryth


As the daughter of the best healer in the community, she has large shoes to fill. She is tenacious, though, and the will to learn is self-evident, so if anyone can inherit all the knowledge that will continue to save lives it is surely her.

  • Wídwine
  • Gléogyth
  • Herudis
  • Beywyn
  • Baldwyn


Ever since she was a child she showed great interest in blacksmithing, her father’s work. At first, he barely allowed her to watch but after she kept asking the right questions, and even made a couple of comments that even apprentices wouldn’t make, she eventually started to assist him on almost a daily basis.

  • Léofrith
  • Tidhild
  • Frumrid
  • Théowyn


After losing her husband in the last big battle, she vowed not to be a part of any future conflicts, regardless of how indirect her help would be. Instead, she kept her role as one of the cooks and found peace in feeding the young while at least one of their parents was away.

  • Maerwine
  • Théodrid
  • Guthhild
  • Wídwyn
  • Tidwine

Male Rohirrim Names

As any true horse lord, they learn how to ride from a young age, even before the military training, and much of their education occurs while riding a steed. It is also said that every true Rohirrim needs to own a horse, one that is rideable at any point in time.

  • Fenca
  • Frumdor
  • Gammer
  • Déorhelm
  • Folnere
  • Goldhere
  • Guthling
  • Goldwine


This captain is a true rider and a soldier and is responsible for fifty good men, all of who are his friends for at least a decade. Together, they’ve been through thick and thin, and the bond they now have between them couldn’t be broken even if magic was involved.

  • Éoheort
  • Herumód
  • Héomer
  • Folthain
  • Fenbald


Never the one for merry gatherings, singing, dancing, or anything that could be described as fun, he prefers the times of war where his weapons speak for him, as he always felt the deeds spoke louder than words.

  • Balda
  • Hácred
  • Éoblod
  • Guthmer


It seems that no matter how serious a situation might be, he has at least one joke too many to tell. Furthermore, he can sleep anywhere, at any time, in almost any position, and his friends call him Sleepobald as he fell asleep on his horse more times than one can remember.

  • Alhere
  • Gamdred
  • Gárfa
  • Déorheort
  • Erkenling

These proud people have all the reason to feel so, and some of their best military exploits come from helping Gondor during great times of need, where they turned the tide of battle and won the war almost by themselves, slamming into the enemy ranks from behind. Brave and capable, as well as owning a horse, it is not strange to see some Rohirrim on the road, preferring a life where nothing is certain and pretty much everything is unknown. Think about where the character was born, how did they grow up, what skills they learned during their childhood, what kind of a person are they today, what might be their goals at this moment, what made them leave, and think of a name worthy of the honor these people never go anywhere without.

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