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Thief Name Generator & Guide

“Ah, here comes Ian Oddsbane, the man with the plan.” The dwarf received an all-too-familiar smile as a response. “Don’t you worry, my dear friend, there’s no need for a plan. Just get the guard’s attention, and I’ll find my way in, no problem.”

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Rolwilier Dillen

Gardoll The Mighty

Ponlan Wybo


Damma Drumon


Renato Daoy


Alumila Muwlebra

Narissorin Rilynviir

Ortall The Lost

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Thieves rely on stealth and guile, and if that fails they hope their persuasive abilities can get them out of trouble. They tend to take what’s not theirs, gain access to where they shouldn’t, and often meddle in other people’s affairs for their own gain.

They count on their agility and swiftness to get the job done and tend to avoid any direct confrontation, preferring to work from the shadows. Knowing Thieves’ Cant, they can secretly convey any message they want, regardless of the topic at hand.

While they can certainly work for others and get paid for it, it’s their own reputation they care about the most. All the deeds they do can make their names well known to the people, names like Aimon Tradezilch, Mylia Swifthand, and Ryhs Evergrin.

Good Thief Names

Although thieves can certainly have all sorts of names, many of which depend on the character’s origin and upbringing, it’s never a bad thing to create a name worth remembering, and one that is easy to remember.

  • Bullettooth Huntley
  • Robben Luck
  • Smokey Kaylin
  • Pegleg Brandy
  • Angel Eyes Gracie
  • Diamond Raven
  • Mad Hat Kinsey
  • Weasel Jasmin

Clifford Arrowproof

After getting struck by nine arrows, including one that went through his cheeks, he miraculously survived after meticulous care by one of the local clerics. He’s a new man and only deals in legitimate business now, or so he swears.

  • Tracy the Angel
  • Hedwig the Fang
  • Chadwick Poison
  • Lucia Mad Eyes
  • Micheal Whisper

Elyse the Cheat

If you ask him, truth and playing by the rules are a must for any healthy business. When you turn your back to him, however, you can bet your life he is playing every little dirty trick in the book to try and sway the deal further to his favor.

  • Kathryn Four Fingers
  • Five Fingered Bruce
  • Coleman One-Eye
  • Three Fingered Bella
  • Menacing Brycen

Female Thief Names

Female thieves are no different, other than perhaps favoring indirect style even more than their male counterparts. Although it depends on the race, females usually rely on brute force even less, and the calling suits their natural affinity well.

  • Lexi Shades
  • Kaleigh the Shark
  • Izabella the Bandit
  • Virginia the Keen
  • Glena Angeleyes
  • Muscled Brenna
  • Rusty Anabel
  • Laughing Molly

Diane Pocketbane

While no one knows her true identity, everyone’s heard of the Bane of Pockets, the mysterious person who can lift your pouch as if you never had one. The reputation is getting too much, however, with the mayor tripling the guards so far, so she’s thinking of moving town to find luck elsewhere.

  • Thieving Nataly
  • Kaitlynn Mad Dog
  • Paige the Diamond
  • Jenny the Crook
  • Ellie Sharkfin

Madilyn Fourfinger

She is the leader of the local thieves guild, running more than half of the town from the background while resorting to cloak and dagger tactics when needed. The captain of the town’s guard is responsible for the loss of her finger, and she’s always looking for ways to get back at him.

  • Mad Hat Brooke
  • Laughing Cassie
  • Mumbling Jana
  • Jaelyn Vipersmile
  • Celina Knuckles

Male Thief Names

Not everyone wants to be a warrior, preferring to use cunning instead. Such people often resort to more indirect and often borderline illegal means while using trickery and deception whenever they can.

  • Simon the Menace
  • Glen the Maniac
  • Cory Bandana
  • Cameron the Heist
  • Allard Thornbite
  • Wild Red
  • Dillan Snakeblood
  • Darryl Scartwitch

Edward Chance

Mr. Chance, as his employers refer to him, is a man of exceptional taste for anything involving monetary value. He’s seen it all, done it all, and tried it all, and if he hasn’t there’s a high chance it doesn’t actually exist.

  • Red the Rabbit
  • Tristen Scars
  • Elmore the Angel
  • Gilford the Brute
  • Newman Crazygate

Stephen Scars

He has been captured a dozen times during his time, all on the account of thievery. While he was lucky to avoid the death penalty, and only because he never repeated the deed in the same town, he received more than a few lashes every time he was captured. Unfortunately for others, his will to continue with the same profession never wavered.

  • Shark Shipley
  • Mad Noel
  • Three Fingered Charles
  • Mad Man Sandy
  • Prowling Garett

Funny Thief Names

When a game is more of a lighthearted one, full of comedy, one of the best ways to start contributing to such a game is to come up with a silly name for your character.

  • Sylant Hens
  • Woz Santme
  • Steek Iffinger
  • Aywud Stilol
  • Kanthirme Wokin
  • Gardyor Pokets
  • Winitu Hyde
  • Klep Tomanya

Robin Eniwon

This man will try to rob you. It’s not that he wants to steal from others all the time but he simply can’t help himself. The smallest of incentives is enough to push him in that direction and once he starts, he doesn’t stop until he has robbed anyone and everyone in sight.

  • Lo Shance
  • Biyin Faloud
  • Onlib Arowed
  • Lok Peeker
  • Nick It

Kip Yostaf

Yes, he is one of those. He borrows something from you and manages to forget about it. Not only that, he keeps borrowing other things without any given thought, and, lo and behold, he keeps your stuff without any shame.

  • Jacko Faltrade
  • Vron Gdohr
  • Rob Err
  • Aydon Keel
  • Onn Listill

Whether you need something stolen, get back something that was stolen from you, gain access to a letter containing delicate information, or simply rob someone of their belongings, a Thief can and will do the job. Using dexterity, swiftness, and often the cover of the dark, they lurk in the shadows until the time is right. If all else fails, they rely on their wits or their sharp small blade. Think about what kind of a Thief the character is, how and where did they grow up, what was the life they led so far, and come up with a name worthy of being uttered by the law and commoners alike.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Thief name.

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