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Knight Name Generator & Guide

“Stand aside, boy, before I cleave you in half.” – warned the bandit. The handsome blond young man looked at the woman to his left, then back at the robber. “My name is Kay Langdon, sir, and I am the lady’s guardian and protector. You will leave us alone or taste my justice.” – he said calmly, even politely, and slowly drew his sword.

Generate Names

Hemeri the Loner

Balan the Tracker

Guiote the Reliable

Andri the Warrior

Borin the Caring

Elisota the Protector

Ger the Harbinger

Seemannus the Gentle

Athelyna the Adamant

Lilla the Giant

Bartly the Dragonslayer

Cristinia the Friend

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Knights are of noble birth and are trained in the ways of chivalry from a young age. Social etiquette, horseriding, combat training, and much more. Once they reach about seven years old, they usually become squires to an existing knight.

Training for a long time, it’s no wonder people say a knight is worth ten men. They represent everything that is noble and true, keep their word, protect the innocent, help those in need, and are an example of what everyone should strive to be.

Whether they are in someone’s service, or simply doing their own thing, such a life provides ample opportunities for their names to reach the ears of many. Names such as Sir Oswald Goodwater, Maldred the Bony, and Sir Valirio Nightingale.

Good Knight Names

A good knight name can offer a sense of dignity, honor, and nobleness but also fear, dread, and danger. Try imagining what kind of a knight the character is and use that to see what kind of a name might fit.

  • Reinald the Broken
  • Adkin Widowmaker
  • Randal the Hungry
  • Ammy the Relentless
  • Imayne Ironthorn
  • Petrus Wolfbane
  • Oton the Righteous
  • Sosanna the Bear

Robin Stoutsword

Sir Stoutsword has earned his reputation many times over, though it all began when he singlehandedly protected half a dozen of nobles and ladies from an orc ambush. The very same nobles tell stories of his prowess on that day, even today, decades after the incident.

  • Geffrei the Ghost
  • Alot the Resilient
  • Wimark of the Ice
  • Garrat Lightchase
  • Ibbe the Widow

Emeline of the Lake

Emeline never thought of herself as a knight, and if she was completely honest she never cared for the title. She knows the important thing is to have a kind heart, be willing to help others, and stand boldly when facing evil. This belief is about to be tested in more ways than she can imagine.

  • Heymon the Gracious
  • Geoffrey the Humble
  • Hamund the Quick
  • Allison the Keen
  • Dror the Poet

Female Knight Names

Traditionally, female knights are very rare or even nonexistent. In fantasy, however, they are as brave and noble as any other knight out there. Having to fight prejudice and injustice at every corner, they continuously prove their worth despite the numerous obstacles they face every day.

  • Gelleia the Clever
  • Xristiana the Strong
  • Swethyna the Highborn
  • Ingara the Enigma
  • Hermineite the Powerful
  • Jenna the Horrific
  • Helissent the Devoted
  • Marina of the Water

Malota the Butcher

Though she has been knighted by the king himself, some knights believe she doesn’t deserve the title. She’s far too aggressive for their liking and highly prone to merciless actions on the battlefield. The king, however, dismisses these opinions rather easily, as he has much use for her practical and effective ways.

  • Ayfara the Brown
  • Joane of the South

Evelina of the Dawn

Just when everyone thought the battle was lost, and that they will not see the sunrise, she and her men charged in from behind. With vigor and fury, like a hammer and anvil, they slammed into the enemy ranks from behind and sent them fleeing for their lives.

  • Alienora the Hungry
  • Genevote the Divine
  • Betha the Gentle

Male Knight Names

Many men dream of becoming knights, clad in steel armor, exacting justice upon those who deserve it while protecting those who cannot defend themselves. Not many succeed, however, or even have a chance at trying, but those who do become exemplars of chivalry and everything goodness stands for.

  • Tib the Muscle
  • Roget the Chaotic
  • Danyll the Tenacious
  • Drest the Polite
  • Otelin the Muscle
  • Arnaut of the Sea
  • Guillemot the Quick
  • Oudin the Brilliant

Isembart the Daring

This knight is larger than life itself and despite all potential danger he happily accepts the tasks given by his Queen. While some of the other court members see him only as a joker mocking serious matters, the Queen appreciates having someone as joyful as him around. Unbeknownst to her, he is slowly falling in love with her.

  • Andreu the Valiant
  • Rich the Tough

Symkyn the Colossus

This knight is so tall even barbarians in the north would think twice before challenging him. Wearing heavy plate armor and wielding a large hammer, he’s a nightmare to his enemies while his allies sigh in relief as soon as they see him coming.

  • John the Agile
  • Christopherus the Blue
  • Gibby the Bodyguard

Death Knight Names

There are many depictions of a death knight, and one of them is that a certain higher power brought a knight, a warrior, back to life. From that day, the death knight tenaciously chases their goals using the skills from their previous life, as well as the new ones, without any remorse.

  • Ossie Silentdepth
  • Sabastian Halfsorrow
  • Berton Heartdeath
  • Philippina Brieftrick
  • Timothy Silentbearer
  • Ramiro Carlisle
  • Patrick Newberry
  • Helke Coombs

Apolline Doombane

Failing his last mission, he ultimately failed his king. Now, having been raised from the dead by a demon prince, he’s fueled by the very same anger and regret, and bolstered by the fury that his defeat provided. If death couldn’t stop him, who can?

  • Tobi Jinx
  • Effi Deathhold

Tibelda Painframe

She was brave, noble, and chivalrous, never faltering in the face of evil. A mistake was made, however, as she couldn’t resist touching the strange orb, which was clearly an artifact of the old. She quickly found herself gasping for air, struggling against an unknown power that started to change her, mentally and physically.

  • Zenobio Bitterdeath
  • Marmion Bleakroad
  • Austin Plainform

Medieval Knight Names

Some medieval knights were prone to abusing their position and power, treat others with little regard or respect, and ultimately prove to be rude and egoistic person. Others, however, were more closer to our expectations by being courageous men of noble intentions.

  • Sir Galahad
  • Robert “The Crafty” Guiscard
  • Sir William Marshal
  • Richard The Lionheart
  • Sir James Douglas
  • Bertrand The Eagle of Brittany
  • Sir Henry Percy
  • Edward The Black Prince

Sir John Hawkwood

A cunning soldier and mercenary leader, whose past is somewhat shrouded in mystery. He served both in England and Italy, where he became quite famous for his daring exploits and vast knowledge of warfare which often proved to be a decisive factor.

  • Uther Pendragon
  • Sir Edward Charlton

Sir Thomas Harrington

A strong and brave knight, and even an escort to the king’s wife, he fought many battles bravely. Having participated in the War of the Roses, he and his son ultimately found their demise as they were slain in combat, during the Battle of Wakefield.

  • Sir John Delamare
  • Sir Richard Grey
  • Sir Hugh Calveley

Knights are depicted as a shining example of what every person should be. Educated, high social etiquette, trained in warfare, ready to face evil at any time, protecting the helpless, and upholding justice. They don’t always live up to our imagination and expectation but when they do, they are all that and more. Traveling the world allows Knights to use their skills to help people in need, share their kindness, and make sure they do their part in reducing the countless evil that pollutes the world. Decide what kind of training the character went through, who were their mentors, and think of a name worthy of the noble and heroic deeds they are about to perform.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Knight name.

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