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Warrior Name Generator & Guide

“That man doesn’t know magic, nor how to quietly approach his opponent.” – the elf told his friend as the armored man hacked his way through the enemy ranks, sending them into darkness one by one. “But with courage like that, does he need to? He’s Ulhor Ironstorm, and he’s a warrior through and through.”

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Warriors can be found in the most peculiar places. Among the smallest of races where courage seems to be found in endless quantity, and in the gentlest of species where their caring nature can turn to fury and vengeance in a blink of an eye.

While many people call themselves fighters, a true warrior is someone who’s proven themselves in battle, showing their resolve is untouchable by the dangers of combat. Molded by overcoming fear in such situations, they continuously justify their calling.

Warrior’s very nature makes them prone to undertaking difficult assignments, anything that can allow them to test their prowess. This makes their names known, names such as Willfoe Goldsworn, Meredick the Undying, and Mary Hellhide.

Good Warrior Names

A big part of a warrior’s name is their reputation, so it’s no wonder they have nicknames that often speak for themselves. A famous or notorious name allows the enemy to realize who’s coming their way, and even surrender or flee before it’s too late.

  • The Phoenix
  • The Monster
  • The Marked One
  • The Cursed
  • Hellmight
  • Rock Gaze
  • Strongblow
  • Light Blood

Bone Snarl

This half-orc gladiator made his reputation by fighting in the great arena of the Southern Jewel, city of Folnar. Armed with a snarl and a sharpened bone, he racked up 46 wins so far, and the way to win his freedom is starting to slowly present itself.

  • The Anvil
  • The Crooked
  • The Prince
  • Ironpelt
  • The Blade


A goliath of many talents, he’s the one who managed to sail east and find the way towards the lush lands his people now call Grasslands. This is the second year he and his warriors will raid and pillage the country, though this time the natives are preparing a rather cunning trap.

  • Wolf Fang
  • Strong Hide
  • The Fang
  • Rumblebreaker
  • Proudblade

Female Warrior Names

There are countless stories about warrior women and the great and courageous deeds they performed. There were times where some of them were underestimated, which quickly turned out to be the biggest mistake their enemy ever made.

  • Marzena The Butcher
  • Alizah The Noble
  • Corvina Singleshield
  • Kenna Proudhollow
  • Evette The Rogue
  • Halina Voidtalon
  • Kainda Emberstare
  • Briella Ravenblow

Eira Dragontooth

Merciless on the battlefield, she enjoys every second of it, and every enemy she sends to death fills her with joy. While many believe believe she slew a dragon, the reality is that her magnificently crafted dagger, albeit made from a real dragon’s tooth, was actually stolen from a slain opponent.

  • Otsana Doomflayer
  • Daciana Molteneye

Meila The Serpent

Sometimes a warrior is known for their martial prowess, the skill in battle, and their knowledge of military warfare. While she possesses all three, at least to a certain point, she’s known best for utilizing poison. Rumor has it that even a mere one touch of her dagger can kill even the strongest man alive.

  • Seren Lightscream
  • Lilith Deathblow
  • Behtan Boneeye

Male Warrior Names

It is said that all men have a voice inside of them, no matter how deep down it may be, one that rises up in defiance once they are pushed too far. This voice is what makes them realize there is a warrior in them waiting to be unleashed upon their oppressors.

  • Tybalt Bravesoul
  • Weylin Oakfang
  • Cadoc Frostshade
  • Gawen Jackal
  • Muireach Brightsnarl
  • Gennady Spiritgrip
  • Balderik Demongaze
  • Conrad Stoneclaw

Aldrich Silenteye

A veteran of many battles, this warrior now travels the road on his way back north. Some twenty years later, having lost an eye to half-ogre barbarians during one of their raids in his youth, he now searches for his revenge and won’t stop until he succeeds or dies trying.

  • Erebus Hellcrest
  • Gavril Proudtalon

Orryn Ironsong

Notorious for his raids against the human kingdoms in the south, the song that precedes the attacks is always heard as loud as thunder, sending shivers down the enemy spines. There’s no person alive who witnessed it and doesn’t think his voice is magically augmented.

  • Eagor Bloodhand
  • Wenrys Stormcry
  • Owain Thunderpelt

Ancient Warrior Names

There are warriors whose deeds go back to the ancient times. Whatever accomplishments they did back then, they still echo to this very day, allowing all of us to remember their deeds and their name.

  • Tlahuicole
  • Spartacus
  • Marcus Cassius Scaeva
  • Miyamoto Musashi
  • Arminius
  • Xiahou Dun
  • Khutulun
  • Alaric the Visigoth


Most known for a fearlessly led diversion attack, where he and a few hundred men managed to hold off an army and saved their allies. During battle, he was gravely wounded but miraculously survived to live the tale.

  • Saigo Takamori
  • Scipio Africanus

Eric Bloodaxe

Having presumably killed his siblings in a bloody family dispute, he reigned twice over two different kingdoms, albeit only for a short time. He was later expelled, exiled, and finally killed by a son of one of the mighty warlords of that time.

  • Count Roland
  • Genghis Khan
  • Yue Fei

Celtic Warrior Names

Celtic warriors were almost beastly in their approach, entering the battlefield with savagery and fury of ten men. They flaunted their bravery in every possible way, and those who lived on were a living example of just how heroic a warrior can truly be.

  • Toutorix
  • Caratacus
  • Gwetheyrn
  • Boudica
  • Brennus
  • Viriathus
  • Olyndicus
  • Drustan


A leader of a tribe and a great warrior who proved his mettle against a mighty southern emperor. While he and his men managed to kill thousands of enemies during the war, they were eventually defeated and driven away. Rumors have it he survived and fled to safety, never to be heard from again.

  • Mathghamhain
  • Nynniaw


A great warrior and leader, he united the tribes against the onslaught of the incoming swarm of enemies from the nearby empire. Victorious after a crucial battle, he thought the way to winning the war was clear. Alas, internal struggles between the tribes led to disagreement and disobedience, and with that, the dream was over.

  • Luigsech
  • Feidlimid
  • Elisedd

Whether someone is of small stature or a giant of a man, they all possess certain power which only rises up when there’s nothing to lose. Some need no provocation, though, as they are more than ready to put their beliefs and courage on the line, testing their fate in the process as they try to find their way to glory. You can be a soldier, a knight, a gladiator, a traveling duelist, anything else, or nothing at all but you can still be a warrior if you can face the danger with a heart of steel. Think upon what kind of a warrior your character will be, what dangers they will face, how will they find the necessary courage to face it, come up with an appropriate name, go forth and find your way to the list of the legendary warriors of the past.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Warrior name.

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