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Necromancer Name Generator & Guide

“Craze, I’m talking to you, do something already!” – came the cry for help from the man fighting three foes at once. He hoped his necromancer friend heard him this time or this could spell the end for him. Opening a book, Acrazis Kane uttered a few intangible words, raised the two nearby dog corpses, and sent them at the enemy.

Generate Names

Creselm Doomwhisper

Sizaen The Hollow

Vroverra The Plaguebringer

Ichruzaen The Examiner

Cauxor The Extinguisher

Onekras The Necromancer

Tezhul Doomwhisper

Zabaem Payne

Grouvana Shadowend

Meizor The De-Composer

Drioroti Gloom

Zroselm Haggard

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Necromancers are wizards who focus on mastering the connection between life and death. Skillful Necromancers can sap your life energy away, raise and command the dead, and possess a great deal of this all but secret and forbidden knowledge.

By manipulating the energy flowing through all living beings Necromancers are able to affect others with potent magic while using the stolen life energy as their own. Though they aren’t always evil, the knowledge they seek is often outlawed.

Most Necromancers keep their work a secret and rarely share their true intentions. Sometimes the power and influence they achieve earns them great renown, like it did for Feprix Crow, Puprix The Unliving, and Shuverra Nightshade.

Good Necromancer Names

Those determined to dabble in prohibited knowledge are more than ready to forgo their true name for the sake of anonymity and security. On the other hand, if they thrive doing this it’s unlikely they can avoid notoriety forever.

  • Baezhar The Darkheart
  • Yioxir The Decrepit
  • Youmon Hex
  • Azezius The Carver
  • Shekhar The Gorish
  • Vovok The Necro
  • Zobrum The Plaguemaster
  • Liokras The Decomposer

Kouqur The Mentor

Orc society rarely tolerates weakness and so he was exiled, sent away for his fragility. Today, many years later, he’s known as The Mentor, a wise and powerful necromancer who’s about to unleash his undead forces on all the orc tribes in the north.

  • Griqir The Necromancer
  • Privana Malicius
  • Crepeste The Couldronmaster
  • Pidira Gravemore
  • Beimira Naxxremis

Upovash The Corrupted

As one of the brightest wizards from his class, the future was bright. Unfortunately for everyone involved, there was a certain incident in the academy for which he was framed. Furious, the injustice first sent him running away for his life, then made him start something that will soon affect the whole region in the most unexpected way.

  • Geilya The Vivisector
  • Brilen Metus
  • Etaetulah Vacuity
  • Awreroti The Soulreaper
  • Fibetha Dreadmore

Female Necromancer Names

There are more than several female Necromancers with extraordinary power, and those who use it for their own gain can be one of the most dangerous beings in the world.

  • Yava Cruor
  • Zeimona The Abominable
  • Bedita The Dissector
  • Ixoucia The Animated
  • Ixegrid Rotheart
  • Kreigrid Gloom
  • Icratulah The Crippled
  • Ralya Deathbloom

Stravia Mortice

She’s tried pretty much everything to save her husband’s life, her one and only true love, but found zero success. After he passed away, the only thing her grief and anger allowed her was studying the forbidden necromantic knowledge which could bring him back to life.

  • Meghana The Molder
  • Lapeste Shade

Ukracia The Maggot

Long has this wizard left the city, exchanging the comforts of her home for a secret hideout in a long-forgotten cave. Performing experiments, which usually include dead bodies, she has been perfecting her necromantic skills over the past years with great success.

  • Stroren Payne
  • Grecia Crane
  • Memura Sanguine

Male Necromancer Names

Whether they started practicing necromancy out of necessity, or simply because they crave such power, it usually ends in getting completely captivated by this perilous magic, to the point where they ignore all warning signs along the way.

  • Kavras The Putrid
  • Zrevras The Black
  • Regrim Bane
  • Nadhur Blight
  • Nitic Blackhand
  • Eyexir Bloodworth
  • Zekar Gravemore
  • Gudulus Fester

Gozis The Abominable

Ever since touching the strange gem-like artifact, this half-elf wizard had an indescribable and insatiable affinity for death magic and everything that comes along with it. While he’s been tenaciously studying the forbidden arts, unbeknownst to him, the authorities led by an archmage are slowly closing in on his identity and location.

  • Vraemien Deathwhisper
  • Uhazis The Dead

Ogaxor Crane

Suffering a nearly fatal blow, this half-orc barely managed to survive. The visions he had while unconscious spoke of life and death, and ultimately proved to be too great for him to ignore. Today he’s an accomplished wizard who studies necromancy in secret, far from prying eyes.

  • Vaexius Plasma
  • Torow Molder
  • Yekai The Black

Badass Necromancer Names

Some Necromancers possess such power and notoriety that a mere mention of their name sends shivers down the spine. Whether it’s their only one or not, it is often a name given by others, and can even provide some insight into who or what they are.

  • Emaress Ebonmare
  • Gireas Mutesong
  • Stoxiem The Mad
  • Agner Sineater
  • Ecthrois Soulmonger
  • Eliyakis Festerwound
  • Paetos Blightcaller
  • Gridita Lifedrain

Decilia The Decayer

Decades of practicing necromancy have left him in a rather decrepit state. His first attempt to reach lichdom failed and he’s closer to a state of decay and death than to a human. His powers never diminished, however, and he’s ever-determined to achieve his ultimate goal.

  • Pawix The Howler
  • Wraquis The Animator

Shahary Grimsoul

This halfling necromancer manages to stay alive by continuously stealing the life energy from her undead minions, allowing her to live well beyond the normal life expectancy without resorting to lichdom.

  • Wrepris Fleshrend
  • Giolaer Doomwhisper
  • Astradulus The Collector

Funny Necromancer Names

Sometimes we want a more relaxed game, full of comedy and humor, and coming up with a funny name is a great way to start embracing the mood and provide enjoyment.

  • Noth Soded
  • R Skelly
  • Sugar Deady
  • Dead Flanders
  • Pablo Necrobar
  • Boneto Bewild
  • Bone Jovi
  • Indiana Bones

Grave Chappelle

He’ll tell you the best way to enjoy life is through humor. He’ll comment on anything and everything, and believes no situation is serious enough to not be able to crack a joke, even if he’s the only one laughing in the end.

  • Reeg Ormortis
  • Robin Manygraves

Incan Spicuous

As if it was some form of magic, he can stand in the middle of the room and most people would barely notice him. While some would say it’s a blessing, he curses himself for it and has been trying everything to stop it, from buying bright-color clothes to speak as loudly as possible at all times. So far, nothing seems to work.

  • Nick Romancer
  • Bony Lahs
  • Aisy Dedpeeps

Seekers of secret knowledge, practitioners of forbidden magic, and manipulators of life energy itself, Necromancers are all that and more. Being able to raise the dead is one of their most iconic abilities and there are numerous stories about wizards leading undead armies. Sometimes they start researching taboo lore for noble reasons but the knowledge often proves too alluring to ignore, making the practitioner stray away from their righteous path. Think of a reason why your character started practicing necromancy, what are their reasons, motives, and plans, and come up with a Necromancer name worthy of all the obscure knowledge they will come across.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Necromancer name.

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