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“This one’s name is Ceesh Pryuz and is honoured to serve as findsman for this matter. In accordance with the strictures of the Whispering Fronds sect, the criminal you describe will be found and brought to justice. The clouds proclaim it.”

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Esh Vaggee

Infey Deffa

Soslyash Katrai

C’nayss Shrudi

Diflyss Drat

Kyuslish Drayglo

Zadneen Trozzoo

V’luk Cnocki

T’rillyak Prufruu

Ezless Naifraa

Nek Qaarney

D’kuun Dokee

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The Gand are a humanoid people which evolved from insects, hailing from the ammonia-gas planet of Gand. Their culture places a very high premium on being humble, and it is only after an individual proves their worth that they are worthy of a name.

Gand names take into account their non-mammalian origin and reflect the vocal organs used by the species. As names are granted after an individual proves themselves, be sure to consider what deeds your character might have done to earn their name.

Good Gand Names

Good Gand names evoke a sense of the insectoid nature of the species. Make good use of apostrophes and sharp sounds.

  • Kon Kayrney
  • T’ron Prikkuu
  • Dik Vruk
  • Ooslaik Qreqla
  • Vifnyk Krurr
  • Oslix Pukoo
  • Luked Naglo
  • R’kizlass Tryuqro
  • Ziss Crerl

C’nush Darryu

C’nush tries to be humble. She really tries. But she also had to fight very hard to win her name. She took stupid and dangerous risks, and came away with such tales to tell! Why should she not glory in these things? But she holds her mandibles. Or tries to.

  • Or Trayslyi
  • Ceel Pnyrni
  • V’lobass Praggay
  • Enfik Lakka
  • Daffux Laizlyu
  • Ryafnash Croza
  • S’zon Cnezzo
  • D’kaik Treqlya
  • Nek Qaarney

Votel Kryickya

The life of a simple innkeeper might not seem like one that would gain recognition in Gand culture, but it is a humble and vital role, one well thought of. Vogel got his start there, and now owns more inns, hostels, and places of rest than any other being in the sector!

  • Zosyan Srayrr
  • Yzlel Cryarryu
  • C’nyr Veyrley
  • V’lox Srikr
  • Sar Shrerru

Female Gand Names

Female Gand names have a slight prevalence of sibilant or hissing sounds over those of their male counterparts.

  • Vusslayss Qreyrne
  • R’kokleen Praathe
  • C’naybaik Quzzo
  • S’zush Pneti
  • T’rash Kerni
  • V’loss Shriqraa
  • Ceyr Neyrli
  • D’kax Sriff
  • Roflook Pnezi

Cyzliss Sroclee

Actions speak louder than words, and so Cyzliss Sroclee rarely speaks. She much prefers to act. This has stood her in good stead so far, earned her her name, but it does make it very difficult to get a straight answer—or directions—from this Gand.

  • C’nefnan Vryaq
  • V’lon Srurni
  • Dol Lozla
  • Nir Draqlaa
  • Diflyss Drat
  • Colsyss Qrigg
  • Aslol Proclai
  • D’kiss Drok
  • R’kin Pryffaa

Kir Payzli

As a merchant Kir Payzli travels from settlement to settlement, braving dangers to bring much needed goods to Gand families across the planet. Though she struggles to be humble, at least she’s never anywhere long enough to cause extreme problems.

  • Vyizlash Qekro
  • Zagner Krurlay
  • Azyal Vriff
  • S’zakkuuk Naqry
  • C’nedul Shraarn

Male Gand Names

Male Gand names make a slightly greater use of apostrophes than their female counterparts, but it’s not a large percentage.

  • R’kokish Negly
  • Zockish Crackyu
  • Vush Cnegle
  • T’rosh Kuda
  • C’nayss Shrudi
  • Vuslix Dreecla
  • Ziklek Dizey
  • C’neezlix Zazlya
  • Kabi Shryuqle

V’leeklol Zeffee

V’leeklol’s name was difficult to win indeed, for he chose to win it through the discovery of a new strain of algae with which the Gand could better feed their growing world. None ar Elmore humble than he, however, because he lives in constant fear that someone will discover he stole the secret from an offworlder.

  • Yuss Shruql
  • Vysh Trifroo
  • C’nun Druuglyu
  • T’rix Truffo
  • Veex Dutryu
  • Kigul Kyufr
  • Nyaldoss Draggu
  • Ezless Naifraa
  • R’kezesh Craki

Kyax Nakk

Kay’s specialises in bounties on worlds with environments that are particularly hostile. As one of the Gand that evolved to not need lungs, he has a special advantage. And Kyax loves wandering and exploring, a selfish thing he dares speak of to no one, but his occupation provides him excuse.

  • Lix Sreff
  • R’kaash Paithyu
  • Lik Pretrya
  • T’rissli Qruzo
  • Kyuslish Drayglo

What do you like best about playing non-mammalian characters? How do you get into the mindset of a character so different from yourself? What is your favourite part of Gand culture? Let us know in the comments below!

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