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Star Wars Planet Name Generator & Short Stories

“The planet is called Eabint, sir. It was once a colony of a species we do not have a recorded name for, but they had a primitive culture that seems to have worshipped nature spirits of some kind. Massive things, by the carvings. Do we investigate?”

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There are many planets scattered throughout the galaxy. Some are home to civilizations, both current and long-gone. Many hold secrets, be they bases, or mineral wealth, or hidden societies. Every planet is a potential adventure.

Planet names can reflect many things. It might be what the inhabiting culture calls their home, or what a survey team nicknamed the place when it was first discovered. In any case, you have a lot of freedom to create here!

Good Planet Names

Good planet names can look like anything, but the sounds should ideally suggest something of what the place is like.

  • Fellin
  • Sheth
  • Bathec
  • Mus
  • Rivit
  • Bon
  • Tath
  • Kumin
  • Yassi


A massive planet primarily covered with water whose only land is scattered archipelagos, Isin has recently become host to a research station. The local gravity field does strange things to highly compressed water in the depths of the oceans here.

  • Doth
  • Gime
  • Wamocas
  • Jot
  • Fealza
  • Karra
  • Cryth
  • Leoth
  • Breso


A medium sized planet which has every appearance of being hospitable to a wide variety of life, Fuc is notorious as the planet which has hosted the most failed colonies in galactic history. Something always destroys them, though no one ever survives to say precisely what that is…

  • Oithiseen
  • Gesnis
  • Ves
  • Andoth
  • Vari
  • Shon
  • Chec
  • Breothath
  • Jul


This small trade planet would be entirely unremarkable were it not for its position at the crossroads of three imperial trade routes. Goods and people in vast numbers come through here, and if it were to fall into the wrong hands, it could seriously damage commerce in the Empire.

  • Follisa
  • Shedhes
  • Wumicios
  • Gelu
  • Kano
  • Handri
  • Yeko
  • Kise
  • Ienu


Chince is not much of a home world, but it is all the homeworld the Chincery have. And they think the world of it. A paranoid, warlike species, none have yet successfully established diplomatic relations here.

  • Vake
  • Undreth
  • Ateh
  • Zatho
  • Serten
  • Indruth
  • Tol
  • Shuf
  • Puac


Nevo is a small planet with a surface covered in ice and methane snow. It is mostly hostile to humanoid life, though it supports a few examples of its own unique fauna that feed predominantly off of the gases vented into the atmosphere by geothermal processes.

  • Breteneeth
  • Choh
  • Brut
  • Net
  • Telzund
  • Crasti
  • Munefand
  • Feldot
  • Vis


Once a colony world of an ancient alliance of systems whose name has been lost, Horufaal has recently become the latest addition to the Hutt criminal empire. Several hallucinogenic plants grow naturally in the lush jungles here and the Hutts are making a mint off of harvesting them.

  • Volsol
  • Isum
  • Trut
  • Vulzu
  • Floker
  • Brath
  • Sah
  • Occol
  • Agolo


A moon of Ivisith, Chomunt has a particular dense core that results in a gravity profile close to galactic standard in spite of its small size. The atmosphere is breathable, and expeditions have been mounted to try and discover how this can be.

  • Yse
  • Adhu
  • Uthu
  • Chor
  • Ivisith

How do you come up with names for planets? Do you create worlds that have a variety of biomes or do you go for a classic ‘desert world’, ‘water world’, or ‘ice moon’? Where do you like to adventure? Let us know in the comments below!

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