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Mandalorian Name Generator & Backstories

“Give it up, woman! The Darksabre is just a myth!”

“Myth? A myth? Nonsense! It’s as real as you or me, and I, Jolobis Jirhar, will be the one to find it and restore it to our people!”

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Danx Trykuwr

Xuc Cryvoc

Merrivoth Chott

Limi Kragh

Zaed Mowr

Gror Jekkud

Kasiig Kruc

Zobbu Dragh

Llusoddiog Ailling

Likanith Browr

Rok Crahl

Mogash Tauss

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Mandalorians hail from the planet Mandalore. Historically their culture was very focused on battle, and there was a strong strain of honour that informed the culture. This bloodlust has waned recently, though not all welcome the change.

Naming conventions amongst Mandalorians include a given name and a clan name, as the clan structure is still highly influential in the culture. Most names are 1-2 syllables, though 3-4 is not unheard of.

Good Mandalorian Names

A good Mandalorian name is one that gets right to the point, and conveys a sense of character in a scant few syllables.

  • Diinn Brars
  • Rhac Hodir
  • Zut Katigh
  • Njusal Wrert
  • Segoc Strouyas
  • Dogde Choogh
  • Ranold Ponurn

Zuj Cert

A lieutenant on Concordia, the moon of Mandalore, Zuj has a reputation of being able to get you whatever it is you want. It might be fresh fruit from the planet below or a change to your shift schedule, just ask Zuj. But be prepared to owe him a favor.

  • Dros Lait
  • Vros Raboss
  • Tadth Blyngh
  • Chees Stiviwr
  • Ogguth Stet
  • Aengu Qomunch
  • Obug Skod

Rhox Spuk

Growing up, Rhox was the runt of the litter, so to speak. Smaller than the other children, she quickly learned she had to be faster if she wanted to compete. Unfortunately, she grew a mouth to match, and her quick wit isn’t always enough to get her out of trouble.

  • Drits Piran
  • Thuc Braug
  • Caggadth Drik
  • Ungo Hurhaiss

Female Mandalorian Names

Female Mandalorian names are often short and focused, as befitting the culture.

  • Sho Mough
  • Jil Parrart
  • Jaam Dryngh
  • Whayh Wrovy
  • Zhentak Quvhaill
  • Aekern Chutt
  • Uno Hajurr

Zokay Luk

There is a lot of pressure on the heir to leadership of a Clan, and in some cases it produces diamonds. Zokay is one of these cases, though even she has a flaw running through her center. Hopefully nothing ever hits it jsut right and causes her to shatter.

  • Jhoc Gyrs
  • Feh Troupoung
  • Jhin Skurr
  • Aeja Gur
  • Nurso Etuag
  • Ainail Braugg
  • Ecoo Blisongh

Ajasi Blukas

Not everyone has a clan, and though it’s a bit of a handicap, some people thrive without one. Ajasi is perfectly happy with her lot as a merc, thank you very much. She’s beholden only to herself and the people she chooses, and that’s all she needs.

  • Vhai Logh
  • Zo Blugon
  • Abern Jug
  • Dini Zannok

Male Mandalorian Names

Male Mandalorian names are focused, like those of their female counterparts, and also draw on sharp, abrupt sounds.

  • Drez Zuafill
  • Gon Sorn
  • Xugg Stoopurs
  • Undunk Tryk
  • Hiilmudth Trechood
  • Kilmorr Hod
  • Jomad Kovhyd

Drurk Peg

The joke goes that Drurk is called Drurk because he’s always so drunk that he can’t even pronounce it. And the truth is, they aren’t wrong. Most of the time he can’t remember his actual name, so Drurk is as good as it gets.

  • Jeenn Gest
  • Cet Epygh
  • Kasiig Kruc
  • Alom Blauzlet
  • Wioscaix Dars
  • Therailox Sholkar
  • Zaik Stratt

Nuung Iyec

Nuung had the misfortune of being born with both Force-sensitive and morals. Not an easy thing for a Mandalorian. He secretly dreams of one day encountering a Jedi and receiving training, but so far, that’s all it’s been: a dream.  

  • Chut Churt
  • Sinn Bross
  • Xuc Cryvoc
  • Cerk Kriss

Mandalorian Clan Names

The Clan Name is arguably the most important part of a Mandalorian character, as it so influences their upbringing and alliances and worldview.

  • Ordo
  • Cadera
  • Deshra
  • Rodarch
  • Rook
  • Keldau
  • Beroya


Clan Bralor is firmly of the belief that Mandalore is best when she is bloodthirsty, warlike, and ravening across the nearby systems. Members of this clan tends to show a predisposition for maiming their enemies and laughing whilst wading through streams of blood.

  • Parkh
  • Kriss
  • Cryvoc
  • Dryngh
  • Hodir
  • Lait
  • Strohoss


Clan Laughna holds up a facade of peace and light, though they are as warlike as any other clan on Mandalore. The difference is that Laughna carefully considers before taking actions, but when their ire is roused none can stand against it.

  • Sholkar
  • Dars
  • Sorn
  • Braugg

What’s your favourite Mandalorian character? Do you prefer old school Mandalore or the newer, less bloodthirsty civilization? Do you have any tricks for coming up with Mandalorian names? Let us know in the comments!

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