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Kaminoan Name Generator & Backstories

“I am Naol Drusuu. I will be your point of contact throughout this process. Now. Tell me more about the clones you require. Soldiers, did you say? Disposable troops or more robust specimens?”

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Gam Sefoso

Glovoc Pra

Erum Bronle

Kol Hir

Cen Brinro

Gealo Dru

Com Bri

Gana Ka

Viam Po

Ven Baa

Kam Suveu

Gem Dai

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Kaminoans hail from Wild Space, and are native to the watery planet Kamino. Culturally the Kaminoans are very preoccupied with cloning and other genetic technologies in pursuit of refining their species and avoiding potential catastrophes.

Because their species originated in the waters of Kamino, the language of Kaminoans has a lot of liquid, long sounds, or syllables designed to carry over the sound of the storms that lash their world in near-perpetuity.

Good Kaminoan Names

A good Kaminoan name has a nice balance of long vowels in 1-3 syllables in each of the forename and the surname.

  • Kil De
  • Com Bri
  • Pa Selmalu
  • Col Hifoe
  • Tianoc Milmesi
  • Nepum Masua
  • Teavum Dranai
  • Ma Pa
  • Gin Tu

Gli Portii

Gli works as a porter cleaning up after the experiments that have gone wrong. No one thinks anything of her. They speak freely as she cleans. So far, Gli has found no one interested in her secrets. But worth so many outworlders coming to Kaminio it’s only a matter of time.

  • Nac Pri
  • Dec Mo
  • Erum Bronle
  • Klirom Prurloa
  • Voanak Domnoi
  • Lomoc Hiasi
  • Caruk Hurtai
  • Daac Payvun
  • Len Sulrisi

Tol Polnusi

Tol is the picture of male Kaminoan perfection. His crest is flawless. Though he is only an administrator he is sure his genetic material will be in high demand. Why has no one noticed yet? What more need he do?

  • Linol Horto
  • Kliapal Hudria
  • Ozuk Dos
  • Padok Driavilo
  • Klon Kal

Female Kaminoan Names

Female Kaminoan names have a slight tendency to be more complicated than those of their male counterparts.

  • Tomnah Walmu
  • Huwi Wudrusu
  • Gealo Dru
  • Li Drulmin
  • Hu Drilmou
  • Za Gas
  • Cu Prunri
  • Mih Besu
  • Gonah Bre

Alni Molruli

Alni feels things sometimes. A connection to other living beings which she cannot explain. She keeps this secret. She knows she should speak up, in case it is a useful mutation, but she has seen what becomes of those whose mutations are not useful and she is afraid.

  • Saumnan Bron
  • Homni Nuhu
  • Kallam Nar
  • Gi Proma
  • Te Nihou
  • Cuh Mo
  • Yiah Prerto
  • Suzo Tilmur
  • Numa Sorru

Zirli Tirdi

Zirli Tirdi has everything it takes to be a luminary of Kaminos geneticists. Unfortunately, she is only one of the latest crop of promising Kaminosn elite. Nothing will get in her way, though. She will become the best. No matter what it takes.

  • Culin Mis
  • Si Dramnoo
  • Mai Tul
  • Lum Donri
  • Cen Brinro

Male Kaminoan Names

Male Kaminoan names are focused and often shorter than those of their female counterparts.

  • Ven Baa
  • Dak Drulri
  • Pem Su
  • Klo Buloo
  • Mo Wumnoo
  • Glino Hu
  • Laovak Dortui
  • Kinok Helno
  • Copul Kefiu

Ke Da

Ke is happy enough. He is lower caste but he gets to fly shuttles. Ke loves flying. Especially in the storm. Something about it makes him feel so alive! He hasn’t yet snuck one out for a joyride but all he needs is a little more courage.

  • Glak Daliu
  • Cak Buhoo
  • Dolam Bri
  • Peruk Honu
  • Dopeim Wovi
  • Lizak Dortinu
  • Dec Da
  • Lin Brelo
  • Klic Mal

Va Pri

Va’s mother broke the law when he was born. Va has green eyes, and should have been killed at birth. But his mother hid him and his eyes. He left Kamino as soon as he could. But he intends to return one day, with an army, and free his people from the generic tyranny they labour under.

  • Golum Nunlii
  • Ovac Dronro
  • Tivam Hodrou
  • Klameil Narluso
  • Menam Nilri

Have you ever played a Kaminoan character or used one as an NPC? What do you think of their relation to clone troopers? Do you have any tricks for coming up with good Kaminoan names? Let us know in the comments below!

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