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As the Star Destroyers begin to spread across countless star systems, a broadcast begins to play. A man appears in a regal authoritarian manner and says “I am Darth Wrend, and I will be uniting the galaxy once again.”

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The Sith are known across the galaxy as the Dark Jedi. While the Jedi focus only on the light side of the force, Sith actively embrace the dark side. The Sith have inherited this philosophy from the Sith species, from which they get their name. However, most people who refer to Sith now talk about the religious order that uses the dark side of the force to seize control of power.

Good Sith Names

When joining the Sith, it is common for members to shed their birth name and take in a new identity. These names often take on dark connotations or reference names from the Sith language. All these names are the base name, but Sith can have titles, the most well known is “Darth.”

  • Azard
  • Nosteam
  • Malgus
  • Dzikjâ
  • Ikoral
  • Karnage
  • Ouzal


Darth Marr ruled the Dark Council with an iron fist. His military prowess led him to be one of the most important members of the new Sith Empire.

  • Gravid
  • Baras
  • Ordrem
  • Rossam
  • Xarion
  • Uxirnusy


Her ability to blend into a crowd was a skill she found incredibly useful, but even she was surprised when she was recruited to become an assassin from the Sith Empire.

  • Lachris
  • Udheqe
  • Ibhadewr
  • Hexid
  • Enesmiuty
  • Plagueis
  • Onumtealyr
  • Awretu
  • Ekkage
  • Zruskuwr

Female Sith Names

Women who join the Sith are often known for their cunning and intelligence. With such natural ability, it can be hard for some to resist the promise of power and absolute control.

  • Anathel
  • Meduo
  • Gorgos
  • Betton
  • Achikearius
  • Cumzius
  • Gopaerius


The rebels tremble in her presence. Her strength is unmatched in this side of the galaxy. Zhasotiuth the ruthless uses her raw strength to rule over her domain.

  • Acina
  • Ipendanyr
  • Wutwaetiur
  • Emipalyr
  • Uciqua
  • Anurtianyr


The ancient Jedi secret of the lightsaber seemed to be lost to time. However, through determination and concentration, she was about to unearth these secrets for the empire to use for themselves.

  • Uxutrol
  • Khiqnuo
  • Igulvotiur
  • Boxpuo
  • Jemaeny

Male Sith Names

Many believe that the Sith are not evil, but simply use the full power of the force and are doing what is best for the galaxy. Though time and time again it has been seen that Sith empires subjugate their people and cannot be trusted.

  • Xarion
  • Sajar
  • Luft
  • Acharon
  • Âmoimshait
  • Krall
  • Arho


Once an Imperial Knight who lived to serve, he soon left the order and lost faith in his leaders. After nearly dying, he joined the Sith Empire and took a new name, Havok.

  • Tsoqlâ
  • Enraj
  • Iratus
  • Uwhiqkoir
  • Ramage


As a valued member of the Sith Empire near the end of its raign, Darth Glovoc chose to put himself in stasis so that he could one day reinstate the power of the Sith to a new era.

  • Lokess
  • Desolous
  • Andeddu
  • Roiwus
  • Wuzoir
  • Wrend

Badass Sith Names

Sith names should command respect or strike fear into those they meet. While these feelings should come from their actions, a good name doesn’t hurt. Here are some particularly fearsome names found in the Star Wars Universe

  • Sidious
  • Sion
  • Maul
  • Ruin
  • Shaar
  • Vax
  • Howl


He is known most for his duel with Victun. This long and epic battle destroyed the Imperial Citadel. After this battle both sides offered to end the duel in a draw.

  • Krist-Ov
  • Nihilus

The Sith are not always inherently evil, many are doing what they believe is best for the galaxy. The higher you go up the Sith ladder, you can begin to see the cracks of corruption. The names that you pick should reflect that in some way. Tell me what you think of the names and leave some of your own suggestions in the comments.

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