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Gungan Name Generator & Backstories

“Yes, meesa Flaw-Flaw Kesmon! Meesa dee-lighted to meet you! Senator Binks will be with you directly, yup-yup. Pleased be for waiting here and enjoy a beverage. Finest and fresh from Naboo!”

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Jil-Jil Su

Hoff Cun

Mic-Mic Rawn

Krum-Krum Sqir

Ha-Ha Shozbeed

Ul Squdtiarm

Brak-Brak Na

Anba Fudup

Nonke Ludu

Ca-Ca Faz

Pinn-Pinn Qigont

Bo Pim

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Gungans are an amphibious species native to the planet Naboo. They build massive cities in underwater bubble-domes and have a culture steeped in both art and strict adherence to law.

Gungan names often make use of repeated syllables in their construction. Both forenames and surenames are common through the culture.

Good Gungan Names

A good Gungan name is often made up of two syllables that share one or more letters or sounds in common, followed by a set of syllables that is completely different, yet complimentary, in sound.

  • Poec Ru
  • Blos Sluzban
  • Pinn-Pinn Qigont
  • Crab-Crab Jog
  • Battueb Fepps
  • Frobbigg Suesses
  • Zi Werauz
  • Fes-Fes Hup
  • Brantuc Sheefo

Ten-Ten Si

Few realise how artistic the Gungan culture can be. Ten-Ten is an aspiring poet, inspired by one of their greatest works Das Depu Epu Sea, he travels from Gungan city to Gungan city seeking inspiration from the underwater beauty all around.

  • Juenteh Sert
  • Gob Kuth
  • Yob Yallor
  • Kron-Kron Tesdo
  • Brak-Brak Na
  • Yac Gaurm
  • Frek Baji
  • Clusk Hodbepps
  • Legg-Legg Trur

Tablan Jazz

Someone has to keep the force-shields and force-domes that Gungan cities and warfare rely on operating. Tablan is one of many such technicians. After all, somebody has to do it! Sometimes it’s even interesting.

  • Wob-Wob Roth
  • Anba Fudup
  • Bagg Nobbla
  • Taf Zoz
  • Zash-Zash Bel

Female Gungan Names

Female Gungan names are very similar to their male counterparts, though they have a higher instance of ending in vowels, particularly in the case of repeated syllables.

  • Ef Shuwemk
  • Sha-Sha Warpaw
  • Di-Di Mirt
  • Calias Sheg
  • Sheen Piazz
  • Om Wirshe
  • Da-Da Po
  • Ha-Ha Shozbeed
  • Wobleh Barr

Wiah Kil

Where there is money and power, there are people that want those with said money and power removed. Wiah can provide that service for the right price. This assassin specialises in eliminating targets of other amphibious races, though she will never accept another Gungan as a target.

  • Frol Nedrarr
  • Dhood Poth
  • Cloo-Cloo Re
  • Ba-Ba Sogi
  • Hesnum Shesawn
  • Khueg Kirt
  • Fol Billed
  • Ji-Ji Kafuls
  • Clee-Clee Coozz

Na-Na Miss

Some people handle power well. Others, not so much. Na-Na is one of the latter. Once elected, she discovered just how much she enjoyed denying applications and permit requests. If you need something approved, it had better be perfect when it comes before Na-Na, or you can kiss whatever it is you want goodbye!

  • Tha Sqauls
  • Jiss Gra
  • Moo Curdueb
  • Ca-Ca Faz
  • Ra-Ra Teettiawn

Male Gungan Names

Male Gungan names make frequent use of guttural sounds, but these sounds are usually paired with enough vowels to give the over name a melodic feel.

  • Bri Qis
  • Sic Gosdort
  • Bross Web
  • Lur Welsoss
  • Nenn-Nenn Tu
  • Fih-Fih Qoog
  • Crolinn Surshaud
  • Kirvauf Bass
  • Bo Pim

Zoloff Bawarr

This venerable Gungan elder is highly revered—and greatly feared. While Zoloff has done great things in negotiating treaties on behalf of the Gungan people, he’s also a dreary blowhard who won’t let anyone get a word in edgewise and always tells the most boring stories imaginable.

  • Friff Siwaf
  • Woc-Woc Diarseew
  • Krum-Krum Sqir
  • Caugogg Wog
  • Bridok Kagluels
  • Tor Trinks
  • Dob Teglown
  • Rau Wup
  • Teel-Teel Somk

Jin-Jin Kumk

Living underwater makes fishing more interesting, if you have the right mindset, and Jin-Jin certainly has that. Though he’s obsessed with the megafauna to be found in Naboo’s deeps. One day! One day he’ll finally land himself one of those whoppers!

  • Skiff Zattaw
  • Leh-Leh Pau
  • Pih-Pih Gaudbef
  • Dul-Dul Wunt
  • Pantid Giz

Do you love Jar-Jar Binks or hate him? Have you ever played a Gungan of your own? What tricks do you have for coming up with Gungan names? Let us know in the comments below! Weesa so-so excited to hear from you!

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