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“But Master Ty Rann, how are we to know which experiences might tempt us to stray down the path to the Dark Side? Are not many of them the very things that mark us as sentient beings? What about love?”

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Jayda Saretti

Myec Jorrier

Aaama Aiden

Merkak Inek

Avlis Kodd

Lonus Reed

Suna Zaptros

Kashe Lectrac

Jaku Cohmre

Edbr Osh

Leia De Res

Keye Aboleth

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The Jedi have been, at various times, peacekeepers, guardians and guides, and simply legends throughout the galaxy. They come from all walks of life, from all kinds of planets and cultures.

Jedi names are often simply the names of those individuals as given to them by their parent cultures. Some Jedi may take nicknames or new ones upon joining the order however, so feel free to get creative!

Good Jedi Names

Good Jedi names include any that conjure up a sense of power and competence.

  • Joao Weyfel
  • Oret Obath
  • Maani Quo
  • Jegelt Samick
  • Nimm Narweld
  • Duran Torwyn
  • Aneuryn Yoan
  • Ian Landwr
  • Tomax Yarrow

Ranneth Darkrose

Master Ranneth is known to be a difficult personality amongst the Jedi. He refuses to take Padawan learners, often clashes with Master Yoda in council, and disrespects the library. If it weren’t for his political connections, he might not have lasted as long as he has.

  • Carth Thrall
  • Ian Quillan
  • Ty Upari
  • Zungher Rhade
  • Larek Valentine
  • Dejkaz Polo
  • Igniv Flaha
  • Rax Trite
  • Varik Phet

Ro-Tahn Iscandar

Master Ro-Tahn dedicates herself to the study of the ancient teaching of the order, seeking to recover that which has been long lost due to war or conflict with the Dark Side. She is studious, but her desire for knowledge may lead her down a dangerous path.

  • Dahar Penin
  • Icarus Beelen
  • Klai Sexton
  • Brakin Jadeonar
  • Edbr Osh

Female Jedi Names

Female Jedi names, like their male counterparts, are often simply names drawn from the cultures that gave rise to that particular Jedi.

  • Ereen Void
  • Suna Katana
  • Eckle Homanlif
  • Anya Stoneheart
  • Damasa Praxon
  • Flan Drayson
  • Padm Navarr
  • Amaza Darkrose
  • Malani Amitey

Arwen Glam

Arwen loves piloting small, fast ships almost as much as she loves being a Jedi. Her spirit remains irrepressible, even after years of study with more serious Jedi Masters. She loves nothing more than a tight situation and letting the Force take the control stick.

  • Jaina Farthen
  • Nika Agenta
  • Jayda Virai
  • Felitsa Dannuz
  • Pinaia Grottil
  • Jisela Tafo
  • Dana Renning
  • Kida Ran
  • Nira Balbri

Alvina De Res

Padawan Alvina is of House De Res, and her decision to run off and join the Jedi order (as her parents think of it) has left her family in a precarious position, without an heir. If she cannot complete her training (or if something were to happen) there is an unwanted arranged marriage awaiting her…

  • Katalana Teff
  • Carena Quix
  • ZyRha Thaneo
  • Risa Anarth
  • Aari Callat

Male Jedi Names

Male Jedi names, like their female counterparts, should be memorable and reflect the character of the being that bears them.

  • Liam Keler
  • Fabio Thul
  • Zekk Duann
  • Kiber Schmitt
  • Bellek Greyhelm
  • Gromm Valen
  • Ryo Abya
  • Broca Shenuri
  • Dack Ekiam

Belloc Shapris

Master Belloc specialises in infiltrating the criminal elements of the galaxy. It comes fairly naturally, as he was a street urchin before Master Jaku found him. He is happy to serve, but old temptations often rear their heads.

  • Nyeb Inek
  • Tam Flash
  • Coryn Lightrose
  • Jaku Cohmre
  • Prellon Aboleth
  • Jebber Kynnie
  • Skaara Gabbett
  • Aramis Homanlif
  • Rip Brodi

Dag Neir

Master Dag Neir is the one to consult if you have any questions about holocrons. The old master is cantankerous at the best of times, but if you bring him fresh brisinga then his mood improves noticeably.

  • Erol Taa
  • Rel Killdarn
  • Avlis Kodd
  • Dylan Dontin

Who is your favourite Jedi of all time? Do you prefer Dark Side or Light Side force users? What are your thoughts on Grey Jedi? Do you have any great Jedi stories? Let us know in the comments!

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