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Nautolan Name Generator & Guide

“My name is Brakto Di. Remember it, for it will be the last thing you will ever hear. I will disassemble your life down its component atoms. I will scatter your wealth to the nine great currents and your blood shall be lost in the salt swell. I will unravel your life, your love, your last hope. Do not cross me.”

Generate Names

Daf Iddeng

Miktal Trotora

Rhumyyul Rheechmeeddad

Rorkig Vrurrork

Zuspein Moomdazz

Yoondaddeac Rhergedimt

Hearr Melo

Junreintvod Farged

Yusatrek Diis

Ispuktaak Iinnakim

Dos Nur

Hulmea Fempumt

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Nautolans as a people prefer to coexist peacefully with others, but can be fierce warriors should the need arise. Hailing from Glee Anselm, the Nautolans are an amphibious race equally comfortable on land or water. They have large, black eyes capable of seeing in great detail, and fourteen tail-like extensions on the back of their heads.

These extensions are highly sensitive and can detect pheromones. This makes scent a key component of Nautolan speech. Think about how you might translate scents into sounds when trying to come up with a Nautolan name. It can inspire some fantastic ideas!

Good Nautolan Names

Nautolan convention uses both a first name and a last name. Combinations in one or three syllables are popular, in any combination. Resonant syllables are best, as the names are meant to be spoken underwater.

  • Linn Tenganriir
  • Mam Vroanturk
  • Hichid Liss
  • Waspeed Totuz
  • Weathasprok Dint
  • Yonn Ortorr
  • Denra Stemt
  • Nozun Nijiego
  • Komtutha Orjork

Dann Irtaim

Dashing Dawn Irtaim has romanced people across the galaxy. He is a regular at all the best parties and all the most exclusive clubs. If you want a hook up, he has your in, provided you are willing to owe him a favour.

  • Zaf Edjerk
  • Bex Nimdegon
  • Sin Drakkee
  • Kaxon Brurdortez
  • Brus Zutits
  • Rorkig Vrurrork
  • Woc Adrez
  • Zig Forriindus
  • Yir Machmits

Koowe Dodjastes

Scientist and deep exploration expert Koowe Dodjastes has dedicated herself to the exploration of the deep, unknown regions of Glee Anselm. She’s uncovered all manner of secrets in the course of her research.

  • Oket Torjam
  • Rhuxos Irtarr
  • Cecha Lalang
  • Vufranyo Suturr
  • Knafunog Viat

Female Nautolan Names

Female Nautolan names have a slight predisposition to using softer sounds, but the difference is subtle and hardly proscriptive.

  • Ghan Vets
  • Rolnu Midjont
  • Shunlos Riidrur
  • Funlulnul Rokos
  • Ayiashnan Li
  • Dhial Sanam
  • Frysa Derjiktuc
  • Ky Ergez
  • Mu Rhelizz

Zu Brecherk

The noble (and very rich) Zu Brecherk is a constant of the stellar social scene around Glee Anselm. She is the absolute arbiter of social standing amongst the well-to-do of the system. A single word from her can ruin lives.

  • Shu Denrai
  • Fro Rit
  • Doshe Samull
  • Hamye Fonno
  • Sonyo Nungannuss
  • Rhamlummu Ses
  • Mi Vied
  • Thushi Sartachmiel
  • Dammolof Fokkom

Gu Bannez

Galactic-rated chef Gu Bannez is the one you want catering your next state dinner, provided you can afford her fee. Gu is known for her elaborate desserts, and is capable of charming the palates of a hundred different species.

  • Dho Log
  • Hulmea Fempumt
  • Nunai Sikta
  • Rulnuna Do
  • Yul Nukong

Male Nautolan Names

Male Nautolan names can take almost any form within the cultural norms described above! Think about the kind of character you want to play and what sounds or syllable lengths fit with your concept.

  • Ban Rannut
  • Miktal Trotora
  • Zuspein Moomdazz
  • Knoomo Zall
  • Fethak Keezoang
  • Lumtetvong Vrurk
  • Fus Igdoaz
  • Pax Stumpistas
  • Zeifes Gachmiempezz

Daf Iddeng

Daf Iddeng began his career as a pirate sailing the seas of Glee Anselm, but the planet swiftly became too small for his ambitions. He took to the stars and quickly made a name for himself as the most feared raider in the whole sector.

  • Hearr Melo
  • Secheng Kuri
  • Vangi Bengu
  • Omdooleik Brommo
  • Imdemreyf Vreen
  • Ceil Vrotimpirk
  • Jad Sunga
  • Annok Zum
  • Lasut Lertem

Eendus Trezoont

Everyone likes talking to Eendus Trezoont, but no one likes to listen to his music. Still, the bard’s store of gossip is enough to make sure he is popular, and always in demand. Just be sure you have a drink for him before you ask him anything!

  • Broc Bannoomt
  • Neyf Tagranrac
  • Bux Rurdurr
  • Ena Demt
  • Haxi Achmerk

Did you enjoy this guide? Do you like playing amphibious characters or those with unusual senses? What appeals to you about playing a Nautolan? Do you have any preferred methods of crafting a Nautolan name? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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