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Ithorian Name Generator & Backstories

“Sun Daltith is the master of this port. You’re going to have to talk to them if you want to lift off early. And no, before you ask, I can’t make your problem go away for a few credits. And don’t let Sun hear any talk like that. Unless you want to be permanently banned from docking here.”

Generate Names

Sprucl Creqeertkim

Trolumlurl Piqeamuhl

Fin Leeth

Lak Slaubbenn

Juklishom Taull

Sewbat Flizeluhl

Sod Menn

Zedew Wafi

Jwutrizzaut Haufelorlq

Dherhif Pwibihl

Detuk Slotertka

Vlab Muwrath

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Ithorians hail from the planet Ithor. They have characteristically deep and rumbling voices and speak from two mouths (one on either side of their neck). Culturally, Ithorian tend to revere nature and place a very high premium on peace.

Ithorian names are complex things, often incorporating multiple syllables that other species might find difficult to string together. When creating Ithorian names keep in mind their dual-mouthed nature and the resonant nature of their voices!

Good Ithorian Names

Good Ithorian names will have complex strings of syllables that incorporate resonant sounds.

  • Whud Ebb
  • Lebbamm Iltututh
  • Qullneec Crotunn
  • Trolumlurl Piqeamuhl
  • Wadlawouph Frumflak
  • Phord Froleeth
  • Chin Raveeqothh
  • Jhun Nhixlauhl
  • Pha Nhoot

Ogieth Hesorlq

Ogieth has the best eye for stone on all of Ithor, and she uses that eye to carve some of the most beautiful totems he culture has ever seen. What no one know is that she keeps a secret gallery of other things she has carved, artwork the wider Ithorian culture would frown on if they knew.

  • Lash’tir Buaflam
  • Jhurglicoz Liltowraw
  • Ratutimm Zibb
  • Trag Beertkirlq
  • Ruwl Muandib
  • Kuub Nhuth
  • Jeeffabs Inad
  • Lutrud Mawrupram
  • Drinils Vidir

Lebbamm Iltututh

Lebbam has guarded the edge of the Sacred Forest for two years now and the Honor of his position is starting to feel like a joke. Those wanting to sneak into the forest might be able to bribe him. If they can make the offer attractive enough.

  • Zidelek Sal
  • Gab Voohubb
  • Snarl Chisabblobb
  • Sod Menn
  • Chuzlass Vunot

Female Ithorian Names

Female Ithorian names are complex and slightly more melodic than those of their male counterparts. Humming sounds using M and N are slightly more popular.

  • Whig Nhongs
  • Ilseeth Oltoth
  • Yne Iwrurtann
  • Fawheensha Ilendag
  • Tovikwu Frowid
  • Cwem Mavoth
  • Viph Ruvubb
  • Pwug Ots
  • Ne’shes Tahil

Vesh Fribblell

Vesh Fribblell does supply runs between Ithor and its two closest trading partners, working a triangle pattern, and she likes it that way. The Force help anyone that tries to make her deviate from her course.

  • Yewso Zandihes
  • Wysvi Nhiwrab
  • Omwothy Zavartkim
  • Chondrynwuum Weall
  • Dhiish Creertkothh
  • Cho Pwetheekothh
  • Soss Edarlq
  • Gwuwum Slilebb
  • Ypho Meltu

Bhoom Nhagihot

Bhoom is a chef unlike any Ithor has ever seen, and that’s becoming a problem for her. Her food is delicious and revolutionary, but there are those that whisper it’s something else: heretical.

  • Gwees Lokubbew
  • Rhee Slejog
  • Vhab Chind
  • Dawhe Nesog
  • Cwandymm Framfleddeen

Male Ithorian Names

Male Ithorian names are as complex as those of their female counterparts, but have a slightly higher tendency to use apostrophes and non-syllabic sounds.

  • Ye Flibb
  • Raurluz Pwoddond
  • Detuk Slotertka
  • Phaundarg Todeed
  • Spreeggelraax Lodud
  • Vlooss Lavag
  • Zaox Nharubim
  • Spri Rauzub
  • Yoldewl Vawraw

Stomm Frenol

Exiled to a desert planet for smuggling sacred seeds off world to sell for a profit, Stomm scrapes by by finding and selling botanical means of recreation. If you need a good high, and don’t care much about side-effects, Stomm might have just what you need.

  • Phesh’toxxabs Nhooth
  • Truph Rozu
  • Rogg Seathekob
  • Lak Slaubbenn
  • Jeg Da
  • Brushern Slirtevok
  • Kruihoph Bufath
  • Ikkeolmeohp Fleawofuthh
  • Jhocettum Doja

Diss Walleed

Diss sings at a lounge near Coruscant’s seediest port. His music isn’t to everyone’s taste, but everyone comes to watch him for the sizzling insults he peppers his hecklers with. It’s a good show!

  • Sprucl Creqeertkim
  • Tri Frurok
  • Fin Leeth
  • Palmiird Bolleen
  • Vormirn Lukoluam

Who is your favourite Ithorian character? What appeals to you about playing a character that can literally speak out of both sides of their face at once? Do you have any strategies for coming up with names? Let us know in the comments below!

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