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Rodian Name Generator & Guide

“Knotz Dragguonpem? He’s a joke! Are you kidding me? Why would you hire him? He completely ruined the Torshekk job. Yeah. Tried to go for Dzorban noodles in the middle of the heist. You can’t even use him as a convincing fall guy. Unless you want him to fall down the stairs and alert the authorities to what you’re up to!”

Generate Names

Kiuxl Geksad

Grax Jeksek

Buss Nenceennir

Knoipdoi Jcaveeppaff

Blannallugg Bieed

Preeksruv Chyifra

Grallee Khzodarre

Belni Yoviilb

Grurtt Ulafre

Fohdiw Rayip

Ceendref Solaahn

Awedrir Bleff

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Table of Contents

Rodians are a species of reptilian humanoid native to the planet Rodia. The lush, fertile jungles of their native world have cultivated a cultural fascination with and reverence for hunting. This has led many Rodians to take up the profession of bounty hunter when off world.

Rodians speak a language which is sometimes called Rodian (as the people are) and sometimes called Rodese. It shares certain structural similarities with Aqualish and Huttese. There are many complex elements to the word and sentence structure, something to keep in mind when designing a name!

Good Rodian Names

A good Rodian name is composed of multiple syllables, with complex sounds and compound consonants. They use both forenames and surnames.

  • Krisk Xangee
  • Wiur Blach
  • Eelarm Esseeggs
  • Chreelim Otramle
  • Spid Nezeyosh
  • Drobdyed Ztowurti
  • Girzent Plepkeesall
  • Vizzeershae Xryesse
  • Mazz Huye

Kiuxl Geksad

There are a lot of planets out there just begging to be turned into colonies or outposts or resources. Kiuxl finds them, explores them, then sells that intelligence to the highest bidder.

  • Craznurezz Troapac
  • Klelvokeent Bah
  • Treevlir Vlencyep
  • Maver Ztiadio
  • Feenndutsa Vucu
  • Gwel Sabuzeht
  • Botz Tri
  • Preeksruv Chyifra
  • Knouck Plucuokkal

Tsenn Reeppeec

Bounty hunters are nothing without good sources of information. Tsenn is one of those sources. It helps pay the bills on her little set of rooms in the spaceport. Otherwise, you can find her tending bar in the cantina. Which is also where she picks up a lot of her information.

  • Cux Swaz
  • Grax Jeksek
  • Dhannambo Ghionnentt
  • Sneesh Praz
  • Knem Vannirk

Female Rodian Names

Female Rodian names are equally complex when compared to male names, but on average tend to be slightly shorter.

  • Gho Na
  • Thrunbe Xesmaro
  • Ceelmall Ieeyuodi
  • Niirzi Vonanpa
  • Adnazla Ina
  • Fea Ankeekso
  • Ko Gressals
  • Dheeanmiz Onca
  • Slanmoll Prabyotri

Zhi Yinceth

If you listen to Zhi tell it, no Rodian hates the jungle more than she does. As soon as she was old enough she caught the first transport off of Rodia, and taught herself enough mechanics to keep working as a technician, hopping from ship to ship, headed anywhere so long as there isn’t any stinking jungle around.

  • Gidufra Saw
  • Hridmu Zsaise
  • Weel Xaapki
  • Buss Nenceennir
  • Vha How
  • Thro Emlio
  • Iza Apaste
  • Zletzecmia Kre
  • See Otyo

Va Kros

Hunting in the jungle is great training for a true scoundrel. If it’s dirty, Va is into it. There’s a nice living to be made in making people (and things) disappear. Especially if you can make them reappear someplace else, in someone else’s hands.

  • Zno Vucaskul
  • Randa Khzipii
  • Bee Kaivaimeel
  • Loh Ady
  • Iizoh Molulo

Male Rodian Names

Male Rodian names share a complexity with their female counterparts, but male names tend to be one syllable longer, on average.

  • Bann Iadiee
  • Shozwa Enpavroad
  • Lesaykleech Tro
  • Chad Beeldudil
  • Presoh Ghiskera
  • Fohdiw Rayip
  • Dhankyabduns Chakko
  • Ooskirvask Swoa
  • Grurtt Ulafre

Xiz Fitah

Every crime lord starts somewhere. Fitah runs three blocks of street in Mos Espa, with every intention of making it thirteen, then thirty, then the entire place. And it doesn’t hurt that this older sister is one of the most terrifying bounty hunters working.

  • Seeqih Heefree
  • Clalveem Xalnendee
  • Zaexl Bra
  • Mang Reermio
  • Nokke Kudefrirs
  • Oiklilbee Gakko
  • Blannallugg Bieed
  • Dhaw Shabo
  • Glif Ztyi

Skezz Thye

Obsession doesn’t begin to cover it. Skezz loves the jungle. Loves it so much that he refuses to see it wane, even a little. As progress happens, the jungle falls to fuel it. Skezz wanders his world, replanting the jungle, mile by greening mile.

  • Tsuqarbo Khza
  • Wak Ialkiak
  • Prweylksoorva Meevru
  • Vick Ztenk
  • Snanst Enteehn

Did you enjoy this guide? We promise not to shoot first here! Who is your favourite Rodian? Do you have any tricks for roleplaying or naming Rodian characters? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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