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Falleen Name Generator & Backstories

“Hear ye! Hear Ye! Introducing Grand Duchess Tret Tetess of Falleen!”

As one, every person in the room turned to look to the stairway. An elegant woman in a slim but expensive gown was descending, each step of her feet light as wind on a bubble. She smiled and the room erupted in the whispers.

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Semnur Grovuc

Nobs Kol

Jas Bass

Efa Xul

Kubs Beezem

Glam Domet

Duton Zosmax

Sishost Seevom

Thur Krum

Zobis Gralor

Kesmal Brot

Kest Sul

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The Falleen are a repto-mammalian species which hail from a planet of the same name. They are semi-aquatic and can hold their breath for long periods of time. They also rely heavily on pheromones and the changing colors of their skin in communication. Be sure to take some inspiration there when designing names!

Falleen society is feudal in nature, and political intrigue is rife in the higher echelons. Their cold blood has led them to prize control—particularly self-control—so also consider names with syllables that can be spoken with a controlled cadence as a character choice.

Good Falleen Names

Falleen are repto-mammalian, so think about what that might do in terms of how words are easily pronounced.

  • Ces Midij
  • Jest Krid
  • Zizzust Lafux
  • Huhax Den
  • Thaszuu Briss
  • Xeebeenn Zogat
  • Tan Tugod
  • Xel Brudem
  • Zobis Gralor

Zest Brac

Not many things are more a magnet for trouble than a rich and bored young noble, and Zest Brac is no exception. If you want a good time, he’ll provide, but be aware it’ll likely come at the cost of some time explaining “accidents” to the authorities.

  • Jimin Buumrox
  • Kuzzas Wec
  • Tronn Zam
  • Xust Lillir
  • Kest Sul
  • Tar Lidvim
  • Zotost Gom
  • Jeeszel Gux
  • Czer Kud

Xzel Drol

Art and culture are important things, and Xzel Drol believes that they may be the only thing worth anything. She has trained long and hard to turn her color-shifting body into an ever-changing work of art. And she si breathtaking.

  • Cannos Xat
  • Zizast Sij
  • Tuur Drij
  • Xzuut Krovox
  • Thur Krum

Female Falleen Names

Female Falleen names are very similar to those of their male counterparts. Think about the roles they play in their society and take inspiration from there.

  • Seesvot Waviss
  • Efa Xul
  • Theti Xavric
  • Baril Grimmuun
  • Set Kol
  • Non Dem
  • Lemi Drovrid
  • Divan Grim
  • Kidvu Zemix

Glam Domet

Falleen cuisine is often considered the greatest in the galaxy—at least if you ask the Falleen, Glam Domet fully intends to rise to the pinnacle of the baking arts, and craft the greatest delicacies in any system!

  • Kuul Bux
  • Mirrit Buusot
  • Duton Zosmax
  • Ossibs Bommeel
  • Xes Tin
  • Fet Bevrax
  • Lol Sel
  • Thet Kignen
  • Xusvin Geedud

Xos Zet

Xos Zet was not born to the dizzying heights of society. She has no family to raise her high. So she’ll do it herself, and she’ll do it with credits. Money opens many doors, and the ones it doesn’t, well, it can still buy a battering ram…

  • Sel Bronnid
  • Nun Bress
  • Zinret Digoj
  • Glenot Xic
  • Arru Zumin

Male Falleen Names

Male Falleen are usually as cold and controlled as their female counterparts. Keep that in mind when choosing names.

  • Temmas Briss
  • Kumri Wannat
  • Ket Guj
  • Xzox Zemraj
  • Hinn Lij
  • Trast Xun
  • Zizan Keen
  • Jimri Buumsol
  • Czame Dror

Kost Deefox

This old bounty hunter is the canniest foe you’re ever likely to face. He may be old, but he is still bold, and the fact that he’s still alive should give even a Jedi pause.

  • Her Xod
  • Tir Weesmoss
  • Czus Wod
  • Sest Gruuzon
  • Sol Dun
  • Zobunn Krasvem
  • Hozze Wex
  • Xutast Zelut
  • Tor Tagnor

Zar Mix

The use of pheromones is incredibly important in Falleen society, and so Zar Mix has decided to study alien chemistry from across the galaxy in the hopes of bottling the effects of his people’s aromatic prowess. If he can, he’s not only be a legend, he’ll be rich!

  • Tost Bic
  • Cann Kumseel
  • Suul Lidvex
  • Zuus Gar
  • Czonu Wonrass

What appeals most to you about playing a Falleen character? What reptilian aspects do you like playing up? Do you have any good strategies for coming up with Falleen names? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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