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Rattataki Name Generator & Guide

“You’re Czazik.” The blood drained out of the street thug’s face as he realised who was staring down the alleyway at him. “I saw you fight at Arshos Ne’e. No. Nope. Whatever it is, I don’t want any part of it! I was never here. I never saw anything. Just let me go. Please. Please!”

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Rattataki are a species of humanoids that developed on an isolated planet called Rattatak. The society is generally violent and an extensive culture of gladiatorial combat has developed over the centuries. Rattataki are known for their bald heads and chalk white skin.

Rattataki do not generally use surnames. The forenames they employ are almost always of two syllables, and make use of complex, often hard-to-pronounce, combinations of letters.

Good Rattataki Names

A good Rattataki name will use a strong combination of sounds in a quick, two-syllable burst.

  • Pjeyagr
  • Xuxug
  • Kzoqag
  • Qezi
  • Hakow
  • Aiysetap
  • Ovadjaz
  • Yzigu
  • Czeray


Triviq “the Trigger” hangs out around the spaceport. As A hired gun, he’s reliable and affordable. He doesn’t like travelling far from home. Luckily for him, Rattatak has more than its fair share of people that need to rent a gunman. For a short time.

  • Xrikow
  • Kzevuz
  • Trigres
  • Yseme
  • Zrece
  • Czedja
  • Ostupe
  • Qadje
  • Pjuva


Captain Dzozis has a reputation for being a blockade buster. Her ship is old, but solid, and she’s smashed through all manner of ships attempting to starve a planet or a space port of resources. Sometimes your problem is a nail, and Dzozis is just the hammer you need.

  • Kreyiv
  • Grixe
  • Zramot
  • Xrovos
  • Chamaz

Female Rattataki Names

Female names are very similar to their male counterparts. A good name should sound like an attack.

  • Rexoy
  • Sjuca
  • Beyruh
  • Daygagr
  • Yjiedjeg
  • Xechik
  • Uwuteo
  • Wroca
  • Aquti


Not everyone lives to thrive. Some simply survive. That is Ysapeo. She is a survivor. She has survived a brutal mother, two wars, and the destruction of her city. She doesn’t ask for help. She simply goes out and does. And she will do until she can’t any more.

  • Bjaidjii
  • Tsiho
  • Kzoso
  • Ouyjoxe
  • Yseqas
  • Deva
  • Peypio
  • Nayki
  • Caihax


Tsaxi was never one for outright confrontation, a minority position on her planet. It has led to her being a fantastic courier, though, as she knows all the best ways to avoid conflict. That includes those little known space ways and shortcuts.

  • Xjumu
  • Oucirodj
  • Tsiemoz
  • Mayxor
  • Yraihogr

Male Rattataki Names

Male names aren’t very different from female Rattataki names. Use short, sharp sounds in a quick one-two punch for an effective name.

  • Huxo
  • Yredjiy
  • Kekip
  • Ipziraq
  • Czuvor
  • Grukew
  • Dexoh
  • Uveha


It’s easy to be quick and bright as a child, and Czeko is still far from his majority. He darts around, exploring all the nooks and crannies of his home town. There aren’t many of those kinds of secrets he hasn’t already found. Catching him is never an easy proposition.

  • Djimo
  • Igehec
  • Zrecis
  • Pzodjut
  • Tupos
  • Oubzucoo
  • Vazidj
  • Jetuu
  • Karih


Warlord Yrarir rules with brutal efficiency and an iron fist. His control extends across half the nearby mountain range. Crossing any of the paths he controls is a dangerous and expensive proposition at best. They say he likes to slice the bones of his enemies into coin for his warriors to buy their drinks with.

  • Zegu
  • Gruvoz
  • Dzegrex
  • Pzacho
  • Tsuhu

Did you enjoy this guide? Do you love playing gladiators or other combat based characters? Where did you first encounter Rattataki? Do you have any tricks for roleplaying or naming Rattataki characters? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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