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Secluded in a bar sits a man with blue skin and piercing red eyes, he must be the one you are looking for. He looks up and smirks as you approach. “Hello, I’ll be escorting you it seems, I’m Gern’exi’aeze, but call me Nexi. I used to pilot for the empire, but now I fly for the rebels.”

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Chiss are a near-Human species that come from the planet Csilla. They are easily identified by their blue skin and red eyes. Their homeworld of Csilla was once a thriving planet, but as their star began to dim they were forced to move on to populate more parts of the galaxy. Now the Chiss can be found all over the galaxy, but tend to be the more reserved type compared to other similar species.

Good Chiss Names

Chiss names are made up of three parts, their family name, their given name, and their title. These parts are all said together to form a Chiss’ name. These names tend to all be gender neutral and some names lack the part of title.

  • Tlimm’tout’girdo
  • Orphim’abesh’cuasta
  • Vres’azak’uorca
  • Vlew’eveme’aimea
  • Mitth’raw’nuruodo
  • Mitth’ras’safis
  • Srermo’noaw’sarthi


As the chief navigator for the new Empire, he has been tasked with ensuring that the Unknown Regions, from which he hails, are properly mapped.

  • Vlesk’ihot’doghird
  • Mlurta’ebate’cengurc
  • Kung’urama’nuruodo
  • Surr’ipoz’cottho
  • Pressu’hid’bozie
  • Kthira’shi’ktarloo
  • Juqh’amaoke’nrireze
  • Zirc’ometha’erko
  • Kres’tuw’airkas
  • Boq’apoata’rlaroghu
  • Wlitth’apoku’resder


Her experience helping her parents run their spaceship mechanic came in handy once she joined the rebels in order to take back her home from the Empire.

  • Duza’emoun’aesissa
  • Kratth’adeu’eagae
  • Past’ikit’saarothi
  • Ranu’hor’blarmeu
  • Mrirs’ahid’rirgo

Chiss Core Names

A Chiss core name is the most common way for Chiss to refer to one another. These names are an abbreviated form of their full names. These names are used informally by all Chiss and are often the first name they tell people when they meet them.

  • Formbi
  • Jo Cam
  • Koagetum
  • Rnuzus
  • Thwaulol
  • Zebukic
  • Kadowvi


His understanding of the universe led him to pursue the path of the Jedi Order. His long difficult journey shall not end due to the likes of those who use the Dark Side.

  • Noguzfo
  • Ghniazlu
  • Ghesomba
  • Ghopouwo
  • Daolorc
  • Zemowp
  • Zevoma
  • Cosealto


Sold as a slave, Miizizro found the world an unfair place. However, she slowly found that she had the ability to control the world around her. She found even more power in the use of the Dark Side of the force.

  • Ruizukt
  • Cezuawh
  • Thrass
  • Alwous
  • Semit
  • Roniawk
  • Szazra
  • Garushop

Chiss Family Names

The first part of a Chiss’ name is almost always their family name. The importance of family is heavily reflected in their culture by the fact that it is the first part of a Chiss’ full name.

  • Chaf
  • Jer
  • Fehlaaur
  • Kthira
  • Mitth
  • Prard
  • Sev
  • Duwa
  • Feith
  • Jarlat
  • Warn
  • Muce
  • Vlezzi
  • Zurt
  • Wiw
  • Nes
  • Cresd
  • Rluc
  • Rlumm
  • Dorro

The Chiss names can be quite unique compared to other species. one tactic to make a nice Chiss name is to think of their core name and work backwards from there. Let me know what you think or if you have any interesting Chiss names of your own in the comments.

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