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Zabrak Names Generator & Guide

Xevalu didn’t love his ‘masters’. Nor did he loathe them. But seeing them bowed at his feet offered no small sense of satisfaction. Finally, he was free. Free to carve his name throughout the galaxy. He wasn’t a Nightbrother. He wasn’t a Sith – but he was certainly no Jedi. He was Xevalu Koth – and that certainly made him smile.

Generate Names

Lenao Stedea

Ruxad Sothim

Kevi Vukaga

Dema Xetada

Tetei Blona

Dakuk Oevu

Steree Oomo

Kletra Labio

Mapi Mobri

Qrebi Ruxad

Kles Ridi

Aatrox Koth

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Headstrong, determined, prideful and focused, the Zabrak are a humanoid species hailing from the inhospitable world of Iridonia. This ravaged land has helped foster a proclivity for war, with the Iridonian clans no stranger to fighting for survival – both with their own species and outsiders – for control of farmable lands.

But it would be a mistake to consider the Zabrak a ‘savage’ race, for the harshness of the planet helped forge the Zabrak into a people with a collective iron will – leading them to become one of the earliest space-faring races in the galaxy, joining the early Galactic Republic as some of its most loyal members.

Whereas most Zabrak could cite their lineage to Iridonia, there are those who settled on Dathomir – and it was here that the proximity to the sinister powers of the Nightsisters that tinged their fairer skin tones to darker shades of red.

As a proud Zabrak – your name, like your tattoos and markings, is your sense of individuality. Wear it with pride – and don’t let anyone tell you who you are or should be.

Good Zabrak Names

Zabrak are not natural followers, and will find themselves taking up versatile roles throughout the galaxy – whether through bounty hunting, mercenary work or independent trading. A good Zabrak name draws on this sense of individuality, whether you find yourself aligned more with the forces of good, evil, or your own personal gain.

  • Xorgo Behin
  • Brobru Uukra
  • Xubosa Budvia
  • Koro Qusa
  • Xusao Oote
  • Boru Mekesh
  • Vogos Tomo
  • Vusu Dokan
  • Vramatu Brek

Jas Kesh

Was it the thrill of the hunt? The danger? The freedom? Whatever it was that first attracted Jas Kesh to pirating; there was no escaping it now. For one, the Empire never did take too kindly to missing Hunter starships. But then again, she mused, it wasn’t exactly missing – it was fondly under her possession.

  • Sugi Lato
  • Mana Duvatu
  • Lenao Stedea
  • Deni Nevas
  • Bexor Drastaa
  • Kevok Qebra
  • Uubrug Hudu
  • Klaqo Havam
  • Brenumu Takli

Manu Maxe

More bounty hunters? Manu Maxe furrowed his horned brow as he slowly made for his blaster. One. Two. Three – he counted, and as quickly as they breached the blast door, they found themselves face down on the floor of Maxe’s bar. “We’re closed today,” he smirked. “Lots of cleaning up to do.”

  • Hoquo Cegea
  • Targae Ronax
  • Aubrux Koth
  • Qesrox Gohu
  • Koprox Seqi

Female Zabrak Names

No less hardy, individual and determined than their male counterparts, female Zabrak were often named after the wildlife of Iridonia. As skilled, two-hearted warriors, female Zabrak need a name that fits their endurance, determination and individuality.

    • Kes Puvrie
    • Kevi Vukaga
    • Sufu Auqeo
    • Meka Oesteo
    • Kali Neqan
    • Sosi Tekas
    • Dena Pusi
    • Klebra Claehish
    • Kavri Kesh

Xaqi Triz

Training under master Kelu was often a bore. Lots of reading, studying, writing and inane mantras about the importance of mindfulness. But today was different. New students had arrived at the temple – and that meant Xaqi Triz was about to show them exactly why the Zabrak are so known for their fighting prowess.

  • Qeta Auni
  • Rumoda Mana
  • Dema Xetada
  • Xorgi Hetoe
  • Mapi Mobri
  • Nevia Tetei
  • Kebi Seva
  • Auvren Muvaa
  • Teka Krobo

Mana Duvatu

For Mana Duvatu, when it came to making a point, there’s nothing better than a swift fist. And it was fair to say that the Imperial Officers lying face down on the floor in front of her lodgings was, indeed, a point well made. No, she didn’t have her identification – and no – she wasn’t about to go and find it.

  • Prexi Vrohia
  • Sokria Sesru
  • Quvra Ruket
  • Leme Dokan
  • Rati Kusuka

Male Zabrak Names

For the male Zabrak, a name is their legacy – as much as their ritual tattoos and face markings exude their wandering spirit, a name is what sticks in the mouths of those who respect – or fear – you.

  • Haaxo Emar
  • Krutox Loth
  • Ruxad Sothim
  • Aarox Bethu
  • Koloru Heth
  • Branu Suth
  • Tomunu Kesh
  • Belox Wreth
  • Rastu Otanzi

Klaqo Havaam

‘Home’ to Klaqo Havaam wasn’t a place. It was an ideal. The juddering shiver as his starship lurched into hyperspace. The hydraulic hum as he touched down on some far-off moon, far from the excruciating politics and endless councils of the Inner Rim galaxies. Home, to Klaqo, was freedom.

  • Aoron Brohin
  • Kromuu Nemdua
  • Kloq Maxem
  • Eavo Qesru
  • Noxu Zraski
  • Hago Vrebruu
  • Dakeg Panu
  • Qonon Sostam
  • Aatrox Koth

Voxus Vreku

“I’d advise you to make it quick. I’m afraid my rates are doubling by the minute.” Voxus Vreku was never one for patience and understanding, especially when his job took him to Antar 4, of all places. The Gotal were never particularly fond of getting to the point – and Voxus could plainly see his target slipping out through the back door.

  • Tomunu Kesh
  • Grurad Nemu
  • Dakeg Panu
  • Kregron Behuu
  • Aasrak Maul

Did you find this guide useful? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below – or tell us if you’ve used any of our names for a character of your own! The versatility of the Zabrak is what makes them such a fun character to play, so make sure your Zabrak’s name commands respect – and maybe even drums up a little fear!

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