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Cathar Name Generator & Guide

“Do you know who this is?” The cantina went silent at the sound of the bounty hunter’s voice. “This is Sykyn Lodin, greatest hunter in the galaxy! If you want her to track this target for you, you’re going to have to do a lot better than that puny stack of credits!”

Generate Names

Xorba Koshog

Nukihr Nizit

Javisha Solom

Nuruz Lar

Urac Kig

Nohyr Tom

Sushuha Lodu

Xynak Rumas

Simor Nhu

Crarin Poshum

Mawyry Khak

Inoh Phal

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The Cathar are cat-like humanoids hailing from the planet of the same name. It features massive insect species and vast trees capable of housing whole Cathar cities and villages. The Cathar themselves are passionate and tempestuous, but loyal.

The Catharese language includes the use of growls, yowls, and other feline-like noises as part of its meaning and emphasis. Consider these kinds of sounds when choosing or creating a Cathar name.

Good Cathar Names

Cathar have both forenames and surnames, each of which are usually between one and three syllables. Sibilant, melodic sounds with guttural punctuations are common.

  • Timix Mhasag
  • Riric Lhumus
  • Xi Thog
  • Ykhyn Pin
  • Cymu Nishor
  • Niryhr Tadas
  • Inoh Phal
  • Khyka Mashag
  • Sirbim Mhosim

Manyc Thidis

There are as many drugs and poisons in the galaxy as there are sentient species, and more. You want to feel good? You go to Manyc. You want someone else to feel bad? You go to Manyc. Manyc can get you what you want.

  • Yrym Mas
  • Xynak Rumas
  • Nox Rom
  • Raci Malik
  • Ityk Shi
  • Yry Thuk
  • Hunihr Nurgu
  • Takym Loda
  • Syran Lhulul

Xo Nas

Caterwaulin’ Xo Nas is one of the hottest acts on the underground cantina scene. The sounds are like nothing you’ve heard before, but they are impossible to ignore. The music that Xo Nas makes? It’s music you can never forget.

  • Horbyn Lodik
  • Khy Phut
  • Cruhr Mo
  • Ricu Pilut
  • Ykhum Suk

Female Cathar Names

There is little difference between female and male Cathar names, though female names have, on average, slightly more occurrence of sibilants.

  • Mishyn Tuzo
  • Jishax Lanul
  • Cysun Mu
  • Xythuri Mut
  • Thysiri Mano
  • Sushuha Lodu
  • Molash Mul
  • Nisusa Norgot
  • Dowizy Ru

Nythasha Juzo

A soldier goes where she is needed. A soldier does what needs to be done. Nythasha Juzo is a soldier. She has been since before her entire platoon died. Since before she took to the stars to carry on the war she wasn’t ready to stop fighting. The war she still fights.

  • Mawyry Khak
  • Colvas Lona
  • Javisha Solom
  • Nihyhy Tur
  • Rimashi Rarga
  • Xurus Lun
  • Thamoxa Lishil
  • Joshyza Lhoshas
  • Myhina Si

Nymohra Phini

Fever. Plague. Death. At the touch of the claws of Nymohra Phini one is likely to find you. Of course there is always a cure. For a price. Whether or not it’s affordable? That depends on who hired Nymohra in the first place.

  • Chawosha Thosha
  • Mywasa Lolar
  • Dishon Pulol
  • Jumyri Lorgig
  • Nuruz Lar

Male Cathar Names

Male Cathar names are very similar to female ones, but have a slight tendency toward syllable combinations that replicate the sensation of a roar or growl.

  • Criki Nhadok
  • Xocyx Khodi
  • Ixox Sig
  • Yhahr Los
  • Myndyk Jhoshig
  • Urac Kig
  • Radyx Jodul
  • Arax Ja
  • Soku Josug

Husyc Toshot

Coruscant is a city the size of a planet. Its lower levels have gambling dens, speakeasies, and brothels. Husyc may not be the most famous courtesan working, but work he does. Very well.

  • Cra Kuk
  • Iry Khit
  • Tomu Lushat
  • Myca Palik
  • Rukyx Rirgar
  • Nyh Tat
  • Uci Phol
  • Inorr Tur
  • Ro Tun

Xyrbac Phano

Old Xyrbac has seen things. Terrible things. And there are those that whisper he still sees horrible things. You can find him behind just about any bar in the Grey sector, if you look long enough. What he’s seen, he’ll tell you. But you might not want to look into his eyes when he does.

  • Mycorr Luzor
  • Timi Ranan
  • Irix Ral
  • Axox Mon
  • Ycyx Khi

Did you enjoy this guide? I’m a big fan of cat-people in science fiction. I love all the options it gives for roleplaying too! Do you have any tricks for roleplaying or naming Cathar characters? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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