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Twi’lek Name Generator & Guide

Her face like the stars, her body, glistening like the moon. Beauty beyond compare in the Galaxy. The long appendages from her head oddly add to her mistic. She whispers in your ear, “Hello, I’m Poy Ziveri, and sorry to say this is the end.” The world goes white.

Generate Names

Iodo Coz’fedi

Aola Min’dema

Gazem A’nimo

Giza Akeg

Koyi Mateil

Jiljoo Salwa

Dinek Nesag

Rela Wisoz

Ipip Pituh

Jer Nebgosok

Udunu Kirrin

Uogil Oacril

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The Twi’lek are a near human species that can be easily identified by the twin appendages that protrude out of their heads. The appendages, the lekku, are important organs for both sense and communication. The peculiar feature of the Twi’lek is what led them to become one of the most iconic species in the galaxy.

Good Twi’lek Names

When speaking to others about their names, it may not seem as strange or alien as one may expect. However, those who know Twi’leki will realize that names are more than just the words said, but also of the lekku move.

  • Alask Passik
  • Reess Doneeta
  • Uosrek Jumuf
  • Matcahoy Tualin
  • Karawn Aniw
  • Darap Afa
  • Olm Dura
  • Udunu Kirrin

Silais Zutra

The desert planet of Tatooine doesn’t seem to get much traffic. It may be best to pack up his wares and find a new place to set up his slave market.

  • Nawara Ares
  • Iowez Iasige
  • Tol Ylum
  • Ido Rik’ze
  • Usod Dohnamo
  • Hirani Litmohe
  • Bontoma Simo

Iodo Coz’fedi

Once known for her beauty, the wife of the governor has become the embodiment of greed and gluttony.

  • Uchoj Zezos
  • Oach Kairn
  • Uachos Nuhjic
  • Shiri Shala
  • Pampy Vukir
  • Xiann Fenn
  • Talik Secwuc
  • Ivokap Bondara

Female Twi’lek Names

The Female Twi’lek are highly sought after as slaves or trophies. After being treated by objects by so much of the galaxy, it’s no surprise so many tend to join the rebellion.

  • Sienn Rha
  • Supisy Amersu
  • Ujitso Bup’ludu
  • Oola Iokeg
  • Ivaadi Hytoni
  • Seela Nilim
  • Volya Sasiq

Onozge Lenij

As the chief strategist for the rebels, it’s best not to question her decisions. She knows that risks are needed if they wish to win a battle where they are outnumbered.

  • Ovasu Vafu
  • Feen Hezem
  • Uihog Eyan
  • Eib Tarkona
  • Uveka Me
  • Wel’cepe Racor

Odut Mezdor

She has been fighting since the day she was born, and as part of the Empire she will continue to fight. She will not stop till she obtains absolute power.

  • Aohab Teksa
  • Teeubo Torr
  • Yelfu Yevis
  • Alema Rackus
  • Uezare Ven

Male Twi’lek Names

While female Twi’leks are known for beauty, male Twi’leks are known for their greed. They often can become twisted forms that differ greatly from humans. How the most beautiful and most wretched near humans are part of the same species is anyone’s guess.

  • Gazed Juhgula
  • Nuro Lacul
  • Erakneze Weebeh
  • Jawo Tirr
  • Cotan Eciluz
  • Boj Crolo
  • Tal Cecrey

Bibfort Nehar

The Bibfort Outpost seems like a rather innocuous place in the galaxy. However, it serves as a haven for whoever pays the most.

  • Jek Juha
  • Usrez Aezota
  • Lonay Freykaa
  • Valsil Freetaa
  • Oakac Kluub
  • Kopecz Porur
  • Glie Hocram

Chom Hatow

As a rare red skinned Twi’lek, he has always felt connected to the Sith. When the Empire seized control of his planet, he knew where he truly belonged.

  • Siolo Soce
  • Zelada Adup’fi
  • Rol Sewfoti
  • Orn Fomajo

Twi’lek Last Names

Family names for Twi’lek are similar to that of human last names. However, since many Twi’lek find themselves as slaves, they may occasionally need to make their own last name based on the planet or star system they have found themselves in.

  • Free-Taa
  • Syndulla
  • Glie
  • Bril
  • Fortuna
  • Secura
  • Ertay
  • Gella
  • Bare’ah
  • Lawquane

The Twi’lek are iconic parts of the Star Wars universe, so it would be no surprise that you may want to make your own. The name should have a mix of familiar and alien qualities. What do you think of these names? Have any name ideas of your own? Leave them in the comments!

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