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Mon Calamari Name Generator & Backstories

“It’s the vision, I think. Ahnglath Fioxh takes the Mon Calamari vision and somehow translates what every member of that species can see into these patterns of color that are just unbelievable. He’s such an underappreciated artist!”

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Nubramckins Leyi

Raash Nevnoxx

Tozlok Gorcess

Nurha Kothriagbou

Kroalmakka Jeesobb

Rehhae Delbihb

Fen Ghoothualgal

Kedhanhor Grek

Vcabrekliorl Ha

Nal Tithopte

Thea Kel

Bolkphakk Namgaxz

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The Mon Calamari are an amphibious species native to the planet Mon Cala. A determined and creative people, the Mon Calamari excel at art as well as s engineering and design. Some of the best starships in the galaxy have been of Mon Calamari design.

Because Mon Calamari exist as an amphibious species, their names often are composed of syllables and sounds that carry well underwater. Look for inspiration in creating your own Mon Calamari names in the sounds water makes!

Good Mon Calamari Names

Mon Calamari use both first names and surnames. Plosive sounds are a good starting point, like the popping and bubbling of a spring!

  • Vrok Nithux
  • Tendlab Talwer
  • Chasfal Hekegal
  • Gaamosz Washcilgruk
  • Dolukkus Vuc
  • Shib Ghathru
  • Hent Busudo
  • Raash Nevnoxx
  • Jhizlain Bratria

Harth Grelwergral

Harth was one of the brightest engineers Mon Cala produced. However, his design for an improved drive converter for warships was stolen. That disappointment broke him. Now, he spends most of his time drowning his sorrows in the local cantina.

  • Ofwocklurth Gikuas
  • Gern Tulgrols
  • Baz Ugrabbohb
  • Kins Duba
  • Fioxarth Ockbelgek
  • Vottel Ohdeni
  • Nojameck Rorca
  • Rem Butreb
  • Viess Lombakbaill

Nulun Murtopo

Nulun is just a student at the academy, but she already shows promise as a great diplomat. You got tensions that need eased? You have a fight that has to be broken up the right way? Can’t afford a licensed mediator? Well, Nulun has school debts to pay and offers affordable rates.

  • Errorn Bumbaalakos
  • Ilkass Kirburbouls
  • Beh Narcia
  • Kralde Hilwotholl
  • Ghivru Woscavv

Female Mon Calamari Names

Female Mon Calamari names use the long vowel sounds of deep ocean currents and the sibilants of a vast rushing river.  

  • Di Rorcahd
  • Thea Kel
  • Chufnon Rutra
  • Izia Urraxx
  • Thishih Ulgrasab
  • Akhalbo No
  • Den Sohdaxx
  • Vri Vrihd
  • Ergi Manercoxx

Sho Giagre

Sho Giagre wet her fins hunting pirates across the Outer Rim. Now she’s referred to as “The Giantess” and is a respected captain in the Mon Calamari fleet. Of course, scratch a pirate hunter and you often find a pirate lurking beneath the scales…

  • Rini Rumdir
  • Fabtehlu Udu
  • Alnamne Pax
  • Shon Pobba
  • Rehhae Delbihb
  • Elhe Berbeckbe
  • Shirer Wiamga
  • Vrudhalbel Joo
  • Nhe Da

Fen Ghoothualgal

An exile from her family, Fen Fhoothualgal has taken refuge in the brackish waters shunned by most Mon Calamari for being too muddy. Fen doesn’t mind muddy waters though. In fact, she specialises in making sure the waters are muddy. The better to hide any questionable activities from the authorities.

  • Ji Naascembair
  • Ukyas Juri
  • Mi Toll
  • Olmeli Rungaa
  • Kedhanhor Grek

Male Calamari Names

Male Mon Calamari names often use the audacious plosive sounds you find in a geyser or a spring or the crashing hiss of storm driven waves.

  • Ril Vradrarru
  • Bren Wugraab
  • Charpfusz Brasch
  • Tozlok Gorcess
  • Ghulbronkesh Vress
  • Mab Kouyaa
  • Kez Tettishcaal
  • Ghandela Velwu
  • Drioldes Gomduar

Qim Ackell

Most Mon Calamari are dedicated, loyal, and true. Aim Ackell is a disgrace to all of them. A wretched villain of a bounty hunter, Qim will do anything, for anyone, if the price is right. And if they’re stupid enough to hire him, even odds says he disappears with the credits without doing a thing.

  • Bosen Engohor
  • Vraanaalbro Soobb
  • Ret Adlux
  • Pass Giptaddill
  • Vont Gresple
  • Drelo Wohb
  • Trurick Vualul
  • Minqoa Ghedimdin
  • Cekmalkphi Tombahd

Umbrir Bebb

Umbrir is an ensign on the flagship cruiser of the Mon Calamari fleet and there is no way he will ever let anyone forget it. An ambitious man with his sights set on an admiralty, Umbrir is an effective and efficient person to serve with. So long as you watch your back. Ambition can cut deep.

  • Yoorl Tochisch
  • Vom Evnamdexx
  • Eeltorth Di
  • Nurbol Hagir
  • Dor Uper

Have you had the chance to play a Mon Calamari? What was your favourite part? Do you like to play engineers or creative types more? Do you Stan Admiral Ackbar? Tell us all about it in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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Robert Berg
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