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Togruta Name Generator & Guide

The artist’s name is Skushek Zarkeeshess. She is a visionary, don’t you think? Look at the lines of that statue! Imagine the hands that shaped that vision from cold, unfeeling stone. What a wonder the galaxy is.

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Tukdad Taalreela

Geldo Nafezil

Taru Kaah

Yave Ledezam

Shaxeel Avre

Narhak Ledro

Bastor Riy

Kekta Vyl

Keldish Marderass

Merhek Jirbiss

Tystid Bywalam

Skusan Erkassa

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The Togruta hail predominantly from their planet, Shili, in the Expansion Region, though a sizable population can also be found on their colony-world, Kiros. Art and beauty are highly valued by the Togruta culture, and their entire home world is considered a sacred place, leading many individuals of this culture to remain barefoot while there.

The fascination with art and beauty is reflected in the Togruta native language, Togruti. It is a very lyrical language, using a lot of vowel sounds. Keep this in mind when thinking of names for your Togruta characters! Meaning is also important, so think of a reasoning behind the name as much as what it sounds like aesthetically.

Good Togruta Names

Two syllable names are the default amongst the Togruta, both in terms of forenames and surnames. Think of complementary or repeating sounds or syllables when creating general Togruta names.

  • Banuk Bemmem
  • Jadu Dedarm
  • Gokdeen Awiil
  • Taru Kaah
  • Cashor Jaldo
  • Lordin Bazle
  • Kena Mees
  • Dazish Pheldiss
  • Seswo Zardorm

Buzwok Diwaz

Prima Donna Buzwok Diwaz is renowned across the system for her ethereal voice and powerful performance ability. It is said she once shattered the forward blast screen of an orbital shuttle with the force of her voice alone.

  • Johu Mihu
  • Lohuk Zadney
  • Tusa Tamke
  • Kekta Vyl
  • Duha Zewoshab
  • Bajaath Mirm
  • Rohad Zivross
  • Dejo Ourdem
  • Kerhe Loudess

Lordun Jazlomi

There are artists and there are artists. Lord in Jazlomi might be considered one, if you consider card sharping an art. This inveterate gambler has been banned from casinos in a dozen systems. Not that he’s one to let something like that stop him!

  • Jamith Mouh
  • Skumur Jamma
  • Dozwu Bim
  • Kojash Vemon
  • Skaste Jafoshe

Female Togruta Names

Female Togruta names tends to be more melodic in nature than male names, so when choosing or creating a name for a female character think of vowels and the softer consonant sounds. One syllable names are also more common amongst female Togruta.

  • Zichore Lorborirm
  • Dus Vedillim
  • Shrersa Kah
  • Hu Nilama
  • Niish Vaaldine
  • Kauxee Nardiss
  • Yave Ledezam
  • Madorril Kay
  • Sashi Zaleema

Vash Phavrizim

An astrobotanist, Vash Phavrizim is an expert in the plant life of a dozen worlds. She sculpts wonderful—and terrible—gardens for a select clientele she relies on to fund her research.

  • Uchaa Phirdel
  • Hihse Mildim
  • Sesha Rordiin
  • Culdel Rerko
  • Mahse Irkillal
  • Rildee Marm
  • Veh Douss
  • Shreri Dana
  • Daul Tomm

Nede Oullaza

The “Artist of Death” Nede Oullaza is feared for her dedication to the beautiful art of slaughter. She has elevated the use of the blade to new heights and the blood of her enemies graces walls across three sectors.

  • Shaxeel Avre
  • Ildane Maadro
  • Mirel Phass
  • Pe Phadeen
  • Sauten Vinis

Male Togruta Names

Male Togruta names generally follow the default pattern, however three syllable names are slightly more common amongst male Togruta. Feel free to include a few more sharp sounds when creating male Togruta names.

  • Nordok Zerdiss
  • Skerdath Jaarm
  • Ardid Nouzlirr
  • Jokdur Dyfiirm
  • Mezee Lafasses
  • Guhok Jarbimm
  • Ulidak Zanob
  • Lorha Izlin
  • Daswad Lidrimah

Skostark Dammu

The “Cloud Dancer” got his name for his habit of scaling the greatest mountains of Shili. Barefoot, in the tradition of his people, he has scaled the heights and trod upon the clouds that sit below the peaks. None know more of Shili than he.

  • Narhak Ledro
  • Bulan Jimisha
  • Mezwe Dofizam
  • Tystid Bywalam
  • Skyswe Bylromi
  • Cone Arbasham
  • Jeshund Kah
  • Skumo Zerdosh
  • Gejur Dolrasha

Komoth Joleshe

The greatest living sand portraitist of Shili, Komodo Joleshe has an impeccable eye for detail, and the paintings he makes with it, though they do not last, are truly things of beauty. But that is not all his discerning eye sees.

  • Loldun Dyzlissam
  • Nozwend Touldesharm
  • Aldee Phafi
  • Syrush Laal
  • Museen Madrela

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us about your favourite Togruta, whether in existing media or your own campaign! Do you have any great Togruta names you’ve invented? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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