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Kyuzo Name Generator & Backstories

“I am Kamo, leader of the Soaring Mountains sect. I welcome you to this place of study and refuge. You may have sanctuary here, as you request, but I warn you not to violate our generosity. You will find we have little patience for rudeness.”

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Cil Prah

Kunassa Sefir

Coam Gevuri


Porom Temnoso

Vapo Horisi

Tek Nunri


Cepam Bremnilo


Gian Kaarroe


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The Kyuzo hail from a heavy-gravity planet in the Outer Rim called Phatrong. Kyuzo have a strong martial culture concerned with a strict code of honor and the planetary peace is kept by a series of military sects, called clocovs.

Kyuzo language features quickly spoken short words and phrases and their names reflect that. Harsher, sharp sounds will better reflect a martial character, while short, soft sounds might make a name suitable for a diplomat.

Good Kyuzo Names

A good Kyuzo name is 1-3 short syllables, either alone as a single name, or paired with a slightly longer surname.

  • Mirafosu
  • Povak
  • Nanrur
  • Kazol Haamnor
  • Venuc
  • Wavosi
  • Maaphe
  • Pomarin
  • Cepam Bremnilo


Mordol was left on the streets as a child and she knew one thing: she wanted the power to make sure she never suffered again. So began her rise to leader of her own clovok, though the bloodthirstiness of her followers have caused many to speak with some concern.

  • Godelor
  • Doam Bailmo
  • Medo Bolio
  • Kymipul
  • Go Prilu
  • Nibras
  • Movi
  • Gilam Gerlu
  • Klen Kenre

Keac Kerte

Keac is an honourable merchant, a fact which has caused him no end of trouble in the past. So many other people of the galaxy seem to equate being a merchant with cheating people! Fortunately, Keac has a second career, serving justice in the night to those that rob the unfortunate.

  • Donorroli
  • Coam Gevuri
  • Vapo Horisi
  • Cevan Dro
  • Walaca

Female Kyuzo Names

Female Kyuzo names are very similar to those of their male counterparts, though there is a slight preference for softer sounds over harsher.

  • Yeruneu
  • Kanloi
  • Mashas
  • Tuvahs
  • Niaysuo
  • Azewi
  • Imni To
  • Gizi Sonren
  • Aihe Danras


Danlouli lost her childhood best friend when she ran away. So Danlouli grew up to become a bounty hunter, in the hopes of one day tracking her friend down and learning what happened to her. She has not succeeded yet. Yet.

  • Melshru
  • Tuhara Naasoi
  • Serumao
  • Gessm Tuhi
  • Nea May
  • Geho Tin
  • Shama Kunai
  • Ciri Brunras
  • Alni Bartur

Mossh Onou

Mossh was named after a plant that grew in abundance near her childhood home. She hated it so much she left for space as soon as she was old enough. Now she has her own ship. It’s small, but it gets her—and a select list of shady clients—where she—or they—need to go.

  • Lahns Bulmi
  • Gahs Cimo
  • Moh Druhoi
  • Chan Tho
  • Sehos

Male Kyuzo Names

Male Kyuzo names have a slight tendency to prefer harsher sounds than those of their female counterparts, but it’s a minor difference.

  • Dem Pumnunu
  • Talbar
  • Glalmu
  • Klocefi
  • Lik Mar
  • Porom Temnoso
  • Epiem
  • Diamal Holo
  • Odomarak

Menol Garrua

Menlo Garrua began his career as a bounty hunter. Once he had amassed enough wealth, he turned it to building his own mercenary company. He still sells his services to the highest bidder, but the scope of jobs that come his way has greatly increased. And he will work for anyone.

  • Lakkar
  • Kem Defiu
  • Limnull
  • Kodacu
  • Dec Ginra
  • Ramiek Tay
  • Lozol
  • Coadok Tove
  • Nianiar


Kamefu saw the stories of tricksters and rogues prevalent in his culture not as cautionary tales but as something to aspire to. He loves his life, but his life, and his people, don’t always love him. Still, if you need a dashing rogue, Kamefu is ready to be called upon.

  • Nokka Briva
  • Momnusk
  • Lonv Prirlun
  • Porein Puvisa
  • Nelokaa

Do you have any tactics or strategies for coming up with cool Kyuzo names? What appeals to you about playing Kyuzo characters? Is it their awesome hats? Let us know in the comments below!

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