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Star Wars Droid Name Generator & Backstories

“AP-T2! AP-T2! You all right back there buddy? That was close. Gonna need you to fix the boosters, and fast. We slipped by their scans for now but there’s no telling when we’ll need to make a quick exit. Thanks buddy!”

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Droids come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and functions. In some societies they are the very backbone of civilization. In others, they’re traded like so much scrap and suffer almost as much as their human counterparts.

Droids can form the basis of armies, work as pilots or cleaners, carry secret documents as part of a resistance plot, scout out rebels, and many more. They can even be generals! And it makes sense that their names would be as varied as their functions.

Good Droid Names

Good droid names can be either a combination of letters and numbers (sometimes in a fun way that mimics real words, GR8-G1) or a more standard word that operates like a nickname.  

  • Ranger
  • Cole
  • Tinker
  • G-J2
  • AC-0B
  • AP-T2
  • Q9-T0
  • R-T4
  • Prime        


Clank’s seen a lot of service. Now, the droid is happy to have been repurposed as a bar mech. Distributing drinks rather than rattling around in space performing emergency repairs? Sounds perfect.

  • Bracer
  • DT-0
  • Q7-7
  • T7-T2
  • T-6
  • UX-T5
  • Spudnik
  • Cylinder
  • Braker


No nicknames for WAC-33, thank you. WAC-33 is a surgical droid, programmed to care about healing and only healing. And if the patient has any ideas about getting up and going too soon, well, WAC-33 is not above taking measures to keep patients put.

  • Scrappy
  • Boomer
  • TDK-T8
  • DD-J3
  • SE-D1
  • AC-D6
  • Copper
  • Experiment
  • Core


AC-D3 is an older model of construction droid. He is hefty, solid, heavy metal and he had a tendency to let loose small bolts of electricity at unexpected times. But if you need to move something, this is your droid!

  • Grezzer
  • Plier
  • I2-LOM
  • EV-8
  • RIC-55

Battle Droid Names

Battle droids were designed as soldiers and part of units. They generally do not have names as such and instead are only known by their model and identity numbers. B-001 (battle droid one) or TD-03 (tactical droid three).

Astromech Droid Names

Astromechs also have the alphanumeric names of their fellow droids, but tend to be referred to with nicknames often, as they can enjoy a very close relationship with their pilots and/or crews.

  • Scythe
  • Dotty
  • Gage
  • Tom Servo
  • R1-J3
  • T-8
  • U9-9B
  • V-7B
  • R3-4X


Knave is a wild card. This droid has been through nearly two dozen different ships and always manages to survive, and often helps to accomplish the mission, but something always goes wild when Knave is involved.

  • Spirit
  • Jet
  • Terra
  • Clank
  • Devi
  • MSE-44
  • NP-8B
  • X-J3


If you need to get to hyperspace fast then you’d better hope that DT-0 is the astromech doing your calculations. This droid has experience and knows how to make even aging processors overclock to get those calculations done yesterday.

  • Ratchet
  • Ranger
  • Twobit
  • V-D5
  • A-5
  • MSE-6B
  • DBX-0B
  • BD-T1
  • Tink


This crotchety old droid takes its sweet time moving about and has no compunctions about ramming into offending obstacles, be they closed doors or sentient beings that don’t move out of the way fast enough. And the droid’s volume is permanently stuck on maximum. Hence Boomer.

  • Spanner
  • Rubber
  • MSE-T2
  • XX-7X
  • Spudnik

Do you have a favourite droid? Are you all about the classic R2-D2 or do you love the newbie BB-8? Or are you all about the cute little mouse droids or the sassy attitude of Chopper? Let us know what you think in the comments! Tell us your favourite ways to come up with droid names! Roger roger!

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