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Jawa Name Generator & Backstories

“Wajakk K’kao? Don’t get me started on that little con artist! Because of her I’m out fifty credits. She swore those droids were properly bolted. Restrained? Restrained my left tentacle! Never trust a Jawa.”

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Voes Kkunuis

Ungak Asid

Chun Qad

Rhagic B’oli

Brrego Lokam

Demeo Asacon

Ipe Tecumohs

Dapuc Kkazakt

Nbipp Kletuhs

Mathchakkac M’ad

Sluimifia Jisurus

Mnangi Nkikia

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Known as scavengers and travelling merchants, Jawas are a species of short humanoids native to the planet Tatooine. Their society is comprised of various tribes that travel the desert, many in massive sandcrawlers salvaged from failed mining efforts.  

Jawas have a complex language that also incorporates scent, so many species find it difficult to master. Not to let a hurdle like that stand in the way of a good deal, the Jawas have also developed a trade tongue for the purposes of conducting business. Both of these are good things to keep in mind when designing names!

Good Jawa Names

A good Jawa name should be complex and hard to pronounce, to suggest the complexity of the Jawa language. Harsh sounds and unusual letter combinations are a good starting point.

  • Mnuk B’al
  • Rettuzz Pacak
  • Ungak Asid
  • Nikchibwekk Fulamas
  • Isezedt Misem
  • Ktuk’chuza Tar
  • Tsaw Hiiti
  • Kric Bigegiy
  • Math Ptekth

Sqo Kraseel

If you need a spare part, Sao Kraseel is the one to see. She stocks just about everything, and she has a habit of finding exactly what you need right before you need it. Usually right after it’s just gone missing. Funny that.

  • Debbikth K’aco
  • Ktesukk Baratekth
  • Nanirizz Adajen
  • Tsegokte Keza
  • Rek Nagahs
  • Nel Beqoce
  • Ktu Nker
  • Sqazzath M’utez
  • Tozer Tlegumohs

Hruth Momavuc

Not all Jawas specialise in their merchandise. Hruth is an exception. He likes antiques. Old things that have a lot of value. It’s not something one often expects to find in a scavenging people, but Hruth has developed a very discerning eye for these kinds of things.

  • Witkithuidt Egilad
  • Hrew Heeje
  • Mnon Kad
  • Wruk’ke Avi
  • Bomee Widoezak

Female Jawa Names

Female Jawa names are as complex and difficult to pronounce as their male counterparts, though some claim there is a slight preference for sibilants in female Jawa names.

  • Hulos Theco
  • Twubo Sati
  • Afi Lec
  • Vuwek Kejo
  • Nemarim Q’ova
  • Eorafa Moz
  • Pasad Nekimui
  • Chavi Kem
  • Rhufiheh Tlijekt

Avafus Tloser

Avafus is the Jawa to see if you need parts for pod racing. Of course, convincing her to part with them is easier said than done. She fully intends to build herself a working racer and win big someday. The trick to trading with her is to offer her a part she needs for one she has two or more of.

  • Ohehuc Q’oloes
  • Dapuc Kkazakt
  • Ipe Tecumohs
  • Slarawu Q’om
  • Rhetoh Thasol
  • Ninat M’adiho
  • Bhogeluid D’nucul
  • Knavusa Mar
  • Veka Nela

Snuseo Esisuc

There are those Jawas who have done so well for themselves, who have done so well for their tribe, that they ascend to a position of great power and respect. Snuseo is one of these. She only deals with important bargains now. Don’t dare to waste her time.

  • Rhagic B’oli
  • Snitivu Nijir
  • Pliret Ptecitac
  • Midoe K’azevum
  • Ilereen Nuilaqehs

Male Jawa Names

Male Jawa names are complex, hard to pronounce, and incorporate tricky consonant combinations. Gutturals and harsh consonants are prevalent.

  • Mnangi Nkikia
  • Snattja Qeqahec
  • Riakchussa Jaseequakt
  • Iisik’koent D’nakth
  • Hront Temaqiic
  • Wikk Pturekth
  • Nbi Feom
  • Zalvizz Bogekt
  • Jetangatk Q’imaqom

Na B’agus

While most Jawas dream of finding a choice bit of salvage or making a great bargain, there are always those that just don’t have what it takes. Na is one of those. So he cooks. Everything he cooks tastes like oil and sand, but it’s edible. Just don’t get in the way of his spoon.

  • Hitk Dugom
  • Ttas M’oji
  • Prant Tan
  • Nberko Esuzik
  • Pettjekk Ptikehs
  • Dimassakth Wac
  • Je Klujidec
  • Sqath B’eqar
  • Ttot Klikth

Chi D’nuneji

Not all Jawas stay on Tatooine. Some leave the planet behind, travelling to the stars in search of new markets or new adventures. Chi led his tribe—his very small tribe—off-planet in a junker spaceship he traded for. Who knew how much salvage there was just floating out there for the taking!

  • Rebberel Iakiid
  • Tsi Batiisa
  • Weth B’ekt
  • Krerik Thugiikth
  • Dotjonk Pehu

Do you have a favourite Jawa moment from the Star Wars movies or any of the extended universe material? What’s your favourite part about playing a Jawa character? How did you come up with their name? Let us know in the comments!

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