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Tusken Raider Name Generator & Backstories

“You can’t negotiate with Tusken Raiders! The best you can hope for is to offer them tribute with some cheap wares you nab from the market. They can’t tell the difference. Then offer them to their wise man, the one called Gr’Herk Qukvaq.”

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Laazre Yonvogg

Rhakzi Trek

Laqru Krezhag

Yarhi Tract




Cho Kiknak

Churg Qonnict

Gem Krorr

Thiezta Voqhokt

Chezro Vot

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The Tusken Raiders are what the inhabitants of Tatooine call local nomadic people that roam the desert. Communication with the Raiders is difficult due to their hostile nature and complex and guttural language.

Many Tusken Raider names make extensive use of the letter ‘R’ and incorporate apostrophes to represent the hooting, clicking nature of their language. So get creative!

Good Tusken Raider Names

A good Tusken Raider name should strike fear into those that hear it!

  • R’Hoc Bic
  • Khierg Qrazherd
  • Yerm Lurd
  • Gr’Rherh Gonagg
  • Yezte Girq
  • Laqru Krezhag
  • Veke Rhoq
  • Lorho Yaqqon
  • Gr’Zerh Yocrird

A’Khegh Kar

The wife of the chief is an important position, one that A’Khegh won for her uncanny talent for finding sources of water in the desert, a priceless talent. She hopes her daughters will inherit her gift.

  • Rharm Brozdict
  • Thak Cruqt
  • R’Rhegh Trakhard
  • Zaxte Rhoct
  • Shike Yigic
  • Khuxa Trarq
  • Takka Yokogg
  • Zazto Gurt
  • Hirk Sokdark

Chaagh Shoqt

This old warrior has been reduced to relying on younger, more vigorous raiders to sustain himself, but many do so out of respect for the old man that taught them what they know. But lean times are lean times and goodwill withers fast in the desert.

  • Hirn Yonnuct
  • Chezro Vot
  • Khirre Thakruqt
  • Zaqre Grarr
  • Tiqte Birg

Female Tusken Raider Names

Female Tusken Raider names are slightly more likely to end in vowels and usually lack the extreme usage of ‘R’ sounds found in male names.

  • Khun Lugdatt
  • Terg Crarq
  • Rerc Kanrogg
  • Terc Tok
  • Yarr Bazherg
  • Teeqra Qaqt
  • Leeqza Qrigrurq
  • Yagi Zord
  • Thiezta Voqhokt

Ziga Trarr

Sand is murder on all manner of complex weaponry, and none in the raiding party is better at cleaning and repairing weapons than Ziga. She is highly sought after for important raids of all kinds.

  • Yuc Lict
  • Hik Shitag
  • Gr’Leirm Seg
  • Zierr Sikdort
  • Rhakzi Trek
  • Laazre Yonvogg
  • Veqraa Rark
  • Lokte Zotog
  • Yorn Thonvog

Sheirc Yeqt

Lurking at the edges of the camp is Sheirc Yeqt. She ran afoul of a coup and lost her position, all of her family members, and her children. Now she subsists on leavings from the rest of hte camp, and may be a way in for outsiders who seek to infiltrate the place.

  • Gr’Chec Srur
  • Rirc Riggor
  • Thac Shot
  • A’Rac Tizrec
  • Quxti Brird

Male Tusken Raider Names

Male Tusken Raider names might be a complex collection of syllables or an incredibly long series of syllables that mimic the classic Tusken war cry.

  • Yuk Thigg
  • Ka Zrokmirk
  • Dorra Shot
  • Gaaqark Vegorr
  • Rrh’rrur
  • Ogur’oars
  • Ururur’roruk
  • Kgg’oturs’ktuk
  • Urorur’orruk’rthr

Sog Toqhik

Sog’s fate was sealed the day the raiders stole a cache of off-world alcohol. Now, Sog can’t get enough of the stuff, and takes increasingly dangerous risks in attempts to secure himself more of a supply.

  • Grrorr’rruk’raur
  • Turk Senoct
  • Chaac Brorq
  • Vair Brarar
  • Zoqqar Trat
  • Qozak Crozhuq
  • Kgrurr’rrt
  • Ruk’rors
  • Guh’ururs


In the desert, the mighty live and the mighty lead. Okrror’otrs’arur may not be the mightiest yet, but he soon will be. An dont hat day war will come to the camp, because the old do not willingly give ground to the young.

  • Ururr’tlrt’rruk
  • Cho Kiknak
  • Tha Garr
  • Qin Grovirr
  • Gaihva Kagg

What was your most memorable encounter with Tusken Raiders? How often does your game go to Tatooine? Do you have any tricks or strategies for coming up with Tusken Raider names? Let us know in the comments!

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