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Toydarian Name Generator & Backstories

“Eyy, what do you come to Ral Zen for, if not for a good deal? Come on! I’m cutting my own throat here, offering you these prices. You have the credits, and I have the merchandise you need! What’s stopping you from just taking the deal, eh?”

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Drotto Sul

Wustebug Pulg

Uta Daabb

Bamru Poomta

Figgalto Foppa

Irga Kid

Nofmasse Naarre

Ful Lafma

Wanlarra Tugnoo

Vobb Pag

Mipe Nitti

Nevuma Zunlu

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Toydarians are winged, resistant to Force manipulations, and hail from the planet Toydaria. Often subjugated by the Hutts, Toydarians often survive and thrive through their shrewd outlook on life which can turn them into excellent barterers, merchants, and deal makers.

When creating Toydarian names keep in mind that the species has both a long snout and stubby tusks. These physiological features can give you ideas as to which kinds of sounds will fit best.

Good Toydarian Names

A good Toydarian name consists of short syllables, usually 1-3 strung together. Forenames and surnames are often used.

  • Gab Nirgi
  • Teyd Kib
  • Deb Vava
  • Nuatte Zom
  • Dottod Romdu
  • Rimre Rud
  • Drurfa Nibloo
  • Luttollo Gig
  • Kitwottoy Tigne

Zum Nul

Zum Nul is proud of her ascension to the King’s Honor guard and rightly so. She rose from a family of no importance to a vital role in the Palace of Toydaria! Unfortunately, she had to take out a loan to get here, and it’s coming due any day now.

  • Vig Zusguu
  • Geb Dubb
  • Qoyrri Won
  • Lisgag Levaa
  • Dotwon Malli
  • Osceyppo Geb
  • Zlescortebb Bosto
  • Pam Farli
  • Moyd Tebb

Fel Biffo

They say that the being with many friends is rich indeed, and if that is true, then Fel Biffo is richer than any other on Toydaria! Though it doesn’t help that Fel is also filthy, filthy rich. How many of his friends are truly true? The question keeps him awake at night sometimes.

  • Urfad Demoo
  • Nanurgolg Tuubb
  • Monderuu Risba
  • Glol Nul
  • Lobb Qarze

Female Toydarian Names

Female Toydarian names have a slight tendency to be longer and more complicated than those of their male counterparts.

  • Vippe Pol
  • Mipe Nitti
  • Werzo Tem
  • Korzu Bum
  • Nofmasse Naarre
  • Wastima Lolg
  • Qulla Nul
  • Wesgu Filli
  • Zemto Rel

Figgalto Foppa

There is fame and glory to be had in music and Figgalto is determined her beautiful,soaring voice will win it for her! Now if only the rest of the galaxy had taste as good as hers.

  • Kisgubbu Tilg
  • Donifma Basse
  • Satippa Kabba
  • Gefflu Mud
  • Dusbo Pufnoo
  • Qintu Geb
  • Marri Raflo
  • Koppigli Relde
  • Sibbafme Pel

Voslorbo Qab

If you need someone to watch your young, Voslorbo is happy to do so for a bit of food or something to drink. All the young love her stories, too, drawn from Toydarian folklore. So sad she has no children of her own, though those she raises often love her more than their own mothers.

  • Gisballo Loofoo
  • Vidlunla Neve
  • Dusgu Misgi
  • Gista Bon
  • Nafo Zarze

Male Toydarian Names

Male Toydarian names are short and businesslike, the better to get down to brass tacks sooner.

  • Rilg Qaag
  • Dan Todle
  • Febb Dem
  • Big Woglu
  • Berga Vobb
  • Irga Kid
  • Burguddi Palg
  • Lememreybb Gitla
  • Distem Neltu

Fid Kon

Fid may be young, but as soon as his wings are strong enough he’s going to soar to heights of riches no one has yet dreamed of! He can’t wait to leave this mud all and seek his fortune in the wider galaxy. One day, a merchant consortium all his own will be a reality. So he tells himself.

  • Glelg Romi
  • Filg Narba
  • Drotto Sul
  • Lattan Sulg
  • Ollig Selbi
  • Madorfi Lilg
  • Vobb Pag
  • Breb Misa
  • Tum Nil

Nun Nalli

Nun has nothing and is greatly pleased about that fact. For as long as it lasts. No matter what he does, Nun seems to keep falling into wealth, making deals with an indiscreet word. Then he has to find a way to donate the wealth to the needy all over again! Such trouble.

  • Luam Sol
  • Zeb Zibbu
  • Bub Kig
  • Pubb Lartu
  • Zuagog Pon

Who is your favourite Toydarian character from Star Wars? Do you prefer the image of the species depicted in The Phantom Menace or the one depicted in Clone Wars? Let us know in the comments!

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