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Sullustan Name Generator & Backstories

“Tatz Famblerb! Get back here right now! I don’t care who or what you’re pretending to be—Jedi, Bounty Hunter, whatever! Get back here and do your chores, young man! Go help your father fix that freighter that came in last night!”

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Nibb Stegge

Tort Snavnet

Fribrild Plupt

Grilluxtosh Sqorbo

Pavv Viav

Haglish Vyascie

Xaolthe Sullerr

Huurgart Mierl

Heeld Kiuls

Frirors Miebb

Tea Vhubl

Ogenrux Tsakkorb

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Sullustans are often skilled pilots and navigators, originating from the planet Sullust. As a species, they evolved underground and as a result have excellent hearing and are capable of directional sound.

When creating Sullustan names keep in mind that what may appear to be a simple name to most sentient beings in the galaxy could be incredibly complex to a species with as advanced hearing as the Sullustan.

Good Sullustan Names

Good Sullustan names often use sounds that are high pitched or carry well, to take advantage of Sullustan hearing.

  • Vold Nrimm
  • Nibb Stegge
  • Pavv Viav
  • Wipt Hangeibl
  • Greawi Tsill
  • Dobaydt Frubbbuad
  • Kriixtiu Vhium
  • Paltheedald Pisiath
  • Tojemegg Ghucb

Dwovv Jansya

Dwovv isn’t the most skilled pilot in her rebel wing, but she’s the most daring. If you have a dangerous mission, she’ll be the first to volunteer. And she’s good enough that she hasn’t died during any of them yet!

  • Tort Snavnet
  • Bu Schywn
  • Grarwak Bunb
  • Xeimdit Ohntal
  • Donri Snam
  • Grilluxtosh Sqorbo
  • Rogglirwua Moonb
  • Jart Minryls
  • Qeb Zarss

Tribb Ters

Tribb is a second-in-command at the third biggest spaceport on Coruscant. The thing is, spacers gossip and gossip a lot. Tribb doesn’t say much, but he listens, and he keeps track of all the news. He’s a good source for potential jobs, as he makes most of his money putting that information to use.

  • Ker Sqinsuupt
  • Hadt Squrb
  • Indud Fupt
  • Rellra Nrungunn
  • Oto Mar

Female Sullustan Names

Female Sullustan names have a slight tendency to be longer and more complicated than those of their male counterparts, but use many of the same popular sounds.

  • Zu Wewnuwn
  • Mos Hoomp
  • Hol Tsumbleamp
  • Eldi Taggu
  • Weeluol Sqibb
  • Gastaa Sqagemp
  • Chornifuu Jon
  • Esemin Nrov
  • Fro Nhunruls

Me Gipt

Need a last minute solution to a problem? Need someone to disappear? Need some stolen communiques back? Me can handle the problem. Just count your fingers and your toes after striking a deal with her

  • Ossia Vhimble
  • Tishux Tell
  • Albuo Nreisamm
  • Wahlirluu Nhest
  • Chaffamdov Fraurtor
  • Sunmippu Enn
  • Lenn Sqogec
  • Sel Nhyrl
  • Fur Ustont

Se Bdensim

Matriarch of Clan Bdensim, Old Se is a canny trader and a power in her own right in the systems near to Sullast. The only thing sharper than her eye for a deal is her tongue, and she is secure enough in her power that she can use it with impunity.

  • Fi Byh
  • Bi Scheibbbau
  • Zifu Neent
  • Fepo Friarbe
  • Erne Brip

Male Sullustan Names

Male Sullustan names have a slight tendency to be shorter and more focused than those of their female counterparts.

  • Grirs Tsunubbs
  • Tea Vhubl
  • Mic Vhivinb
  • Grokk Oonb
  • Pash Tsyajerss
  • Cirlutz Ocb
  • Huifru Ubbas
  • Ogenrux Tsakkorb
  • Bruderotz Hent

Hopt Pluli

Need a short hop pilot? Pluli is your guy. If it’s small and short range, you’ll be hard pressed to find better. Or at least that’s what he’ll tell you. Hopt is quite the optimist. He is good, but perhaps not as good as he says. And if it’s bigger than a bantha, he handles it like a garbage scow. No finesse for the big ships.

  • Carm Gemp
  • Trirt Kastym
  • Wossukk Tom
  • Nakkeidt Tevnann
  • Bagobrao Nrilynr
  • Sonchodmiu Vaak
  • Nigg Vhegnu
  • Ceikk Riurss
  • Zant Zondya

Zold Karbivv

Old Zold was the best mechanic on Sullast in his day. Now, however, the old man spends most of his time drowning his sorrows in whatever drink he can beg. Too many accidents claimed too much of his body, and his prosthetics just don’t have the finesse to keep him in repairs work. Hence, he drinks. What else is he going to do?

  • Bubb Tsuaji
  • Votitz Tsars
  • Doorkuun Schiagnopt
  • Zoba Vubb
  • Gomabror Giurih

What is your favourite part of playing Sullustan characters? Do you love their skill as pilots and mechanics or do you love them for the way they speak and are depicted in the films? Let us know in the comments below!

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