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Miraluka Name Generator & Guide

“Brother Xupehk,” the gangster said with a smile, “so glad we were able to catch you. I hear your order is very keen on charitable giving, if you know what I mean, and I think that I’m just the guy in need.” “It is the duty of the wise to instruct,” Brother Xupehk replied, cracking his knuckles. “And it will be my pleasure to correct your ignorance.”

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The Miraluka are a diasporic people. After their original homeworld was rendered uninhabitable, they adopted Alpheridies as their replacement. The Miraluka are a sightless species, with only vestigial eye sockets. They are quite Force-sensitive, however, which more than makes up for this.

Culturally, the Miraluka consider themselves all to be a part of one massive family, and as such do not use surnames. Their given names commonly consist of only two syllables, and are often a bit discordant in sound to other species.

Good Miraluka Names

Miraluka names often draw on unusual combinations of sounds or syllables, so feel free to get very creative when crafting a name for your character! Try things you wouldn’t otherwise.

  • Chisos
  • Osim
  • Ipihl
  • Lumoc
  • Fugain
  • Milin
  • Uipohk
  • Vehal
  • Gucarth


Sister Mehes runs a small chapel in the lower levels, ministering to the less fortunate. And who is less fortunate than the enemies of the Empire? If you seek to flee the tyrannical grasp of a galactic dictator, Sister Mehes may be just the person to set your foot upon the path to freedom.

  • Eodiim
  • Gahiop
  • Tufoerr
  • Rokteuth
  • Yutehl
  • Jahey
  • Madet
  • Aevoeh
  • Wuszop


Aide to Senator Darvos Lehk, Wattoth is so unassuming you could easily be forgiven for not noticing them. Wattoth’s sharp senses, however, miss very little, and if you wish to know what is occurring behind the scenes at the Galactic Senate, they are very definitely the person to consult.

  • Dofuehr
  • Pebah
  • Yayreey
  • Iiybuy
  • Aewior

Female Miraluka Names

There is little to set female Miraluka names apart from those of the males of the species, though females are addressed with the honorific ‘Sister’.

  • Takuhk
  • Yuliirr
  • Fideom
  • Slehoam
  • Zokoerth
  • Xufoem
  • Jufdaal
  • Iayraum
  • Shuyap


The witch Dacieth lives deep in the swamps. Only the boldest dare seek her out. But her mysterious Force powers lure many to her lair. There are great secrets she can share, for the daring, for the bold. Those that don’t die in the process.

  • Tarfil
  • Zafihk
  • Chigat
  • Glahior
  • Fluhceet
  • Diroom
  • Badeen
  • Oofueth
  • Fenol


Sister Vibiat wanders the galaxy to learn of all manner of beasts. Some say she whispers to them with the Force. Whatever the truth, if you need to know about a rare creature, Sister Vibiat is the one to speak with. Just be prepared to aid in raiding a zoo or illicit laboratory in exchange.

  • Dapil
  • Eucyeih
  • Hucuon
  • Niluahl
  • Chaylaurth

Male Miraluka Names

Male Miraluka names are almost indistinguishable from female ones, though males are usually addressed as ‘Brother’.

  • Roruf
  • Sunim
  • Dulak
  • Xevos
  • Velzarr
  • Uuleuhl
  • Zigoen
  • Irurth
  • Sonem


A collector of rare books and manuscripts, Brother Oeleuhl has a great appreciation for rare knowledge of all kinds. His is not a shop you can stumble across. No, you need to know it exists to have any chance at finding it, and even then, just making it through the door is a test.

  • Uroh
  • Tusod
  • Namcos
  • Ueyuirth
  • Lonfid
  • Vagel
  • Oneh
  • Agin
  • Teheehk


If you need to get something from one place to another without anyone being the wiser, you seek out Brother Dalzihr. Somehow he always seems to see the customs agents coming. Neat trick for someone without any eyes.

  • Guzeh
  • Varurth
  • Fabiop
  • Imiahl
  • Poroarr

Did you enjoy this guide? What appeals to you about the idea of playing a Miraluka character? When did you first discover them? Do you have any suggestions for creating Miraluka names? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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