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Ewok Name Generator & Guide

Landing on this forested moon seemed like an odd idea. Could the Imperial base really be here? As you land you notice movement in the trees. Small furry creatures approach as you leave the ship. Through the universal translator you hear “Help, I am Cipli Aloo, and our people need help!”

Generate Names

Foosoo Ferinoo

Rabin Zoomrimne

Ripa Krintystroo

Cadre Lemreng

Necke Glamyck

Gnedapri Binygraa

Rooleshaa Dirlimaa

Fufuneek Krastralaa

Euphelle Nilleemra

Nepashi Krikat

Skida Doolel

Lumat Tikaddi

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These lovable furry creatures hail from the Forested moon of Endor. The Ewoks are often considered a primitive people, who have only just begun forming a culture and language. However, after the Battle of Endor, it is clear Ewoks have a bright future across the galaxy.

Good Ewok Names

Ewokese is still a very primitive language, but it seems that Ewoks were influenced by outsiders coming to their planet, causing them to copy human-like naming conventions. Still, many Ewok names when translated are plants or other natural things.

  • Cadre Lemreng
  • Tipre Nadrac
  • Logray Tantanee
  • Melli Yomne
  • Sull Zikim
  • Reecki Haliquak
  • Marpipra Phylloo

Tirpi Lirira

Her ability to mimic birds led her to being one of the most valuable members of the hunting party.

  • Urpling Derlam
  • Goorpha Garreel
  • Drunia Deelrarri
  • Graak Xaalremn
  • Pamit Trynremni
  • Sallimary Jagrirre
  • Ashoo Derrakka
  • Choope Kraalrasta

Choogryck Kimnet

Kidnapped as a child, Choogryck is now a competent engineer on a ferry ship. However, he always wondered what his life on Endor may have been like.

  • Vuepe Didrestre
  • Berfa Immastia
  • Setik Quattii
  • Kellim Dirleeng
  • Dookaa Iquinleek
  • Izze Kanteng
  • Bykoo Joodrilra
  • Treepapry Demreeng

Female Ewok Names

Though many people would be unable to distinguish between the male and female, those who know Ewokese can easily tell through the names. Ewok mothers tend to name their girls after the gentler parts of nature, like breeze or flora.

  • Trarpi Faantilla
  • Lesypi Yeastaki
  • Mookiee Kellagra
  • Winda Nenlac
  • Danka Nestrakke
  • Rooleshaa Dirlimaa
  • Ripa Krintystroo

Nicki Grerlaal

As the empress of Evershade, she is happy to work with outsiders, assuming something shiny is in it for her.

  • Queele Raallene
  • Yukkree Grirric
  • Quazzi Gikkoon
  • Euphelle Nilleemra
  • Paapicky Owiik

Wijunkee Crokooki

As the matriarch of her family, she found it difficult to comfort her family as more space ships seem to be coming to and from their planet.

  • Roogra Gleroorra
  • Nippet Vamaloo
  • Ra-Lee Armikitika
  • Lise Quikialik
  • Berri Eajynkeek
  • Tranesta Memistry

Male Ewok Names

Male Ewoks are expedited to show courage throughout their lives. In many ways, Ewok culture has put courage as the most important trait for a female to find in their future partner.

  • Skida Doolel
  • Wackal Glimrick
  • Argut Ganral
  • Verrik Gerrante
  • Vril Walren
  • Diplik Mimam
  • Krigric Groodrirle

Quele Vorret

The Chief of Clear Glade bows to no man, rebel or empire. It takes much courage to use spears against ray guns and lightsabers.

  • Rarphel Kramnerra
  • Icke Bireen
  • Teebo Girriri
  • Romba Ulikeek
  • Chirpa Zyntan
  • Bekkang Dellack
  • Magaa Nagrastroo

Pirfe Gentel

An unexpected ally to the Empire. He would often trade rebel secrets in exchange for safety of his family.

  • Lumat Tikaddi
  • Ceerree Bynlyn
  • Khungata Wimrale
  • Xeenk Keekken

Ewok Village Names

The moon planet Endor is full of Ewok villages that have their own histories and cultures. Depending on where an Ewok is from may determine how they see the greater parts of the galaxy.

  • Bright Tree
  • Evershade
  • Deep Wood
  • Canopy
  • Bark Hide
  • Tree Tops
  • Clear Glade
  • Astoturf
  • Damp Lilly
  • Meadow

The Ewoks can be an interesting species to be since their people have yet to discover space travel on their own. The best way to reflect this primitive nature is in the way they pronounce their names. Let me know what you think and your own name ideas in the comments!

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