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Star Wars Human Name Generator & Backstories

“Dala Padam is the one you want,” the bartender said quietly. “Likes to keep her ear to the ground when it comes to politics. She won’t be able to get you access, but she’ll know who you should ask—and how to do it.”

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Damigavi Hysmer

Gabjai Landelin

Adenlee Leverod

Tynico Sturwea

Maryas Ewelethe

Jayisa Marsan

Ashtkel Pickmak

Josadon Mullhar

Samguy Brinbra

Gwerein Ackpyat

Alirea Ogdtaff

Triabdi Hubbwin

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Humans are the most common species in the galaxy, though they do not comprise a majority of the sentient species found amongst the stars. Possibly native to Coruscant, humans are found in many systems and it is unknown where they first originated.

Names are a product of culture, and with humans spread across so many planets, there are many different names that would all qualify as properly human sounding, so feel free to get creative!

Good Human Names

A good human name is one that both sounds familiar and is distinctly different from what you would encounter in everyday life. Luke is a normal name, but paired with Skywalker it becomes something different, something more.

  • Zainbra Dochag
  • Braealla Cautprie
  • Houbrya Tursar
  • Nicfra Hammegg
  • Rolajaco Maulcar
  • Calezai Chrihart
  • Zakajay Whijenc
  • Stelay Fluscho

Bergen Owesha

An attaché to the Aldarian Senator, Bergen is a fixture on Coruscant. Overzealous when it comes to his job, Bergen always overprepares for everything. It means he’s always behind on something, so if you need information, offer to do work for him if he answers your questions.

  • Kadeben Litthemp
  • Jeancar Hartetl
  • Ezradd Vicsino
  • Corpri Gragunn
  • Gabjai Landelin
  • Artharn Besfor

Adenlee Meekroy

A xenobotanist, Adenlee is never happier than when down and dirty in the soil of some alien planet. Sure, she’s nearly been killed by hostile fauna six times, and nearly eaten by carnivorous flora either times, but what is life without a bit of adventure?

  • Duajul Blabelt
  • Tysojag Edgridg
  • Deapau Ogdane
  • Leobren Evefor

Neutral Human Names

Many human names can be carried by anyone, regardless of gender identity or expression. Here are some examples.

  • Jaylkris Ruffpei
  • Ellitren Gargrit
  • Lanetha Bodlove
  • Javijoe Havepic
  • Davjar Claharb
  • Albdori Lugdel
  • Fredelv Gambsef
  • Rusjade Wolvball

Terrkha Cansais

While it may seem that the entire galaxy is a known quantity, there still exist systems to be mapped and planets to be discovered. Terrkha does a lot of that work, and she is paid very well for her services, though don’t think for a minute that she doesn’t have a few discoveries kept secret somewhere…

  • Ellremi Dunwel
  • Jovamarv Sinbeva
  • Luktheo Stokeed
  • Deonmoha Greegat
  • Joabre Leaslo
  • Damigar Flosea

Chadsaba Hoymar

This Jedi Padawan is quiet and studious, but don’t be fooled. Wherever she goes there is likely to be rations or desserts or other foodstuffs going missing. Not that she’s ever been caught. Yet.

  • Johric Perwad
  • Petdecl Baxhun
  • Jacbobb Sansho
  • Tobidylo Crunvern

Female Human Names

Female human names have a mild tendency to end in vowel sounds, particularly ‘A’ or ‘E’.

  • Maryas Ewelethe
  • Rubyyol Chamcha
  • Alirea Ogdtaff
  • Morilan Meapin
  • Jasmkirs Milthre
  • Shirshar Jonric
  • Makjuli Curbanw
  • Lorevel Haidixe

Calshaw Cledat

The Jedi are not the only ones who are able to use the Force. Clashaw knows this because she is part of a long history of Force Witches on her home planet. If you seek her, do so in the swamp, for it is rich with life.

  • Elsrach Foljoll
  • Kelljor Offesco
  • Sydkya Frigal
  • Makaalis Osenpend
  • Tyraama Surlseil
  • Erikar Mygs

Tessrobi Foskmot

Seamstress to the Queens of Naboo, Tessrobi has been approached by many in the hopes of stealing her away for her skill with a needle—or subverting her for the secrets she hears in the robing chamber. So far, none have succeeded. So far.

  • Gwerein Ackpyat
  • Laurvan Ledherr
  • Krysarya Sheket
  • Teagari Allhove

Male Human Names

Male human names end in consonants more often than vowels, but will occasionally end in ‘O’ as well.

  • Aguhass Grinbes
  • Sebfran Wimhig
  • Wadealb Bibwit
  • Emilsau Henncros
  • Octaraph Leabraf
  • Jairbo Courwidd
  • Pierluc Rundworb
  • Brakeon Newfil
  • Culladdi Satblaz

Colkev Cowilit

A farmer by trade, old Colkev is a respected leader in his village. But there are whisper she was quite a firebrand in his youth, and when he’s drunk he often tells the youngsters how to make improvised explosives from the booze they’re drinking.

  • Dalwil Osbupar
  • Josadon Mullhar
  • Adrimitc Fittpaik
  • Zanree Hadclif
  • Lamjac Adgahar

Guydon Bowhol

Guydon Bowhol had dreams of interstellar fame, but the music he played never got him there. But hey, at least cantina gigs come with a drinks stipend.

  • Vanales Eckldar
  • Larlam Rezicong
  • Frankars Gorslear
  • Philgrah Maytsaff

What is your favourite part about playing a human? How closely or not do you like using human naming conventions for your characters? Tell us about them—and your favourite human characters—in the comments below!

Robert Berg
Robert Berg
Robert Berg has been a geek for as long as he can remember. His writings on Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, Disney, The Muppets and everything Jim Henson-related, and more have been published in numerous places both in print and online. He lives in London with his partner and an ever-increasing collection of Blu-rays, DVDs, and books.

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