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Zeltron Name Generator & Backstories

‘You want a good time? You want to see things like you ain’t never seen before? Yeah you do. Here. This’ll get you a free drink at DuStarr, Babyrol Perrlei’s place down on Level 3. Trust me. It’s out of this world.”

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Dwigeli Towtow

Easmoha Hornhol

Savciar Bollest

Armatan Nicatwa

Ezrfel Clevuric

Lanabri Navestam

Isiele Duglin

Noejudi Scafluci

Colljos Fealutt

Maleli Copeils

Ellimitc Burkhart

Jaylbail Brocmil

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The Zeltron are a passionate people that live their lives to the fullest. While nearly human in appearance, each member of the species has a distinctive red skin tone. Appearing in all hues from lightest pink to deepest crimson, the Zeltron emit pheromones that naturally encourage people to like them.

Like the humans that they resemble, Zeltron use both forenames and surnames. It’s even possible that there is a cultural and evolutionary link, as there are distinct similarities in names between the two species.

Good Zeltron Names

Zeltron names have a similar structure to human names. Feel free to take inspiration by picking some of your favourites and jamming them together!

  • Tyljama Ferpar
  • Jaqusant Savacho
  • Lucdus Bradan
  • Xzavstu Hartmitt
  • Dylgon Lithal
  • Efretys Darrhun
  • Rylaali Culhoy
  • Freant Whitbee
  • Jaylren Readroys

Domikas Digbar

Say what you will about the Zeltron, they know how to have a good time, and Domikas is arguably one of the wisest living Zeltron when it comes to this art. The parties on his pleasure yacht are legendary. Just don’t ask where he gets his drinks from.

  • Aleswal Cubbins
  • Sabgle Eldobuck
  • Jaraxe Smabick
  • Colkody Butrumn
  • Mavejer Halsta
  • Devrobe Woolser
  • Rashsam Roythwa
  • Colvice Weahell
  • Shanwill Collmonk

Chaibob Wortsilv

Fighting is a pleasure all its own, and Chaibob is one of the best. She doesn’t do it just for fun, though. She has her eye on making a fortune off her fists. She knows when to bet on herself, and when to keep her nose clean. Blood’s clean enough when it’s flowing, right?

  • Piertris Radwboll
  • Vanskyl Doawolf
  • Branaden Leaelli
  • Maxrudy Turvpink
  • Beauway Penthard

Female Zeltron Names

Female Zeltron names use sibilants a bit more than their male counterparts, and are also more likely to end on vowel sounds.

  • Sydkell Bowlmarl
  • Brifrid Foosumm
  • Emilalis Libbkea
  • Darayla Barcou
  • Rebecel Wicksaff
  • Shirama Gardavi
  • Jasmnin Dudfal
  • Meawil Moyedaug
  • Reneabbi Catelade

Angeheat Hatcstic

The pleasure of the arts is as old as civilization and Grande Diva Angeheat Hatcstic does more than her fair share in bringing that pleasure to the masses. Her voice is a thing of beauty. All she lives for is her song. In fact, she’s insured her voice for several million Galactic credits.

  • Vioalex Sumlcra
  • Alobarb Clevmurt
  • Jaylbail Brocmil
  • Prekail Sherdad
  • Nicfer Luthol
  • Anitali Dubbven
  • Shirbry Syrperr
  • Lanabri Navestam
  • Kaylela Risefir

Savciar Bollest

Pirate. Bounty hunter. Privateer. What’s the difference really? You need something moved. Or to keep something from being moved. In either case Savciar can help. For the right price. And if you happen to have a little spice to throw her way to sweeten the deal, well, then you might even make yourself a new friend!

  • Julcata Latlea
  • Erigia Brulov
  • Paigdor Glawad
  • Brealexu Hoshul
  • Janasht Bowred

Male Zeltron Names

Male Zeltron names often use harder sounds, and forenames end in vowels less often than do Female Zeltron names.

  • Maleli Copeils
  • Keanben Lowken
  • Maxdor Batrutt
  • Curtezeq Curtbla
  • Tommark Joywoo
  • Jaitre Dowglid
  • Gaelartu Lutquic
  • Darnjaid Batbray
  • Tommtann Woobaf

Arjmatt Braglay

The Temple of Inannar is one of the most notorious brothels on Coruscant. Arjmatt Braglay is its proprietor and main attraction all in one. Though, in fact, he makes most of his money selling the salacious novels he writes about his exploits.

  • Thahar Norhol
  • Conmoha Hatcur
  • Haykir Gumran
  • Xantoma Armifou
  • Alicart Colappl
  • Dionjoh Walbhur
  • Antder Pilede
  • Koltryle Stacoll
  • Gilbang Toyblal

Lukagare Rossto

Everyone needs a little something to help get them through the day—or night—sometimes. Lekagare can help with that. Hey, the first one is even free. Spice, smash, Alderaanian snuff, you want it, he can get it for you. He’ll even sell on credit. Just be careful of the interest. It’s killer.

  • Tayljas Sansco
  • Bradasa Brahaye
  • Ramkell Beenflin
  • Brejord Yarstan
  • Queric Fithlet

What’s your favourite part about playing passionate characters like the Zeltron? Do you have a favourite Zeltron character you’ve played? Where did you get your inspiration for the name? Tell us all about it in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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