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Selonian Name Generator & Backstories

“Dev Surr! You have been found guilty of that most heinous crime of lying! You shall be cast out from the den, and none shall countenance your words ever again. Your acts have gravely harmed all Selonians and have disgraced us all!”

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Kroyek Serr

Gudhov Sisto

Qav Fi

Volmog Puru

Qontryga Ber

Shutiissets Thendove

Shrava Lim

Checnilcal Felehon

Nev Thorr

Krud Kon

Mezzud Thindum

Zaknov Dirru

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The Selonian people consider Selonia in the Corellian System their home. As a society organised into dens and dedicated culturally to the greater good of the species as a whole, many outsiders struggle to comprehend Selonian motives.

Mandaba is the language of the Selonian people and has both written and audible forms. A key component if the language—and thus of Selonian names—is that it is pitched to carry well in the burrows that house Selonian dens.

Good Selonian Names

Good Selonian names consist of both forenames and surnames. Society and family is very important. One syllable names are common.

  • Nayd Themevod
  • Par Lirrehur
  • Krud Kon
  • Noyd Ria
  • Gukhez Filuhurr
  • Zekayd Li
  • Malnen Sul
  • Krazzev Posduhel
  • Munok Thu

Veyd Lovelnom

Veyd has a problem. Veyd is Force sensitive and the Jedi have come for him. But Veyd does not wish to go. How can he serve his den if he is not with his den? How will he cope, so far from them for so long? Veyd is contemplating running.

  • Gek Sosdol
  • Nok Besorr
  • Kreyd Futtolnom
  • Chuv Li
  • Deddoyd Ke
  • Chundek Ki
  • Zadoyd Delnever
  • Nukheg Komdoho
  • Gonur Disteron

Kruyd Lo

Kruyd Lo is accustomed to dealing with outsiders. She doesn’t like it, but it is for the greater good. Her planet needs the trade items from across the galaxy. She charges outworlders too much, though, and it hurts her business, which makes her feel guilty. Is she really serving her people well?

  • Mog Kosurrom
  • Dar Dil
  • Zan Tun
  • Polden Sik
  • Chared Tonto

Female Selonian Names

Female Selonian names are very similar to those of their male counterparts, but will sometimes have more syllables, particularly if the individual’s status is high.

  • Sathovets Durr
  • Fokychi Kusderr
  • Drechecmea Son
  • Shil Bom
  • Nu Tek
  • Suk Kowe
  • Dechoneer Perr
  • Klunyts Bomdya
  • Shrivyn Postosed

Miathe Dohek

The name of Miathe Dohek is revered, whispered of with awe. She is the model of everything a Selonian warrior should be, though the more traditionalist Selonians dislike her calls to allow those males who wish to train as warriors to do so. Miathe, however, is a progressive and pays them no mind.

  • Miayesthan Ser
  • Niivynok Ri
  • Qu Pik
  • Da Lowyam
  • Shem Semer
  • Cenom Biarryam
  • Drecle Do
  • Shuthom Fehyavoom
  • Dreymyts Thihon

Chuthulcy Desduttol

They whisper that she is mad. That she hears things no one else does. They keep her closed away from the young and from the wider den, but still they care for her. Do they not see how she is trying to help them? To warn them of what is coming?

  • Klichirtys Durtyalos
  • Fots Liaso
  • Men Rondemos
  • Fom Burr
  • Klathos Durtem

Male Selonian Names

Male Selonian names are almost indistinguishable from those of their female counterparts.

  • Pak Silnusdur
  • Ver Fendod
  • Gud Sohuttok
  • Qug Fiso
  • Kroyek Serr
  • Deyer Los
  • Foz Sentuvur
  • Guk Thienten
  • Mezzud Thindum

Dozzav Dertoowuk

Dozzav takes great care in excavating new dens. It is an important job! Vital for the good of society. Sometimes he wonders if they take too long to come to consensus, but that is the way things work. Who is he to challenge them? But sometimes, deep down, he wants to.

  • Fadev Thiasoorr
  • Qalug Kolnever
  • Gad Rim
  • Noyd Thosdu
  • Der Rihos
  • Chuyd Pi
  • Qedduyd Porru
  • Malor Kevus
  • Noknoyd Fovehu

Qav Fi

Qav is jittery. Nervous. Those that don’t know him assume he has a problem with recreational chemicals. Nothing could be further from the truth. Qav’s nervousness is an act, one he uses to keep people away because he is uncomfortable with anyone who is Selonian.

  • Gen Limdostyarr
  • Duyd Tundrok
  • Vor Thu
  • Nuyov Kuttor
  • Vurak Tel

What is it about Selonians that appeals to you? What do you think of their collectivist culture? How do you get into the mindset of an individual whose first concern isn’t themselves, but is rather their society as a whole? Let us know in the comments below!

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