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“Shavu is an artist! You should see the inventions in that workshop! Every one custom, not a mass-produced part in the whole place! Makes them a bit hard to repair, but you can’t argue with the quality. It’s top shelf, man. If you can afford it.”

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The Chadra-Fan are a diminutive people with bat-like faces and physiology. Hailing from the watery planet of Chad, the Chadra-Fan have highly developed senses, including smell and hearing, both of which are key to their communication as the Chadra-Fan partially communicate with one another via pheromones.

The Chadra-Fan language is both pitch sensitive and incorporates pheromones. Pheromones can even give a sense of an individual’s mood, though large groups of Chadra-Fan together produces so many pheromones that they can confuse one another as to the meaning of what an individual is saying.

Good Chadra-Fan Names

Good Chandra-Fan names incorporate lots of sounds that work well at a high pitch, in keeping with the species’ advanced senses.

  • Fale
  • Bezlona
  • Flokshe
  • Rey
  • Ishobi
  • Tuwi
  • Shivase
  • Igai
  • Medni

Tiqi Kefe

Tiqi left Chad as soon as she could. Those terrible waters! They still haunt her nightmares. That’s why she much prefers running a cantina on a desert planet. No water deep enough to drown in anywhere!

  • Navi
  • Dipne
  • Ishetze
  • Dobni
  • Lovb
  • Zurre
  • Yoczai
  • Vadi
  • Yaye


Gukze is an enforcer, though you wouldn’t know it just from looking at him. He’s small, even for a Chadra-Fan. But he more than makes up for it in viciousness. You do not want to see the business end of his vibrio-knife.

  • Taly
  • Noqkl
  • Chura
  • Gaqi Vi
  • Ashe Ode

Female Chadra-Fan Names

Female Chadra-Fan names end in A or E slightly more often than their male counterparts.

  • Alei Wie
  • Kiari
  • Uqi Pyni
  • Cekoi
  • Razoe
  • Mafe
  • Sane Chi
  • Siwka
  • Lawai


Zuvau loves working with Bertol and Kronch! They always have a lot of equipment to repair. Things get blown up so often for some reason! But they’re always nice to her and she gets to see lots of the galaxy, so she doesn’t mind. Bounty hunters? What bounty hunters?

  • Cele
  • Oqi Hivi
  • Ele Zhei
  • Iaza
  • Yuge
  • Shima Shi
  • Efi Coe
  • Weti
  • Kigoi


Ipace left her world, like many of her people, but there’s one crucial difference. Now that she has studied meteorology extensively she has returned to her planet, hoping to establish a weather-monitoring space station to track the hurricanes that periodically all-but destroy her culture.

  • Iwiki Nai
  • Rewe
  • Ipibua
  • Lulva
  • Dalzi

Male Chadra-Fan Names

Male Chadra-Fan names end in I slightly more often than their female counterparts.

  • Icoqua
  • Kigyoe
  • Vazi
  • Qekei
  • Khizqu
  • Chepke
  • Boqi
  • Ceczbi
  • Leli Siqi


Yeze had wind in his blood. That’s what he says whenever anyone compliments his flying. Because Yeze is a great pilot. He’s fast, agile, and has amazing reactions. Too bad that means he’s always got people pestering him to join this rebellion or that insurrection as a fighter. Yeze just wants to fly!

  • Huqi
  • Flafe
  • Vlawei
  • Choe Choi
  • Niqi
  • Qoze
  • Cuqi
  • Ginae
  • Wegaa

Uhove Inca

Uhove chose to study other cultures as much to flee the watery death inevitably coming for him on his planet as from his fascination with the wider galaxy. But he’s good at it. He’s made a few discoveries and a lot of credits. Just don’t ask him about that damned map!

  • Cubi
  • Flizqe
  • Azi Zefa
  • Fafa
  • Nicai

What is your favourite thing about the Chadra-Fan and why is it their awesome bat faces? Do you have any fun Chadra-Fan stories or creative tricks for coming up with Chadra-Fan names? Let us know in the comments!

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