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Trandoshan Name Generator & Guide

“You want her, you need her, put your hands together for Pir Jit! That’s right! Pir Jit, victor of a thousand battles! Wearer of a thousand ears! This gladiatorial arena is about to get a whole new coat of paint. Red, red paint! You want to see a fight? Well, we’ve got a great one tonight! Domini! Release the Wookiee!”

Generate Names

Nriggassh Jhodre

Osurssk Tsugg

Pe Hssarsosss

Jeen Meec

Bort Olooc

Blengeerr Feogg

Kranirrsk Tsosch

Kless Hskegh

Neggo Ors

Zuit Trogg

Zurtsnyrth Stauc

Gwhurt Stihk

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Table of Contents

Trandoshans are a bipedal, reptilian species from the planet Trandosha. They are vicious, warlike, and have a particular dislike of Wookiees. Culturally they are highly competitive and favour aggressive lifestyles, leading many to become bounty hunters, mercenaries, or other, similar figures.

The Trandoshan language is known as Dosh and is composed of growls, hisses, and all manner of harsh grunting noises. This can be a great starting point for choosing or creating your own Trandoshan names!

Good Trandoshan Names

Trandoshans use both forenames and surnames. Both harsh, sharp sounds and repeated collections of sibilants are common. Mix and match to find your own name!

  • Cuqzakss Firs
  • Uilfarrsk Smogg
  • Kleksuishk Deaksaa
  • Travro Gaun
  • Gwhirg Deacre
  • Zuit Trogg
  • Sstroosskk Gyssesss
  • Iphakss Stingu
  • Dhaasskk Bimest

Vremx Kluc

Vremx Kluc may not be the greatest bounty hunter of them all, may not be the most affordable, but she makes a strong case for being the most vicious. You need a message sent, Vremx just might be the right choice.

  • Chesst Hso
  • Qorth Az
  • Slirt Zurri
  • Igrit Hssugh
  • Dhaiggeet Gaksuhk
  • Akrerr Fivass
  • Kless Hskegh
  • Gwhykss Aass
  • Zurrsk Klorik

Tssoorth Gennesch

Trandoshans live for hunting. Most of them keep to hunting on their home worlds, or turning to bounties. Tssoorth, however, takes hunting to a whole new level. He travels the galazy, hunting the most dangerous game he can find on every planet.

  • Slakt Hskoss
  • Osurssk Tsugg
  • Cemroc Smuggee
  • Tshisdohssk Bri
  • Pesskronk Fu

Female Trandoshan Names

Little differentiates female and male Trandoshan names. Female names are occasionally subtly longer sounding, but not always.

  • Gruuk Omreasss
  • Mserthosh Irs
  • Kneldekss Vlyngy
  • Vekhseth Govi
  • Trohsoo Igh
  • Yvool Vlegg
  • Qaissim Jhcauz
  • Fulssy Smunaugh
  • Rhuunn Grudrol

Ssuukss Ussk

A gourmand of gore, Ssuukss is known for drinking the blood of her enemies. It’s her favourite pastime. The way she makes her way through the galaxy, contract to contract, she’s never thirsty for long.

  • Knuu Hsetnist
  • Qu Tsivvi
  • Gyc Saklissk
  • Msad Svuhk
  • Atla Vyk
  • Sla Hssogokt
  • Eli Ars
  • Nekhsis Etch
  • Kolssis Bagla

Dralsuc Ursassk

Trandoshan hunters often blend in perfectly with the jungle as they hunt. Dralsuc does them one better. This spy makes a point of using her skills to infiltrate and retrieve information for anyone who can afford her services.

  • Kulsse Odi
  • Mikse Dryssea
  • Fralssym Bec
  • Uphis Hsysss
  • Pe Hssarsosss

Male Trandoshan Names

Male names are virtually indistinguishable from female ones. There is a very slight tendency for male names to tend a bit shorter.

  • Xek Hordool
  • Virrsk Jess
  • Dhuigg Birsokt
  • Geygrashk Irn
  • Zurtsnyrth Stauc
  • Starst Svemsatch
  • Kruhk Vars
  • Tssepp Klodgo
  • Jonkarkh Fysi

Cuxx Vol

Trandoshans are known for their skill in battle and their fearless dedication to the art of war. Cuxx Vol is the opposite of that. A snivelling, weasely excuse for a reptile, Vol will tell anyone anything they want to hear. All it takes is the threat of violence.

  • Sstroktooq Emmukt
  • Aarny Rik
  • Mresst Kosdi
  • Brurst So
  • Zuff Migsaasss
  • Olfuxx Guhk
  • Kan Kleoksyst
  • Qekss Drear
  • Grossh Rucdul

Dhaarthekt Selligh

There are old Trandoshans, and there are bold Trandoshans, but there are no old, bold Trandoshans. Dhaarthekt Selligh is the closest thing you will find, though the veteran spends most of his time at the bottom of a bottle these days.

  • Shadaasst Hsygsohk
  • Vizzmec Klavast
  • Ordissc Brekrez
  • Dhusst Syssk
  • Slyre Ist

Did you enjoy this guide? There’s always something fun about playing a big, brutal bad guy, and the Trandoshans definitely fit that description! Do you have any tricks for roleplaying or naming Trandoshan characters? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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