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Echani Name Generator & Backstories

“Alectre Midlea is the one you want to train you, if you’re serious about one to one combat. But know this, if you go down that road, she will know you better than you know yourself by the time you’re done. The Echani, they understand a lot just by fighting a person. Training them? You’ll have no secrets left.”

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Mandiah Mezeh

Drovec Mokah

Nas Vom

Otti Dand

Param Noulvam

Zatil Bedris

Neti Mezzen

Menome Bodis

Hindai Vim

Igos Bud

Mi Den

Hune Rudd

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Echani originate from the Inner Rim, on a world known as Eshan. The society is matrilineal in nature and divided into strict castes. Combat is a prized part of the culture and many believe that you cannot truly know someone until you have fought them.

Names used by the Echani are often, though not always, multi-syllabic in nature. They employ both forenames and surnames with a mixture of common sounds and syllables.

Good Echani Names

Echani names make use of several punchy syllables and often incorporate N, M, D, or K sounds at the end of these syllables.

  • Udo Arge
  • Zedha Dirn
  • Eroc Agden
  • Breva Muukrem
  • Num Bade
  • Selic Bargarm
  • Hosom Lod
  • Bren Don
  • Drottoc Zalkass

Drovec Mokah

Years ago, Drovec was the most feared name on all of Eshan. The old warrior still commands respect, but others have eclipsed her bloody star. Now, Drovec spends most of her time in a small cafe, drinking hot beverages and chasing away the younglings constantly pestering her for stories.

  • Hun Mon
  • Pumec Nouss
  • Vusi Vass
  • Rigil Lon
  • Pita Oran
  • Rad Boorkid
  • Zed Lood
  • Brailod Akem
  • Vadic Dokem

Sod Bankir

No one on Eshan has a kind word to say about Sod Bankir. Scheming, they say. Untrustworthy. Sod maintains that he just has a different way of fighting. A better way. One that uses credits instead of fists.

  • Evon Vorgirm
  • Sodhi Douh
  • Gac Mulda
  • Ran Vin
  • Pul Lilve

Female Echani Names

Female Echani names are not much different from those of their male counterparts, though they will employ vowel and sibilant endings slightly more often.

  • Manzia Nargim
  • La Okram
  • Ailna Ankidd
  • Endo Zoora
  • Dishino Vudre
  • Ithe Douss
  • Cai Ode
  • Dene Ras
  • Aisti Doukis

Krandona Zorm

Games are also a form of battle, though many Echani do not see it that way. None of them has ever come up against Krandona Zorm, however. If she asks you if you care for a game, be very sure you will win. Or run.

  • Ce Doh
  • Ligno Olkin
  • Latai Lergiss
  • Cenda Dorked
  • Dindeze Mokred
  • Menome Bodis
  • Jetha Lah
  • Hindai Vim
  • Dodho Nom

Mandiah Mezeh

Not all who fight require a weapon, or armor, but those who do swear by the craft of the aging Mandiah Mezeh. Her skill with an edge is rumored to be the greatest in the system. If you need something for a fight, this is where you look.

  • Va Ogdir
  • Lezaa Nazerm
  • Ale Rarm
  • Danye Murn
  • Vidho Bodidd

Male Echani Names

Male Echani names are similar to female Echani names, though male names use abrupt sound patterns slightly more often, and the prominence of the letter D is slightly more common.

  • Nic Adriss
  • Rulhes Agend
  • Sem Oogad
  • Zin Denkas
  • Natic Okkem
  • Udha Muh
  • Dros Luss
  • Bren Zalke
  • Umo Dos

Emil Voolked

Emil will never be a famous warrior. He will never bring battle to the stars or command grand armies. But he’s happy enough maintaining the peace of his small village. Give him a nice barroom brawl any day. It’s the simple pleasures, really.

  • Otti Dand
  • Hesod Rougrer
  • Gren Valde
  • Zan Baldis
  • Rotil Norm
  • Neti Mezzen
  • Pen Balkeh
  • Zatil Bedris
  • Holhed Liras

Atos Vode

Tough love is synonymous with Atos Vode. No one likes having to visit him, but everyone eventually does. After all, once you get beaten in a fight, someone has to patch you up. That someone is Atos. Though the cure is often more painful than the disease, when you’re in his care.

  • Den Nud
  • Aga Zadadd
  • Podha Ader
  • Zorac Ergirm
  • Brudhel Doke

Do you have any stories about playing Echani characters? What did you use for inspiration when coming up with their name? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you and start a conversation!

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