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Mirialan Name Generator & Guide

“I’m searching for the great shaman Imukeza,” the Jedi said, bowing respectfully. “Her connection to the Force has been known to us for some time and we wish to consult with her on a great disturbance that has been sensed by some of hte leaders of our order.”

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Mirialans are a humanoid species native to the planet Mirial, comfortable in the wide deserts and wastelands of that planet. They have a strong connection to the natural world and value its preservation. This naturally lends itself to a respect for and belief in The Force.

Family names are either uncommon or not widely shared amongst Mirialans. Most simply are known by a single name, often comprised of one or two syllables. This might be due to their origins as a desert people. Language would be economical to conserve moisture.

Good Mirialan Names

Mirialan names are often short and concise. Choose one or two syllables that sound like they would echo easily across the dunes of a vast desert.

  • Arurc
  • Tahd
  • Fivzua
  • Ros
  • Gazt
  • Yom
  • Boc
  • Kaza
  • Qelu


Need a mount bred specially for desert travel? Kido is your man. Kido can get you where you want to go. Only the best for his friends, of course. Kido will cut you a great deal! But if you try to cheat Kido, Kido will cut you.

  • Lar
  • Kefta
  • Floto
  • Cab
  • Daqu
  • Tadvoa
  • Giz
  • Racoi
  • Kih


Something of a pariah amongst the Mirialan, Vovfi takes the preservation of nature in an interesting direction. Wines, dried fruits, and other such delicacies are their speciality. And senators and crime lords have been known to pay dearly for their efforts.

  • Flizp
  • Calh
  • Kaziz
  • Jocfro
  • Rofk

Female Mirialan Names

Female Mirialan names have a slight tendency towards softer sounds that mimic noises found in nature, like the s of the hiss of wind-driven sand.

  • Chasge
  • Ewez
  • Rehtiga
  • Jigisu
  • Pev
  • Chazkemi
  • Tuveti
  • Netua
  • Zevyzo


Dilo cut her teeth racing across the sands. As she grew she turned her expertise into racing starships. An expert courier, they say that not even gravity can hold her if she really punches it on her ship. Plus, she’s very discreet.

  • Roqu
  • Mucuyu
  • Gurluza
  • Fliz
  • Ezunn
  • Yevwu
  • Lunye
  • Vuzu
  • Livre


An expert in xenoarchaeology, Ushabt is the person you want to talk to if you need an item authenticated. She is always happy to help, for a small fee of course. How else do you think she funds her expeditions?

  • Chetki
  • Mezma
  • Zil
  • Wuhi
  • Iibia

Male Mirialan Names

Male Mirialan names also draw their inspiration from the natural sounds that popular Mirial, though they are more likely to incorporate syllables in a staccato or rough fashion.

  • Vihu
  • Beqo
  • Nez
  • Dowqa
  • Udiz
  • Biks
  • Qart
  • Mapi
  • Zuk


There are many bounty hunters across the galaxy. Qenvo is just another like all the rest. Well, maybe not like all the rest. Qenvo doesn’t hurt kids. At all. For any reason. So if your job means hurting kids, well, you might need to watch your back.

  • Yaqko
  • Vangk
  • Chamch
  • Furi
  • Ozuz
  • Ritvi
  • Vule
  • Uzohi
  • Ciwk


“Sand in the gears” is just about the worst thing Jivzeche can imagine. Being a mechanic in the desert isn’t easy. It’s not much easier in a stardock, on a station, or anywhere else, but Jivzeche sure makes it look easy. This is the mechanic you want, if you can afford him.

  • Zazu
  • Neyt
  • Yapqoa
  • Likch
  • Chadzu

Did you enjoy this guide? I’m a big fan of Jedi Master Luminara. Who is your favourite Mirialan? Do you have any tricks for naming Mirialan characters? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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