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Besalisk Name Generator & Backstories

“Quld! Quld Gix! Where are you, you lazy son of a swamp wumpus!? I hired you to work for six cycles so you had better not have snuck off to fulfill some idiotic idea of wanderlust or adventure! Quld! You hear me?”

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Drel Ingreg

Chax Bulstal

Gox Rad

Relwal Ranes

Feb Ined

Nokend Zedder

Keb Buldrix

Rorren Krarlik

Narya Kar

Siriah Bid

Thas Idril

Zis Nurled

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The Besalisk are humanoids with multiple sets of arms that come from the planet Ojom, a cold, oceanic world. Male Besalisks have a crest upon their heads and four arms, while females can have as many as eight arms.

A quick-witted and sociable people, Besalisk culture maintains a careful balance between settlements to minimise conflict. Names are often short and comprised of syllables that carry well in the cold weather conditions of their home planet.

Good Besalisk Names

Good Besalisk names involve both forenames and surnames with short, simple syllables.

  • Dond Nag
  • Baroul Yal
  • Qekka Nuttstik
  • Kobleld Ekkes
  • Band Krildrik
  • Gorvi Nakos
  • Pevvend Eg
  • Nord Nul
  • Nebbal Rukkir

Rurvind Dugg

Most business on Ojom happens above the planet on mobile space stations, one of which Rurvind Dugg manages. Affable and easy-going, Dugg can get as mean as a magma viper if station rules are broken. So don’t break them, unless you want all of your arms broken as well.

  • Puli Ud
  • Xerra Zerlir
  • Mer Bel
  • Fonnou Batteg
  • Xovvard Ag
  • Rurd Yikill
  • Dex Yed
  • Runne Kaldreg
  • Genxeld Ditrek

Drel Ingreg

Drel left Ojom as soon as she could, fascinated by the technology of the wider galaxy and frustrated by her planet’s lack of industry. Currently she’s working the shipping lanes in exchange for passage until she gets to a planet where she can learn to build these mechanical wonders for herself.

  • Xeniu Vakkill
  • Qekkild Zaddill
  • Ravve Nutrell
  • Dutteb Zuttil
  • Fur Rungrir

Female Besalisk Names

Female Besalisk names have a slight tendency to employ X sounds more often than do their male counterparts.

  • Narya Kar
  • Midoss Er
  • Laza Duttstis
  • Mosie Vunog
  • Snasux Ill
  • Thas Idril
  • Medis Rad
  • Zos Gillox
  • Chal Jildras

Hex Ek

Hex’s community has grown too large and now she has been  asked to lead a new settlement, taking a group of families and leading them to a new life on a new glacier. Her stoic face is a great reassurance to those going with her, though no one but Hex knows what a mask it is.

  • Teruix Kugg
  • Nevein Kredror
  • Hevol Vutrag
  • Letes Killag
  • Mesun Itix
  • Tina Gredeg
  • Thoss Yud
  • Fesun Kugg
  • Chatex Vandrix

Nexi Bex

Among the chatty Besalisk Nexi is something of an outlier. Nexi is shy, rarely saying a word, but she creates beautiful murals of ice and snow in the drifts near to her settlement. And there are some who say a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Siriah Bid
  • Haras All
  • Saze Yis
  • Tex Is
  • Saval Ungrod

Male Besalisk Names

Male Besalisk names have a tendency to be slightly longer than those of their female counterparts.

  • Qokkiun Jed
  • Jenxerd Vur
  • Xaldes Kerek
  • Rala Grikkigg
  • Keb Buldrix
  • Reld Raddegg
  • Drenwal Rikkid
  • Relwal Ranes
  • Kalli Ix

Del Bakstell

Brassy and boisterous, Del Bakstell loves Coruscanti cigars and his ship, an old hunk of junk that can barely make it from settlement to settlement. Still, the old trader keeps making the run. Is he hiding from something, or does he just like the feel of water beneath his feet?

  • Kablild Yikkek
  • Bonwax Irlek
  • Xas Jener
  • Bebla Undeg
  • Jorward Vel
  • Bokka Krellel
  • Pab Dutok
  • Morra Kretell
  • Paner Grek

Paldil Zengrog

Besalisk have a lot of endurance. They have to to keep going through the cold, dark oceans of Ojom. Paldil has turned that to his advantage as a bounty hunter. Others may beat him to the target, but given enough time, he can run anything down.

  • Gulwind Gur
  • Druld Guttogg
  • Kolald Dirlik
  • Xerd Kirvegg
  • Mavvan Bekkeg

How many arms do you like your Besalisk characters to have? Do you have any cool tricks or strategies for coming up with Besalisk names? What appeals to you most about playing a Besalisk character? Let us know in the comments!

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