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Clone Trooper Name Generator & Backstories

“Oh, mate, if you want something like that you gotta see Ace. There’s not a trooper in this quadrant that can play the odds like he can. And he’s as lucky behind the controls of a drop ship as he is with dice, cards, or betting on the races!”

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Clone Troopers are members of the army grown specially to order on the planet Kamino. Also known as “the Boys in White,” Clone Troopers were produced as a superior force to combat the comparatively less competent battle-droid armies.

As Clones, the Troopers are not given names as such. Each one begins life with an identity number instead. Clone Trooper names therefore tend to be very much in the style of military nicknames—one word monikers that describe their personality or accomplishments. When they don’t simply go by their number, that is.

Good Clone Trooper Names

A good Clone Trooper name should tell you a lot about the character or their relationship with the people and world around them. Clones aren’t given names; they’re earned or lovingly bestowed later in their life cycle.

  • J-577
  • Thus
  • Nyncyy
  • Fatyss
  • Gryntart
  • Horror
  • B-949
  • Seg
  • Dyolit


Blaster fire has a habit of going wide when things get hairy on the battlefield, but Bounce has a way of making it work to his advantage. He’s never hit a target in the field, but for some reason whatever he hits instead tends to malfunction or blow up and cause much more damage than any single lasted bolt could ever hope to.

  • Feather
  • H-663
  • M-436
  • Nyork
  • Lanch
  • Dyg’oy
  • Zunlay
  • Spyder
  • JUR916


JEN-867 is one of those troopers that somehow oozes charisma, but all it does is make everyone dislike him. You’re likely to find all sorts of insulting messages about him scratched on equipment and rocks around troop encampments. Don’t believe half of it. Believe all of it.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9


Chase got his name because the man will just not give up. No matter what it is, he will not let it go. He’ll chase after it without rest until he gets it. In another life, he might have made a great bounty hunter, but in this one, he’s a Clone Trooper.

  • Dust
  • RM-366
  • TXO-140
  • Lub
  • Gott
  • Stoffyss
  • Xal’i
  • Action
  • Z-105


Some clones do what they’re told, when they’re told to do it, and that’s all they want or need. NI-5309 is one of those. He’s about as expressive as a rock and there are battle droids with more personality, but don’t ever say it out loud in the hearing of his unit. Or they will end you.

  • BLX-735
  • Syerrt
  • Tritt
  • Ryci
  • Ozac
  • Horror
  • Basis
  • V-86
  • Hall


Whatever they added to the clone mix the day they decanted Cheeks is a mystery, but there isn’t another trooper in the galaxy with a mouth as big as this one. No matter the order, he’s got a smart reply. No matter the insult, he’s got one twice as bad to fling back. It’s landed his unit in hot water too many times to count.

  • Yttoy
  • D-V8
  • Honor
  • Ortuk
  • Bass
  • F-Class
  • C-008
  • Glaive
  • Thul


Laconic and hard to talk to, B8-88 doesn’t seem to ever want to do much of anything. Oh, he does as he’s ordered—barely. Just enough to keep from being sent up for insubordination. Even then, if he weren’t;t so good with small armaments, he might be permanently reassigned.

  • Y-135
  • Dahrm
  • Clay
  • A-037
  • Viz
  • Whand
  • HH-004
  • Jiives
  • Sighs


Someone has to take care of all the other knuckleheads in the regiment, and that someone is Ma. No one knows if he actually likes doing it, but he’s always there, ready to remind this trooper or that that what they’re about to do is a really, really stupid idea. OK, Ma.

  • Noanceyk
  • Yzall
  • Clue
  • NPK-520
  • Y-858

Who is your favourite clone trooper? Is it one of the frequently appearing cadre on Clone Wars, like Fives or Captain Rex? Or is it one that’s specific to your game, either as an NPC or a PC? Tell us why in the comments below, and let us know if you have any cool ways to come up with Clone Trooper names!

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