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Duros Name Generator & Backstories

“Welcome, Traveller Cahl Chroud, to this humble bazaar. What might I interest you in today? Some fresh terlahh root? No? This antique F’nonc? No? Perhaps you might be interested in this ancient star chart? Recovered from a set of ruins on Ged’kis Prime?”

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Fool Stu

Jizeil Lerraks

Fid Tribbul

Hoor Trolt

Zaal Trool

Faluha Sirlult

Lamnenso Kecolt

Rainehwor Trolwel

Heildal Vugal

Rom Vaallus

Jenzad Zhus

Cun Jorlam

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The Duros (sometimes called Durosians) are reptilian humanoids native to the planet Duro. The Duros were among the first sentient species in the galaxy to become capable of interstellar travel. Their civilization is very old and they appear in the folklore of many other species, including humans.

Duros names tend to the simple and melodic, and usually are comprised of 1-3 syllables. The culture lauds travellers and explorers, so consider looking to your favorite landmarks for inspiration.

Good Duros Names

A good Duros name is simple and takes advantage of strong, clear syllables. Consider repeating consonants or vowels across both first and last name for a harmonious sound.

  • Hir Lul
  • Luzol Biks
  • Elar Steg
  • Caalelwur Halt
  • Solulaid Bega
  • Fod Hoguks
  • Zaim Traas
  • Amer Bim
  • Caal Mas

Hid Holt

Few Duros live on the polluted surface of the planet, and most of htem are farmers. Hid is no exception, working the land her family has tilled for generations. Not for her the dreams of exploration and travel. There’s enough adventure in making sure her people have enough to eat.

  • Fizadwad Trog
  • Zood Treirdul
  • Gul Vis
  • Cuzil Tal
  • Denen Tril
  • Zontel Kilmood
  • Fimsomsir Das
  • Jaam Veegnul
  • Caid Doon

Fid Tribbul

Fid specialises in xenobiology. There are so many strange creatures throughout the galaxy, and Fid is fascinated by them all. If you need to find out about the life cycle of a rancor or how best to breed tontons, Fid is the guy to ask.

  • Ronsum Dolt
  • Anaamel Lus
  • Ididwal Dorlam
  • Ger Ho
  • Zer Merdiks

Female Duros Names

Female Duros names are more likely to use longer, drawn out vowels for a melodious effect.

  • Nidi Herlalt
  • Sanda Tres
  • Raimdoo Vubbim
  • Jaantasli Siggi
  • Fonsuhne Ke
  • Rudwimmei Stabbig
  • Mohno Sen
  • Lumo Tamed
  • Fichu Keim

Deslo Treglag

Deslo Treglag is a rising star amongst astronavigators. In a galaxy as wide and strange as this, it’s a talent in high demand. Deslo could command a high premium for her services. She prefers, however, to work for passage, aiding in the exploration and discovery of new systems.

  • Nehmo Jig
  • Tirlacho Seid
  • Chichehli Jed
  • Sarloonse Zhamdas
  • Nale Leks
  • Mante Silt
  • Donse Bondog
  • Laime Moglil
  • Toslumsi Zhoks

Larloo Taks

As worlds are discovered or rediscovered, lost civilizations and societies come to light as well. Larloo is a student of these worlds and civilizations, studying to one day become an archaeologist and win support to go on digs herself.

  • Zanninwo Lacus
  • Jide Traaks
  • Rainnaa Muzal
  • Sede Vuzoos
  • Firlu Loos

Male Duros Names

Male Duros names are more likely to contrast sounds between their first and last names, to give a feeling of expansion to their name.

  • Rom Vaallus
  • Fool Stu
  • Had Ma
  • Nuntid Buntas
  • Juntul Vaks
  • Remaansed Trad
  • Ded Stirdes
  • Jinssam Kaag
  • Rem Lun

Din Deirrin

Knowledge of spaceways is useful for so many reasons. Din tends to use it mainly to fund his spice habit, smuggling for various small-time crime lords and wanna-be dictators. It’s easy work if you know the right shortcuts. And Din likes easy.

  • Omudom Hos
  • Zaal Trool
  • Jam Bumdol
  • Fananten Harlug
  • Dan Joompooks
  • Ronzan Mos
  • Gaadanon Ban
  • Maar Locholt
  • Sair Stos

Jizeil Lerraks

Heir to an ancient noble house, Jizeil Lerraks is everything that a classical Duros should be: intelligent, curious, well-travelled. In secret, however, he craves power, and is willing to work with anyone—or any dark force—to get it.

  • Imzed Lalt
  • Jalzonil Vun
  • Orwizom Bimpum
  • Cun Jorlam
  • Salzad Tam

How often do you play explorers? When was the last time you played a Duros? Do you have any tricks to coming up with names? Or do you like our suggestion to use your favorite landmark as inspiration? Tell us about it in the comments!

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