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Hutt Name Generator & Guide

The honourable Grishaiss Eshah is confused as to why you have not yet paid your debt to them,” the protocol droid said, cocking its head to one side. “Unfortunately you have run out of both credit and good will. You have twenty-five hours. If the money is not in Grishaiss Eshah’s hands by then, you will pay with your skin.

Generate Names

Nonyurm Raroh

Szalrisch Plibuac

Korrgeur Solbag

Urki Grabak

Smeltiod Yird

Whurdelbik Kloozz

Yarduuzz Gahl

Ashertu Glorm

Farzer Harphol

Khilnunto Fod

Datja Cualrirgg

Ceetjelb Wal

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Table of Contents

The Hutt originate from a planet called Nal Hutta. Massive and slug-like, the Hutt have a reputation as gangsters and crime lords. Hutt have three lungs and tend to deep, gravelly voices.

The Hutt language is resonant and complex. Good Hutt names can be either short or long, but most will have guttural sounds. As Hutt are hermaphroditic, they do not tend to have innately male of female names, though they occasionally adopt masculine or feminine sounding names for various reasons.

Good Hutt Names

A good Hutt name is memorable! It should be resonant, guttural, and fit with the position the character holds in the galaxy.

  • Kriogu Puus
  • Filduthoob Mush
  • Puddlathulb Mig
  • Qardrosk Susch
  • Szatjio Cirgg
  • Drethizz Qirpu
  • Vataath Pran
  • Celesker Togg
  • Bwethenyoeh Mimbe

Roqox Genn

The youngest child of Jarkoth Genn, Roqox is bent on following in their sire’s slimy trail. Roqox is a bully and a thug and all the other Hutt young in their social circle fear them and offer tribute in toys, spending credits, and snacks.  

  • Farzer Harphol
  • Kurroob Sparphur
  • Vukorrbeth Bwah
  • Absa Fiortem
  • Ogguhl Drergg
  • Zegha Szur
  • Skoorbizz Triss
  • Pletteddek Kirgg
  • Greemdreh Vakunn

Skillo Vuskhoa

This elderly Hutt adopts feminine mannerisms and is responsible for the social training of all the noble Hutt offspring. It is Skillo that trains them in espionage and the ways of wielding power. Some of her students are better than others, of course, but she does her best by all of them because she truly believes in Hutt supremacy.

  • Ashertu Glorm
  • Olton Qaz
  • Kuchreg Neull
  • Bwalni Oteg
  • Targithizz Merm

Female Hutt Names

Feminine Hutt names often make more use of vowel sounds and tend to be slightly less guttural.

  • Bwoddess Buwuc
  • Szendi Breb
  • Deda Mochrar
  • Porblezz Corchrosk
  • Zunurg Nowasch
  • Kaelolb Masaab
  • Nonyurm Raroh
  • Groenyika Teuc
  • Vukorrbeth Bwah

Hurdru Blendugg

Every criminal empire needs its fixers, even one that’s as much of a blunt instrument as the Hutt empires tend to be. Hurdru is one of the best the Hutt can boast. At least in terms of their own species. She works exclusively for the Hutt families and you do not want to get in her way. She’ll eat you for lunch. Literally.

  • Krorblah Lud
  • Bwimbi Bugirg
  • Plindunnoob Shoom
  • Spenurgg Gloed
  • Globdu Whettal
  • Elteubdak Vuzz
  • Urki Grabak
  • Dreddlab Guppa
  • Lawnaskha Gurphua

Reetterkall Debsaag

Ambassador Reetterkall Debsaag oversees those negotiations the Hutt wish to make with the nobles and merchant houses of the galaxy. She has an immense appetite for gossip and a sharp eye for political opportunities. Her real weakness, however, is candied lizards.

  • Shuthull Prasch
  • Grexamroor Gess
  • Bothessush Qoorgas
  • Prollozz Geg
  • Ioskhinvool Bwuth

Male Hutt Names

Masculine Hutt names are often sharp and resonant, meant to convey hard power and personal strength.

  • Wisi Klimbulb
  • Naegge Wham
  • Khulnio Qumdrad
  • Lughai Himesch
  • Terlaskar Shasch
  • Poollonn Maffros
  • Hulras Szird
  • Rurroell Tozz
  • Zirblalusk Custeu

Holdezz Wilb

The appetites of the Hutt are legendary and Holdezz has made himself indispensable catering to those appetites. He is the one who prepares most of the lavish Hutt banquets. It’s not the life of power many Hutt dream of, but Holdezz has carved out a very comfortable niche for himself.

  • Klothubog Grusch
  • Anjih Telnez
  • Shodohl Vehl
  • Gottu Bworg
  • Whilron Skargg
  • Foobdairm Bil
  • Plondug Nubu
  • Brugass Yal
  • Trerzo Ponn

Yarduuzz Gahl

There are criminal empires and then there are criminal outposts to those empires. Yarduuzz Gahl runs one of these outposts. His casino in Mos Espa does a steady business, though what it’s most useful to the Hutt empire for is its ability to launder money. One the side, Yarduuzz will even take on side projects. For a healthy percentage, of course.

  • Chugizz Galdoem
  • Whurdelbik Kloozz
  • Klortegg Brorzud
  • Vendall Spakud
  • Breffihl Lalres

Did you enjoy this guide? Who is your favorite Hutt? The classic Jaba? Zero from Clone Wars? What’s your favourite part about playing a crime boss? Do you have any tricks for roleplaying or naming Hutt characters? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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