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Devaronian Name Generator & Guide

“If you are looking for Virohr Geg, I can safely say you’ve found him,” the tall Devaronian said smoothly as he poured himself some Aldebaran wine. The mood lighting played across his skin, turning it from red to aubergine. “Whether you can afford me, on the other hand, well, that remains to be seen. Drink?”

Generate Names

Jeikak T’vulric

Say D’vilgoq

Nus D’rumakt

Ralossirc Miz

Craokhu Jurk

Nilmikloss Tes

Vrox Jen

Tikreras Dromew

Cruessokaat T’vegnan

Rivorc Chasnaul

Vrelmuer Chiddind

Tuth Dhaz

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Hailing from the planet Devaron, the Devaronians were one of the first species to develop hyperdrive capability. Males of the species sport bald heads and horns and have a devil-like appearance, while females have only vestigial horns and a full head of hair.

Devaronians employ both forenames and surnames, each of which can be in lengths of one to four syllables, in any combination. Harsh, dark sounds are favoured by both sexes when choosing names.

Good Devaronian Names

A good Devaronian name has several harsh syllables, and often makes use of letters like X, K, and D.

  • Cruk Gec
  • Lorc Menduw
  • Zekrak T’rew
  • Vrelmuer Chiddind
  • Guc Vas
  • Salmeihr N’vendak
  • Hehk T’ruew
  • Kuess G’vognant
  • Ras Nemroc

Gakh D’valow

You want a good time while you’re on Coruscant and don’t want to risk running in to any kind of wretched scum or villainy? You want Gakh D’valow’s club, Nightside, on level C66. It may not host senators, but it’s got an exclusive clientele all its own.

  • Zegroleilt T’vukloc
  • Vrimdekh Mimun
  • Sot Drahk
  • Richo N’vulleg
  • Grucx G’vur
  • Crik Vask
  • Zukrass Dhug
  • Haacharc Rag
  • Truemux Hun

Chalt D’rehrk

Never say the House of D’rehrk has fallen on hard times. Chalt D’rehrk will see to it that you die for such words. Even if he has to sell off the last few family heirlooms left to his name. For Chalt, his name is all, and he will stop at nothing to preserve its value.

  • Vruss Vasesk
  • Zerh Drenneq
  • Himdohr T’rergir
  • Sukh Ciq
  • Vahr Vizeikt

Female Devaronian Names

Female Devaronian names make slightly more use of sibilants, possibly because of the differences between male and female Devaronian teeth.

  • Cihsu Tanderk
  • Li Tek
  • Kaol Nulgehk
  • Huhsuchas Broq
  • Tuth Dhaz
  • Neiloth Cul
  • Chaulibhu Vil
  • Brel Nosak
  • Hon Tart

Ghith D’vev

Growing up a street rat with nothing, Ghith swore she would never again go hungry once she made it. And made it she has. Ghith D’vev joined a small cartel as an enforcer and made her way swiftly up the ranks. Now she controls a fortune that would make most sentiments weep.

  • Chevuen T’raant
  • Thirheth T’veir
  • Lagna Brakrect
  • Gue Rosuq
  • Magi Gaq
  • Cre Maos
  • Kisis Chomiw
  • Vuchih Vihrk
  • Chogay Drargast

Mal Menaul

Mal Menaul is very good at one thing: doing just enough to keep herself comfortable. If it is high profit and low effort, she’ll do it. She hasn’t been caught yet, mostly because she’s smart enough to outsource most of the work and live off the cream she skims off the top. For now.

  • Cos Dranhindt
  • Monchal G’vost
  • Tih Jec
  • Crah Geict
  • Lu Dreniv

Male Devaronian Names

Male Devaronian names use more guttural sounds than their female counterparts, possibly because males of the species have evolved a different set of teeth.

  • Kut Voz
  • Nellekh T’rurt
  • Grigre Hosek
  • Vrox Jen
  • Hoss Chasev
  • Jeikhues Grost
  • Lalax Druer
  • Zevracicx Chaus
  • Tikreras Dromew

Vrilt Drust

You need a new identity? Vrilt is your guy. You need falsified papers? A few hundred thousand credits in false bonds or illegitimate artwork? Vrilt is your guy. He’s the best forger that you’ve never heard of.

  • Griklummuhk Gukt
  • Nivru Hirk
  • Rax Mezuc
  • Maac Driw
  • Kortuk Rund
  • Chan T’radark
  • Vaanaath Vadehk
  • Javrin Cergoct
  • Neth N’vav

Muth Tudont

Law and order have a complicated status on Devaron. How could they not, in a society as old as the Devaronians have? Much Tudont does what he can to enact that law and keep the order, though it grows more and more challenging as the years go on.

  • Nus D’rumakt
  • Gicx Grueq
  • Vraovrallaurh Dreig
  • Cuerc Mist
  • Navas T’rig

Did you enjoy this guide? What’s the most exciting part of playing a Devaronian for you? Do you have any tricks for roleplaying or naming Devaronian characters? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below!

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