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Kaleesh Name Generator & Backstories

“I am Nim Sudosh! You know me, you know my story. What you may not know is that outsiders have come to Kalee. I ask you all, now, to bow before me. Unite! That we may drive these invaders from our world!”

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Xockast Jal Rrammiith

Los Jal Qyn

Lommine San Rrer

Jaantae Grykkossh

Gimirg Kammil

Lmuvure Kannassh

Broarrerg Keesh

Bem Rraddissh

Qamterg San Skaesh

Ddummone Taelim

Jiggalerg Rreth

Tharelogh Gror

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The home planet of the Kaleesh is known as Kalee. The Kaleesh are a deeply spiritual and warlike people, who are rarely seen by outsiders without one of their customary masks of spike and bone.

Reptilian in nature, Kaleesh are a warlike and tribal people, though likely to unite in the face of outside invasion. Their names often incorporate sibilant sounds, like many other reptilian peoples of the galaxy.

Good Kaleesh Names

Kaleesh names use both forename and surname, which is sometimes a tribal name. Sibilants and gutturals are common.

  • Bem Rraddissh
  • Gymegh Bash
  • Qolaerg Seem
  • Shilosh Tymmessh
  • Nyntair Jaezei
  • Grynkemirg Kyl
  • Shyramyrrgh Kagesh
  • Byteri Skyzes
  • Lyrrgh Jaemmoth

Vyrgh Lij Shokkis

Vyrgh tends the shrines of the ancestor-gods dutifully. Though she has many questions, she never asks them. Not aloud. That would not gain her glory. And Vyrgh hungers for glory. Enough, perhaps, to let someone violate the sanctum just so she can catch them in the act.

  • Veix Seeris
  • Gimyx Kydish
  • Meni San Skath
  • Ylren Skan
  • Tomtaegh Skaleth
  • Gikkinaa Jem
  • Laakkaelish Shuth
  • Coankolir Kysh
  • Lom Ban

Sesh Jal Sulle

Jal Sulle is excited to assume leadership of his tribe. He is the first of many brothers, however, and Sesh is perhaps not so wise as he could be. He does not see hte hunger in his younger brothers’ eyes.

  • Los Jal Qyn
  • Qamterg San Skaesh
  • Shymash Ran
  • Bomtim Qezi
  • Jytik Qeenar

Female Kaleesh Names

Female Kaleesh Names use L and H more often than their male counterparts, especially as final sounds to a name.

  • Lummo Kulos
  • Hegi Rrym
  • Tunko Jal Qyggossh
  • Lmuvure Kannassh
  • Gluldunu Jash
  • Lomdidi Tyl
  • Yuzo Kan
  • Zendu Qus
  • Nonki Tazza

Gnasnara Summath

Gnasnara’s tribe was destroyed by a pair of bounty hunters after a quick score. Now, she is the hunter that hunts them. So far, she has only managed to kill three, but there is much room on her ship for more trophies.

  • Yulno Sommi
  • Zimdo Lij Bygo
  • Gnoddusu Ryl
  • Deglire Beere
  • Ldeslesi Rram
  • Ddummone Taelim
  • Rendu Tem
  • Numdu Bas
  • Lelde Jal Rreth

Movnu Razzeil

Movnu watches and Movnu waits. Movnu has very little, and it is often taken from her on the streets that are her home. She has been cast out by her tribe, but none here know that. They only see her misfortune. They do not see her determination, and many do not see her knife until it is too late.

  • Zomda Graele
  • Ldamdolo Keggol
  • Ldusmelo San Rrakken
  • Gdodolu Sossh
  • Lmengele Jal Saeka

Male Kaleesh Names

Male Kaleesh names use gutturals like G and K slightly more frequently than their female counterparts.

  • Lysh Jal Karriith
  • Naam Tam
  • Thedaarrgh Lij Qal
  • Gimtik San Ramma
  • Qockan Grael
  • Tharelogh Gror
  • Soggisirg San Grath
  • Omesox San Kaezzel
  • Xoash Gruallessh

Shor Lij Skyth

Shor worships, quite literally, the memory of the Kaleesh warrior Qymaen jai Sheelal, who the outworlders knew as General Greivous. He trains relentlessly to match his skills to jail Sheelal’s, and will do many things his people would frown on for outworlders who can help him match or eclipse the one he reveres.

  • Qegge Jal Shuma
  • Saassin Jemmiil
  • Cekrol Jaes
  • Maecker Rrael
  • Nidohor Ralli
  • Gydysor Beemmii
  • Vaarrgh Jal Jesh
  • Grast Qammon
  • Balrisash Rysh

Qox Lij Skoran

Qox is old, an old warrior. He got that way by fighting smart, and by letting others claim glory in his stead. His name will not be remembered, he will not be revered, but Qox doesn’t care. He’s alive. Unlike those other poor sods.

  • Kentirrgh Rrym
  • Theickes Kath
  • Venkist Skune
  • Kaeckomir Rruaggi
  • Qenkare Ruzesh

What’s your favourite part about the Kaleesh as a society? Have you ever played one? What tricks do you use to get into the mindset of a Kaleesh character? Let us know in the comments!


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