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Weequay Name Generator & Backstories

“What? You do not fear Pham-Tro Ho!? Are you a fool? Are you deficient in some way? Who would not fear a pirate so mighty as myself? Bah! Give me all of your credits, and your clothing too! Oc! Get me that grease stick. This idiot won’t forget my name once I write it all over him!”

Generate Names

Pogsam Kreibgish

Co Shi

Ork As

San Stoldemk

Cali Bosemk

Nay Faulq

Nen Slekrink

Prav Alq

Kiab-Duddo Svente

Bug-Rog-Rei Klukok

Plub-Rov Frex

Tik Vohkolq

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Weequay are native to the planet Sriluur, near to Hutt space. This proximity has led to many of those Weequay that elect to leave behind their traditional ways to taking up careers as pirates, smugglers, mercenaries, and enforcers.

Weequay communicate with one another predominantly through pheromones, and as such often only employ names when interacting with other species. The names they do adopt tend to be clear collections of single-syllable sounds.

Good Weequay Names

Good Weequay names are strong syllables, either by themselves or in a staccato-pattern order.

  • Oc Vlikkem
  • Nan Sienz
  • Ab-Rusk Druhnish
  • Yortorm Gla
  • Insegra Tlo
  • Hak-Zus-Da Flikdiy
  • Vum Flikkank
  • Gunm-Bidle Vlimk
  • Bruts Fe

Ork As

A snivelling coward, Ork As survives by cleaning up after the stronger Weequay in the gang of pirates he’s—barely—a part of. That’s not to say Ork won’t gut you. He will. He’ll just do it while you sleep.

  • Yor-Guv Trersam
  • Prurm Ghi
  • Leed-Ro Tlakros
  • Fi Shemiq
  • Qublos-Ga Id
  • Trok Svau
  • Ugde Klirto
  • Bug-Rog-Rei Klukok
  • Bal Trihmielc

Kiab-Duddo Svente

There are old pirates, and there are bold pirates, but there are no old, bold pirates. Kia’s-Duddo is as close as you might hope to find, however. This sly old fox lives comfortably now, in a station on the edge of Hutt space. But don’t ever think she’s retired.

  • Co Shi
  • Nay Faulq
  • Mohet Kuhkond
  • Cur-Gem Vlebrenc
  • Kro-Hukri Brink

Female Weequay Names

Female Weequay names are just as violent and choppy as their male counterparts. Think about what they do for a living to find inspiration or sounds to use.

  • Qox Bilulk
  • Xiic Vaffa
  • Kec Swonz
  • Cali Bosemk
  • Zimro Frees
  • Qeic Flimmik
  • Xukmo Drur
  • Sima Trard
  • Xos Elk

Sogseg Shisru

Sogseg is a woman of few words, and most of those are obscene in one culture or another. She’s effective, however, and that efficiency has seen her rise to Head of Security for a local Hutt concern. It’s a nice gig. Pays well and it’s not so high up SogSeg can’t still break a few heads for fun.

  • Poh Fobaur
  • Rus Krorsumz
  • Gos Krobgei
  • Fonnaz Svond
  • Gihuc Troond
  • Qarri Svoklid
  • San Stoldemk
  • Tik Vohkolq
  • Xocno Frilk

Voksu Nu

There are many who steal for profit, or because they can. Voksu Nu does so because her people are hungry, and because she wants them to better themselves. The Hutt take too much advantage, when with the right resources, the Weequay might be running this sector.

  • Roc Stag
  • Bocnu Ghud
  • Zoz Afunc
  • Veicre Stistran
  • Sax Dray

Male Weequay Names

Male Weequay names are short and to the point, just as female Weequay names are. Think about your character’s favourite weapon and the sound it makes as inspiration.

  • Kors Dastux
  • Krud-Rumbl Va
  • Orb Orenk
  • Fee-Hinlo Fahlok
  • Oblots Amkomk
  • Pronlo-Va Khond
  • Jev Sveq
  • Bobl Tha
  • Brodoju Vux

Arro Noo

Arro left his tribe as a young boy, when his parents were killed. His path took him to his revenge, then on to a career as a bounty hunter. He’ll do anything to make a few credits. Unless it involves messing with kids. If you try to hire him for something like that, you’re likely to wake up with your insides on your outsides.

  • Plad-Zaaju Gloddosk
  • Grork Grem
  • Nen Slekrink
  • Fadsog Kunc
  • Gwu-Ligo Fum
  • Prav Alq
  • Ig Nunko
  • Plub-Rov Frex
  • Mor Gla

Pier-Dembl Vrukbe

Most Weequay are individuals of few words who let their actions speak for them. Not so Pier-Dembl. He’s made a career out of mastering many languages, and turning his flair with words to crafting binding agreements between interested parties. And if his tribe helps enforce these agreements, well, that’s just him making full use of all his resources.

  • Vortor-Zu Glokiy
  • Grigdav Oldoonk
  • Brar-Zes-Go Burd
  • Pram Flarteq
  • A-Hic Thoolq

Who is your favorite Weequay character and why is it Hondo from Star Wars: The Clone Wars? But seriously, what do you like most about playing Weequay? How did you decide on your character name? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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