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Kel Dor Name Generator & Backstories

“The great Baran Do Sage Se’ar Klahr foresaw this moment, where our Order would diminish, but hold no fear nor pity for us, for the path we walk will shelter underneath taller trees, and provide a path forward when greater boulevards fall into ruin.”

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Shi Nisi

A’cee Dagu

Nol Heni

Chat’as Shunimm

Duhoorss Zilacoln

Chatchkylt Gootchoondii

Chytcha Etchuu

Ghaqreesti Tang

Da Gilrazz

Zut’a Chechilriss

Pa Telechaw

Dhakharith Shurikeng

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The Kel Dor are a humanoid species native to the planet Dorin. Due to the unique composition of the planet’s atmosphere, Kel Dor require a breathing mask and goggles when in oxygen rich environments. Interestingly, Dorian is home to its own tradition of Force users distinct from the Jedi.

Kel Dor names tend to the short and simple, featuring one or two short syllables. This has to do with a belief from their home world involving wind spirits. Further, names have great meaning and significance in Kel Dor culture, so thought as to meaning is important as well.

Good Kel Dor Names

Good Kel Dor given names tend to monosyllabic, or at most duosyllabic. Air and wind are important culturally, and sounds that draw on those inspirations are a great start for naming.

  • Xom Tasoluss
  • Koon Saste
  • To’ze Kostestiin
  • Xac’olt Tlegezz
  • Wol’ym Dralanal
  • Veka Zaikras
  • Saro Vis
  • Ze Drurarraal
  • Ro Na

Kis Shurva

Kis was named after a folk hero of the region she was born in and she’s resented her parents for it ever since. All she wants to do is study, but everyone keeps expecting her to go on grand adventures. Just let her read in peace! Please!

  • Sy Dechuu
  • Jor’oo Kukas
  • Gnorror Chundizz
  • Okrom Drotaguw
  • Hol Velo
  • Bon Gurraa
  • Dociss Hiszatchi
  • Hor Til
  • Sacol Nuurvong

O’zym Poolrolai

O’zym is often considered strange by his peers. He seeks scientific advancements in the cultural wisdom of the ancient traditions of his people. His enthusiasm for the topic makes him an exhausting conversational partner, but if you need to know about old legends of Dorin, he is the person to ask.

  • Ellom Duulronde
  • Xis Tlaszaln
  • Rem Maak
  • Karn Nalron
  • Wyrol Zozolre

Female Kel Dor Names

Female Kel Dor names, perhaps reflecting the bravery of the women of Dorin, are daringly longer than those of their male counterparts, though not by much (one does not lightly tempt the spirits!).

  • Yee Kelak
  • Ree’ci Hekra
  • Dhakharith Shurikeng
  • Drechisza Vo
  • Ma Chosechuk
  • Kreem Keszoln
  • Chi Brass
  • Is’i Shikokii
  • Narin Kule

Ghi Va

More Force sensitive children are sent to the Jedi Order than to the Baran Do Sages, but Ghi Va is one of the latter. Unusually quiet for her young age, her teachers see great potential in her, though some question how the Jedi could have let such a talented youngling slip through their fingers.

  • Chothastu Baacel
  • Pakheri Kek
  • Vu Ucagi
  • Shi Nisi
  • Dhe’cu Echuk
  • Go’ku Drerilramn
  • Thes Dra
  • Ye’ra’lin Ahregas
  • Gee Chastukal

Chat’as Shunimm

The Kel Dor have a monochrome view of morality, and Chat’as is no exception. This might be seen as a virtue for one in her position, as a judge. However, it does mean anyone hauled before her had best have all their facts rigorously straight, or they might face an extreme sentence.

  • Ni Hu
  • Gha’ki Olrotchin
  • Shu Choostecizz
  • Vil Kan
  • Yurzas’a Zaln

Male Kel Dor Names

Male Kel Dor names have a slight tendency to use more plosive sounds, though only to a small degree. They also take inspiration from the winds.

  • Ply Acur
  • Harn Hosuuzz
  • Zut’a Chechilriss
  • Orvea Tasung
  • Ji’kol Brun
  • Du Yorviza
  • Ness Gacal
  • Duhoorsf Zilacoln
  • Ka’so Mecii

Tost Railra

There are pilots and there are showboating adrenaline-junkies. Toast Railra is both. He lives to fly. The more dangerous the course, the better! It’s great if you need to escape fast when you’re outgunned, but it’s rough on the nerves during smuggling runs when you want to escape notice.

  • Rallos Chesti
  • Xol’a Diing
  • Wyn Barvahrung
  • Te Chu
  • Noria Chutchizi
  • Hirrarn Par
  • Selt Aiches
  • Tol’an Dumnondomm
  • Dass Zicorvu

Gno Gang

Gino Gang is that most dangerous of things, a heretic. Though he would not think of himself as such. His heresy is entirely mundane. He is a wind farmer. Though Kel Dor society has largely left superstition behind, there is still a great respect for the wind, and bending it to mortal will does not set easy with the rural Kel Dor that surround Gino Gang.

  • Ju Duundoln
  • Gnosy Hosteszi
  • Da Gilrazz
  • Bic’irn Brac
  • Vykrurs Irvus

How often do you play force users that aren’t Jedi? What do you like about that option? Have you played Kal Dor characters before? What’s your best trick for coming up with Kal Dor names? Let us know in the comments!

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