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Bothan Name Generator & Backstories

“Fear not, your highness! We know how vital it is that this intelligence gets into the right hands. If we have to give our lives to make it happen, we will. Let me get Gleen Ve’tav. If anyone can get the plans to you, it’s her.”

Generate Names

Emesc Le’kuv

Ac Sen’qees

Mathenn Kef’les

Gin Bwodeh

Yugt Va’lin

Yursk Hanal

Aat Garrit

Hon Lu’lute

Lor Luv’ova

Rust Genrilu

Vakith Hundoru

Davur Bwiv’av

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Bothans are short, relatively furry humanoid with more than a passing resemblance to Earth lions. Their culture revolves around political, economic, and personal success, which leads to frequent confrontation and intrigue.

Bothan names are often complex, and the differences between male and female names are usually too subtle for outsiders to grasp. Keep in mind that throaty sounds or combinations of syllables that make good battle cries help create great Bothan names!

Good Bothan Names

Good Bothan names often incorporate guttural or sharp sounds, and the use of clicks or apostrophes is not uncommon. Listen to recordings of lions and tigers for sound inspiration!

  • Cug Fothili
  • Gek Kra’kuti
  • Dist Kean’deat
  • Hek Lun’nesa
  • Gesk Vilom
  • Yihum Feendis
  • Vig Kron’nut
  • Keeth Kuadialu
  • Uc Mav’uam

Zusc Gen’niv

If you find yourself in need of funds, be they for political reasons, personal reasons, or something even more discreet, Zusc is the one to go to. The interest? Very affordable! Very affordable indeed. Just don’t miss a payment. Ever.

    • Caerd Ninrivi
    • Erc Lis’um
    • Cedruk Modih
    • Dodeg Kretheavo
    • Kiryerc Nae’raila
    • Rord Lerruv
  • Nith Ve’fiso
  • Vun Krodis
  • Boc Faas’oho

Trir Trin’qoha

Trir began as a simple aide. Of course that position quickly led to being elected councilmember, and then to a stint as mayor, and now, to being a galactic senator. Opponents? What opponents? No one has ever survived—I mean tried—to run opposition.

  • Trogosk Dan’dir
  • Greeg Vukir
  • Yugt Va’lin
  • Koc Bwen’qeh
  • Im Gen’nima

Female Bothan Names

Female Bothan names sometimes contain more sibilants or softer sounds, but the differences are subtle. Have fun with that!

  • Genn Si’kira
  • Yin Fod’hoho
  • Kar Mia’teri
  • Vos Kon’dos
  • Kandeem Fe’rima
  • Nocoth Gri’ruho
  • Vuqham Su’fuhu
  • Liar Ked’heva
  • Dhis Mellih

Ut Fin’dosa

Ut is the greatest Bothan chef on Coruscant! Senators regularly sabotage one another to secure her services for their events. But you know what they say, never mess with a Bothan chef. They know how to handle their knives.

  • Nor See’taro
  • Vis He’faha
  • Nus Ni’fear
  • Lor Luv’ova
  • Vih Va’heve
  • Kniat Dinditu
  • Hon Lu’lute
  • Yaann Heras
  • Iath Gru’leso

Sel Ken’qas

Luminar Ken’qas may not be the richest individual in the system, but if not, she’s close. You’d never know it from looking at her, though. She has it, and she flaunts it. She owns an entire moon!

  • Gias Has’or
  • Ventaas Nos’esu
  • Dhigum Fideavo
  • Aat Garrit
  • Il Kriy’lut

Male Bothan Names

Male Bothan names are, as mentioned, almost indistinguishable from those of their female counterparts. Sharp sounds such a K may be slightly more common.

  • Garc Vothilo
  • Kord Fee’fes
  • Trobrak Lohov
  • Grig Bwandet
  • Vakith Hundoru
  • Rageth Ko’faso
  • Yic Fen’daim
  • Besk Liaf’lavi
  • Gusc Miy’lasa

Zur Mideh

There are many games played across the galaxy, and none are so good at so many as Zur Mideh. Do not gamble with this Bothan. Do not challenge him to darts, or sha’chak, or even Wookiee ularghh-toss. You. Will. Lose.

  • Desk Grisiti
  • Ractir Fee’lan
  • Hetraesc Vov’ael
  • Hirsk Sehaeh
  • Kaim Hadive
  • Reth Kos’er
  • Yursk Hanal
  • Dehaerc Na’livo
  • Hodek Heqom

Virc Litere

You want a particular beverage smuggled to you? Virc Litere is your guy. He specialises in getting rare wines and spirits and other potables across galactic borders. Just don’t forget to raise a glass to him when you’ve got your tipple of choice.

  • Esc Treluvi
  • Yersk Lanretu
  • Zaabair Vindav
  • Nectan Trais’iso
  • Cokrersk Fuathom

Did you enjoy this guide? Do you like playing competitive characters? Do you have any special tricks to making up Bothan names? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below.

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Robert Berg
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