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301 Elf Names & Backstories

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There are different kinds of elves, and their names can differ greatly. Still, it is said they are given several names during their life, one they are given as a child, one they choose when they become an adult, a nickname they earned, and a family name.

Whether a wizard of great power, an adventurer who saved a village from a monster, or a general who slayed a demon on the battlefield, their actions made their names known, names like Aerendyl Norlen, Myriell Xilorauthi, and Zarprith Lorerenoth.

Good Elf Names

Elf names sound melodic, and are often longer than human ones. Using letters like “y”, “x”, and “z” within the names we can make their names feel as exotic as their race. The names below should provide enough inspiration for you to start. You can also find some good examples at our D&D Elf Name Generator.

  • Cokko Duskgrove
  • Tordynnar Zumna
  • Miphoda Dilvanil
  • Dikkoc Fernbrook
  • Bethre Cennu
  • Meriel Keysalor
  • Anfalen Keadi
  • Nueleth Brymenor

Elnaril Rozumin

After learning he was adopted, the secret that has been kept from him for a long time, he was distraught, and hopeless but wise words from a certain elder managed to calm him. Still, less than a week later, he said goodbye to everyone he knew as the only thing he felt he could now do is search for his real parents.

  • Ruvaen Carmaris
  • Zathokan Elmpool
  • Dhorla Baelnen
  • Triacion Duskbrook
  • Vaeril Yelra
  • Cubneda Ghostrinur
  • Kalgan Roseshade

Vaerila Reygwyn

As one of the best archers and hunters in her community, everything in her life seemed to be right where it should be. A supportive family, a fiancee, and more than several very good friends who would always be there for her. Just as she thought she couldn’t be any happier the world came crashing down on her, and she suddenly realized she was trapped by an illusion spell, in a cave of the witch she was hunting.

  • Ginalni Pobestral
  • Theodre Araric
  • Kilyn Mormoira
  • Myriil Heixalim
  • Nacroce Rilre
  • Ycluir Borzagus
  • Gorwin Neridithas
  • Ilvisar Farrora

blood elf

Female Elf Names

Another way of creating a female Elf name is to use a suffix that is added to a short name, such as: “il”, or “el” (Female), “ien” (daughter of), “bess” (Wife), “nith” and “thel” (Sister), and “gwend” (Maiden).

  • Alyndra Perren
  • Bheneni Ceemras
  • Dilya Farven
  • Qemba Timberscrub
  • Geminara Neridi
  • Pollae Pinesky
  • Dessielle Yllaydark
  • Tyrael Iarxina

Lidecnu Shaneh

On a beautiful sunny Monday morning, a sharp warcry pierced the air as twenty orcs fell upon a small caravan. While everyone else died in the attack, she was fortunate to be found by a certain human ranger who was nearby, rushing to help at the first sounds of trouble. Now, 2 days later, they are still running from the same orc band, hoping to reach the safety of a town.

  • Termeril Ronehan
  • Nuala Oakdale
  • Faevhis Sinsaris
  • Ellevena Tinsaroth
  • Lesrish Binnoth
  • Syvis Mortoris
  • Kethryllia Acornrun

Waehish Yrenvryn

Even though everyone could clearly see she was the most talented child in the academy, no one knew the actual heights of power she would reach later in life. Today, on her 144th name day, she is one of five Archmages and considered one of the most powerful wizards on the whole continent.

  • Arves Zibozoth
  • Shanyrria Gresalor
  • Biretys Yrenwen
  • Mhoryga Inaro
  • Fiocnyss Denuvnol
  • Waedhora Agarloth
  • Imramarthree Duskgrove
  • Marraca Philzenu

Male Elf Names

Male Elf names can often end up with certain suffixes added to their name, such as “on” and “ron” (Male), “ion” (Son of), “dir” (Man), “benn” (Husband), “daer” (Groom), and “hawn” (Brother). While not all elves follow these rules, they can be used as inspiration to create your own.

  • Alre Torcaryn
  • Sylvar Kearie
  • Ganamede Heimaer
  • Gormar Bryberos
  • Tanyth Bineiros
  • Pirphal Wysafina
  • Shaundyl Chaedove
  • Gallias Ilphelfete

Pecian Staciailphel

While the war ahead is a situation he’s long used to by now, the conspiracies surrounding the King’s court are not. As one of the generals of the army, he has no time for trickery, at least not for the back-stabbing type, and is currently struggling to decide on whether should he stay to protect his liege, or go help the war effort by participating in the battles themselves.

  • Lue Rauthistacia
  • Theian Rauthidon
  • Beirion Maenendon
  • Auivol Maenendon
  • Shava Fetemaenen
  • Nicrek Ghebeisur
  • Qhapidvo Durimush

Fairing Isemyn

Raised by a human family, he spent his childhood on a farm where he led a simple life full of chores, yet a life he deeply loved. Despite living for almost three decades, when his parents died he felt lost and didn’t quite know what to do. However, when a group of adventurers passed by, a half-elf caught his eye, and that was the last day he saw his home.

  • Opumnu Nusrasaid
  • Ihiphne Yalzosei
  • Bumzokh Colzeh
  • Nirivus Vranferys
  • Redvhur Ranparis
  • Janaris Granhorith
  • Iresur Ranwenoth
  • Balhis Finrawyn

Cute Elf Names

Sometimes we need a name for a completely different kind of elf in mind, one that deserves a cute name and whose purpose is to bring joy, kindness, and overall goodness to the situation at hand.

  • Muffin
  • Buddy
  • Skittles
  • Puffins
  • Sparkle
  • Twinkle
  • Pickles
  • Lucky


This young elf is a very joyful person, full of energy, and has the cutest laugh ever. In fact, when she first laughed as a baby the laughter sounded as if she was making bubbles, and it was indeed how she got the name. To this very day, she continues to be cute, charming, and annoying, all at the same time, despite the many behavior lectures she receives.

  • Faith
  • Ginger
  • Claus
  • Jingle
  • Ralphie
  • Hope
  • Rosie


Truth be told, not many remember her real name as she’s more than seven centuries old and is considered a grandma to everyone, where she is as wise as she is old. While still able to perform magic she only does so in the direst of needs as her age has slowly begun to catch up with her, though she’ll always tell you a sugared plum can cure anything, and will never fail to offer you one.

  • Mistletoe
  • Pearl
  • Cookie
  • Elfis
  • Butterscotch
  • Cinnamon
  • Snowball
  • Jolly

Funny Elf Names

Not all characters are meant to be serious, and as fun is seldom seen as something detrimental, at any point in time, coming up with a funny elf name can inspire others to do the same, which further serves to enhance the experience of everyone involved.

  • Bushy Evergreen
  • Shinny Upatree
  • Sugarplum Mary
  • Fluffy Elfkins
  • Chewy Boots
  • Doody McDoodles
  • Tootsie Tater
  • Dizzy Bonkers

Cranky Jingles

This elf’s behavior is often rather polarized, where they always seem to be doing two contradicting things at once and are best known for knowing all the words of all the songs. Despite being willing to sing every time when asked to, without exception, they never seem to enjoy it as much as others.

  • Dottie
  • Dopey Baloo
  • Stellti Elfy
  • Minty Carrot
  • Water Sprinkles
  • Eg Nog
  • Kup Kayke
  • Goodsie Doogooder

Madmoo Boogerhair

They say he lost his mind after one particular event he dares not speak of and has been living as a hermit ever since. Still, the cave he lives in is close to the city, and sometimes the kids venture out of the town’s walls to find him, and when they do, his messy unkempt long hair is the first thing everyone notices.

  • Giggle Pants
  • Perky McJingles
  • Dimple Twinklebutt
  • Bushcan Messyseed
  • Merry McJolly
  • Lickaloo Fudgewhistle
  • Boberry Fudgeham

wood elf

Baddass Elf Names

Many badass elf names are at least partially a nickname, which sometimes was given by those who have never met the person yet have been affected by their actions, in one way or another. When spoken out loud their names stir many different emotions, and it all depends on who they are and what they achieved in life.

  • Ailenia
  • Misadh
  • Mengil Manhide
  • Aniachna
  • Fingolfin
  • Luthien Tinuviel
  • Eärendil the Mariner
  • Ecthelion

Malus Darkblade

Once a young elf with a good heart, his whole persona changed the day his wife and child died during childbirth. Crushed beyond belief, his sadness turned into anger, and this in turn allowed a particular demon to creep his way into the elf’s mind, slowly but surely corrupting him one day at a time.

  • Rakarth Tullaris
  • Teririn
  • Faelanu
  • Galadriel
  • Urian Poisonblade
  • Eirniachna
  • Fëanor

Caimoine Hellbane

She had a good life so far, hundreds of years of traveling, visiting new locations, meeting new people, and having all sorts of adventures along the way. Alas, this one could be the last as she’s currently running for her life after witnessing two of her companions getting slain by a dire wolf.

  • Dorian Silverblade
  • Aemangwa
  • Laithikir Fellheart
  • Caoliachna
  • Duriatheal
  • Glorfindel
  • Wakalasa
  • Felicion Heartkeeper

Dark Elf Names

Dark elves are said to live deep underground where no sun is to be found, only darkness and despair. Known for their combat abilities, as well as their stealth and magic, it is often said their evil hearts are all fueled by hatred towards everyone else.

  • Etess Yirzomu
  • Ucirth Krailzosuth
  • Ibama Wagarsan
  • Bhunedve Cudemon
  • Cecmyh Wozrash
  • Ponrere Ebireth
  • Unzin Oshrur
  • Rhilili Ugondo

Gribsae Shurthith

As the second son of House Shurthith, he knows he’s the lowest on the food chain but also knows that if no one sees him do it, it’s perfectly acceptable, if not commendable, to kill his own older brother and take his place in the family. And today, that plan will happen, for better or worse.

  • Foclier Shaildugo
  • Uramre Mirthen
  • Zenykh Idrer
  • Lecnida Zeibuze
  • Thenzuc Crigenid
  • Pasefru Krorzath
  • Imzan Veshric

Khundrur Girdae

After the attack on his house, he managed to escape both his home and his now-deceased family, and by now belongs to no House. Instead, he is a part of a certain mercenary group on the rise where no one knows his last name, nor do they need to.

  • Rorsheme Redrerot
  • Aremva Drestran
  • Hepunso Shangesh
  • Dilmi Yonvris
  • Grocri Bhovnieh
  • Comzal Sedrisi
  • Phomushi Phangeren
  • Gholnac Minduzan

High Elf Names

Sometimes also referred to as Eladrin, they are well-known for their magical bond to Feywild, and they have many powerful magicians of all kinds among their ranks, and while most tend to reside in their elven homes there are those who venture into the world to meet new people and see new places. You can find more names in our High Elf name generator.

  • Tandrne Spellian
  • Validaale Loreaerith
  • Angaya Sillonore
  • Rimirillian Khraeman
  • Sondanwe Thramthaer
  • Ohtena Gaeihle
  • Arannayne Gaeosin
  • Iroronl Laemoth

Calmrie Grayire

As an already powerful mage, her rise has not slowed down one bit, and she continues to work hard with her colleagues, practicing magic the correct way with utmost patience. This meticulous approach has allowed her to learn a great deal in a short amount of time, and some of the elves around are even starting to get jealous.

  • Suurir Chamifeth
  • Cululae Loreael
  • Hondlmoormo Thromaerith
  • Iterle Thrambinder
  • Henonrootan Loraethour
  • Ilmidur Throman
  • Aryaea Larethihre

Endannarre Gaeiane

Being lucky enough to watch her father in his homemade laboratory, she had the opportunity to watch a master at work, and her inquisitive nature allowed her enough time to fall in love with herbs, spices, and potions, and she promised her parents that she would become the world’s “best potion maker”.

  • Aslwennar Highan
  • Aninn Elsinaire
  • Relnwe Adiath
  • Tunle Korahl
  • Aicarindeorurg Laraethifeth
  • Ocatllithil Saelinuseus
  • Vingmilrmerel Adour
  • Teryeminwe Adifeth

Wood Elf Names

Residing deep in forests, isolated from other races by choice, they have long been accustomed to such an environment, and have been living as one with nature for a very long time. You can find more great names in our Wood Elf name generator.

  • Urgin Ivyrock
  • Ashe Littlebow
  • Talasrit Riverstone
  • Dhihisten Starlight
  • Zarnan Elmbranch
  • Kalgan Camomire
  • Arletrin Greenbark
  • Yyvetrith Blackdusk

Yvelteh Applethorn

He’s living a life any wood elf would be more than happy to have, where he gets to roam the forest as much as he likes, explore new places, and talk to any and all willing animals he meets along the way. Spending so much time doing that, however, has led him to miss out on important lessons back home, and this will soon become a real problem.

  • Phenaendith Willowvale
  • Scaelloslaen Willowrun
  • Eha Fernpool
  • Cico Pinegrove
  • Tudarcu Oakwood
  • Killulvo Greenwind
  • Darfin Rabbitfoot

Qenreth Brownberry

One day, while exploring the still unknown part of the woods, she came across a baby bear in distress, surrounded by a couple of hungry wolves. Thanks to her ability to communicate with them, she negotiated a deal where they got some of the food she had on her in exchange for the cub’s life, and ever since that day she has had a whole bear family for friends.

  • Thadoc Balfthorn
  • Phatref Hazelnose
  • Nande Sungem
  • Arun Oakenrock
  • Dhuthi Elmstone
  • Vaeril Pinesky
  • Ciartos Willowlock
  • Almy Greenrock

Half-Elf Names

A half-elf often experiences the hardships of life due to both parts of their heritage, depending on who they grew up with. Being an offspring of a human and an elf, they are often shunned and feared by humans while belittled and bullied by the elves. You can find more great names on our Half-Elf name generator.

  • Willa Glaz
  • Losve Ashjorn
  • Miirphys Morningsteam
  • Lucette Bhakal
  • Hanna Lalilab
  • Tanya Bedreg
  • Aien Wisebreath
  • Colrin Needledancer

Anakiir Greenfeather

This half-elf had a rough childhood where he was the target of many bullies but he persevered thanks to the life lessons his parents taught him. All of what he learned, however, he came to question the day his parents got robbed and murdered by an angry drunk, and he’s been trying to find that person for the last two months.

  • Charlisa Juhor
  • Althidon Nelles
  • Pauletta Mian
  • Virion Mosstrap
  • Alluin Winterheart
  • Birger Bladeward
  • Iliphar Bluebow

Illendir Dustbrow

As an orphan, he had far better luck than most do as he was appointed as an assistant to the town’s wizard, a rough older man with a strange but entertaining sense of humor. The time he spent helping the mage wasn’t the best he ever had but the old man’s ambitions and skills were too much to ignore and not learn from.

  • Hagred Zane
  • Corbar Seawhisk
  • Sherlie Zinno
  • Kimble Boulderspirit
  • Leonela Astusti
  • Iolrath Windflower
  • Angelette Lalad
  • Frieda Sug

night elf

Night Elf Names

Night elves are direct descendants of dark trolls, as a tribe of them was once affected by the so-called Well of Eternity which turned them from brutes to graceful beings, one that more closely matches the nature of the spirits residing there. You can find more information on them at our World of Warcraft Night Elf name generator.

  • Melaelleas Stillcloud
  • Sorai Evenseeker
  • Alensin Bluecaller
  • Nangorn Voidfeather
  • Elydryn Bladeflower
  • Desin Evenclouds
  • Brandas Seawater
  • Veriana Silverwater

Jerlais Treespirit

Life and the world as he knew were under attack, from all sides, and it was his duty to defend it by any means possible, and the best way was to join one of the special army groups where a stealth approach was preferred. Since then, he’s been a part of many raids on the orc and troll settlements and cities, where he barely managed to escape death seven times already.

  • Mavonol Shadeoak
  • Kenelor Starbranch
  • Kadris Wildsky
  • Nythoraen Trueblower
  • Relarien Autumnbow
  • Eyn’ra Thunderstrike
  • Galannul Bluesong

Meliryeth Windflower

The war provided many casualties, and after seeing so many arrive one day when she was little, she vowed to grow up so that she may help those in need. Unsurprisingly, she ended up being a priest, a powerful one, who used all her powers to heal and alleviate all the pain of those suffering, and her success has led her all the way to the top.

  • Enaellorn Duskforest
  • Thenysae Mossshadow
  • Thilleath Dawnspirit
  • Seladon Autumnbow
  • Veteran Starstar
  • Sidon Silentwatcher
  • Nylaeth Dewrunner
  • Therieth Shadelight

Blood Elf Names

After the fury of the Scourge, only ten percent survived, calling themselves Sin’dorei in the process, Blood Elves, in honor of the fallen. Today, they stand united by the pain and suffering they endured, and work on securing their legacy. You can find more information on them at our World of Warcraft Blood Elf name generator

  • Felron
  • Valnise
  • Noraevedon
  • Tyriah
  • Soillan
  • Keeldis
  • Qualthar
  • Weleon


While everyone around him is focused on the war in their own way, he’s been playing a role of a double agent and feeding the enemy with critical information, and while no disasters were to be had, his actions might prove fatal for many of his kin in the near future.

  • Alstus
  • Emela
  • Quelnian
  • Kanamine
  • Erirodan
  • Terise
  • Natera


This brave Paladin has served the Light faithfully, honoring her people’s ways with courage and determination. Doing good and bringing justice to anyone who needed it, she single-handedly made the world better, one small step at a time, and her deeds have not gone unnoticed.

  • Dalenn
  • Aellion
  • Erilinan
  • Deyma
  • Danyna
  • Alalen
  • Tyniamarrin
  • Velnia

Elven names, just like their race as a whole, are certainly unusual compared to human ones, and they are often longer and more melodic than what we might be used to. By using the suffixes mentioned here, we can provide insight into the character’s life by simply stating their name, and instead of using elven last names such as Keymaris and Quifiel, we can use the so-called human translations, such as Nightbreeze and Sunpetal.

Did you find the information on the Elves interesting? What would be another good way to create a name for this mysterious race? Let us know about your experience, how you go about naming your Elf, and what kind of a character are they, and share your thoughts on the process by leaving a comment below.

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